Virgo New Moon

27 Aug, 2022 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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27th August 2022…

The Virgo New Moon is fragile, vulnerable and in need of a little recuperation…and that’s the message…Wellness, Zendom, self love and giving your mind body and soul a breather…This Virgo New Moon is literally hollering at each and every one us…HEY WORLD, could I ask you kindly to…you know…RELAX!

Sage advice, I suggest we duly oblige…for a day at least!

Luck, timelines and good fortune…

As human beings we are for the most part primarily on the back foot, hoping (occasionally despairingly) for the best and having a shot of vodka at the ready in case life goes wildly awry! Man how we suffer!

However, wouldn’t it be cool if we knew when our lucky periods come round, the periods when we can take a risk, make big decisions, move, re-locate, apply for a job, go on a date, hell, even elope.

Here’s the thing, Chance is just that, Chance but Eastern philosophy decrees and I concur, that luck does indeed determine our individual luck cycles.

And here at Wylde Astrology, we want YOU to know when they are…and you know why? because life doesn’t play fair goddammit…and that just ain’t right!

So let us redress that…

Therein, just which of you WYLDE Moonies are in play this month…

Let’s start with the Animals and star signs who have the magic in the palm of their hot, arguably sweaty, anticipatory palms…Why anticipatory? Because the select few below have luck on their side for virtually six straight weeks from 27th August 2022.

They are;

Taureans and Aquarians born in the Chinese year of the Snake or Dragon, with a particular emphasis on 1989, 1988, 1965 and 1964 but all Dragons and Snakes should feel life and ‘luck’ working in their favour.

The rest of you lovely lot are as follows:

From 27th August 2022 – 7th September 2022

Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio born in the Chinese years of  Monkey, Rat, Hare and Horse.

From September 8th – Sept 23rd

Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio born in the Chinese years of Rooster, Pig, Tiger and Ox.

From September 24th – September 30th

Libran, Cancerian, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarian born in the Chinese years of Rooster, Pig, Tiger and Ox.

NB: Those born in the year of the Dog, you’re the boss from October 8th, your time is coming…Goats, you had a lovely run and you are back in the fray again from early November.

One final Caveat, KARMA is invisible, staggering powerful, possesses an all seeing eye… watching every last one us playing out our lives…its judgemental too but most importantly, Karma is FAIR, it asks only one small favour…every day…give MORE than you TAKE, 50.1% versus 49.9% if you so wish, more would a sweet gesture. Point being Karma loves a good deed.

So the CAVEAT is thus, when your luck cycle kicks in, it dearly wants to nestle in your weary lap… but.. if you’ve spent your entire life taking and giving singularly nothing in return, that luck will waft enticingly before your expectant gaze, smack you in the chops and vanish.

When your luck comes round be ready to receive by adopting the approach of both ‘Life’ and ‘Karma’ which is this:

Everyday….by all means ‘take’ just ‘give’ a little MORE in return.


Each month I take a look at a celebrity’s Astro signs to see what’s in store for them. Born on September 4 1981, I have been looking at Beyonce’s western astrology signs, her Chinese horoscope and her numerology.

She’s a Virgo/Metal/Rooster and in numerical year one…

Looking at her star signs it is no wonder she is the world’s biggest pop star.  Like all Virgo women she is strong, controlled, charming and determined. The metal element of Chinese astrology is single minded and hugely ambitious. The Rooster possesses an endless supply of energy. Does Queen Bey have any shortcomings? Er no, not really! She is indestructible, charming, charismatic and wonderfully ambitious.
Beyonce entered a numerical 1 year (in numerology) on Jan 1st of this year (2022) and a 1 year in numerology is about new beginnings. Her number one album ‘Renaissance’ could not have been a more appropriate name. 

2023 may well be an emotional roller coaster and tricky time for her. Her nemesis in Chinese astrology is the Hare and 2023 is the year of the Hare. But, 2024 will be truly majestic Whatever turn she takes in 2024 will be one of the most astute decisions she’ll ever make. 

Now,  Saturn is on its way (March 7th 2023 to be precise) to sit opposite her star sign Virgo for a couple of years. Saturn loves hard graft as does Beyonce but Saturn does present obstacles aplenty, ‘tis the nature of said beast, so Beyonce will need to stay particularly calm and controlled from March 2023 to roughly the same period in 2025 and play Saturn’s game which is discipline and putting in a decent two year shift, if she does that, Saturn ‘should’ reward her accordingly.


Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z are the real deal when it comes to power couples. Two of the strongest, most charismatic characters their energy could power a small nation for decades.

But ‘power’ is one thing and ‘compatibility’ is an entirely different beast. 

Jay Z is a Sagittarian/Earth/Rooster, as strong and charismatic as Beyonce but just a little savvier. All Sagi boys are smart and wiley as hell.  

A Virgo woman and Sagi man is shockingly bad. Added to that they are both Roosters which is tantamount to a perennial face-off. But his Earth and her Metal energies mean the communication between these two is magical. They totally ‘get’ one another. By my calculations they still only creak their way to a lowly 31% compatibility but because their communication is so bang on perfect it is eminently workable. They just need to remember to take time apart. Space is a Rooster’s pre-requisite and these two are both Roosters.

A huge mansion, separate quarters, trust and that envious communicative relationship should see these two saunter merrily forth.

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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