Astro Alert: Five planets in retrograde and the Sun is soon to be in Libra – this is what it means for you…

14 Sep, 2023 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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Is life feeling a trifle chaotic? Are you struggling to make progress? It’s all going on in the skies at the moment. All the planetary big boys are currently retrograde and the sun is on the move too. But no need to panic as WYLDE MOON’s astrologer Hagan Fox explains.

So, what does it mean for every star sign when the skies are busy going backwards? Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are all in retrograde. This is combined with the Sun moving into Libra on September 23rd. Don’t worry though, it all sounds scarier than it actually is. The good news is that in essence we just need to relax, stay calm and carry on – but first heed a few warnings.

When a planet goes retrograde it seriously impacts the star sign it rules and astrological law quietly dictates that you keep schtum, proceed with calm caution, don’t invest, don’t speculate, don’t gamble, don’t take unnecessary risks, sign contracts or undertake any grand scale plans if you can avoid it.

However, if things are already in motion, don’t panic, wobble uncontrollably or sink to your knees in perennial despair. Simply adapt a common sense, conscientious, ordered approach to everything. The absolute key to retrograde planetary motion is to have no expectations. You have to run the moment, don’t fight retrograde energy, play by its rules, sit back and allow things to play out.

This is what it means for each star sign…

Aries…you’re in the clear.

Taurus…you’re in the clear.

Gemini…you’re in the clear.

Cancer…you’re always in the clear re: retrograde motions as the Moon doesn’t retrograde. It does go void of course once a month, but it is mostly so short-lived you’d barely notice it.

Leo…like Cancer, the sun doesn’t retrograde so you’re in the clear.

Virgo…you’re in the clear.

Libra…you’re in the clear.

Scorpio…you’re in the clear – post Oct 11th 2023.

Sagittarius…you’re in the clear – post Dec 6th.

Capricorn…you’re in the clear – post 4th Dec 2023.

Aquarius…you’re in the clear – post Jan 27th 2024.

Pisces…you’re in the clear – post Dec 31st 2023

But planets in retrograde are not the only action going on above us right now. The Sun is going into Libra on September 23rd, which will impact us all…


As the Sun shuffles into Libra, you find yourself in the 7th house of love opposite Libra. If things get a little feisty, tempestuous and the dust-covered boxing gloves are hauled out of the attic, don’t be too alarmed. Most Aries are inclined to go head-to-head, you are the natural gladiators of astrology. But, is this the wisest course of action? Well, it kinda depends on the adversary. If you fancy your chances, run with your instinct. However, you’re in opposition, so the odds are not exactly stacked in your favour.

I know this goes against every instinctive sinew in your body and soul, but a considered, intelligent, communicative approach is heartedly recommended. Brains or brawn? It’s your call!


150 degrees distant from Libra is called a Quincunx and it’s a favourable angle. Indeed, Taurus is a secret soulmate of Libra, so Libran energy is pretty rock ‘n’ roll for you Taureans. You’re in the 8th house of secrets and other people’s money, so, if you saunter downstairs one dreary morning and there’s some form of communication from either a mysterious source or you find a brown envelope loaded with a bunch of rolled up dollars don’t be too surprised.

Just remember two things. If something appears too good to be true it probably is – sending money to an appeal from a total stranger online with the dream of future riches is unlikely to bear fruit and be acutely aware of Karma. Do right by others and good fortune will find you. Conversely, a self-serving attitude might just find someone else on a flight to Barbados with your hard-earned dosh…just saying. But all in all, a potentially sweet month for you.


Your angle to Libra is called a Trine 120 degrees, and is often as good as it gets. It is a fellow air sign so when the Libra Sun arrives, so do you Geminis. You find yourself in the 9th house of travel and further education. If you are inclined to enlighten your already agile mind, please feel free.

If on the other hand, you’re quite frankly knackered having grafted throughout the summer and need a breather from the mania that is life and deeply desire an autumnal break to some distant, exotic land, stop reading this, get online and book that ticket. I don’t doubt you’ve earned it.


You sit square (90 degrees apart) from Libra, Cancer. The square is all about action. It’s not the luckiest angle by any means but if you graft, if you initiate, this energy aligned with the essence of action can pay dividends. Even more so when you consider you’re sitting in the 10th house of career.

So, Cancer, if you want to make inroads, make a statement, holler from the rooftops to your peers and bosses that you are being outrageously overlooked and should actually be running the entire gig, go for it. You are certainly being encouraged to do so by this month’s energy. You Cancerians can be somewhat reticent. Don’t be…you need to push on…make yourself very clearly seen.


60 degrees apart from Libra (a semi-sextile) is to this astrologer a most under-rated and under-valued position. It’s lucky as hell and far more influential than one might realise. So, things are looking good, Leo. The area of life that is in play is the 11th house of friends and acquaintances. Leo, you really should be putting yourself out there this month. Initiate like hell because friends and aforementioned acquaintances could really deliver this month, unexpectedly and potentially favourably. 

On occasion, we need to stop and cogitate but not this month. Go grab your most flamboyant glad rags, and step out onto the grand stage and let the universe know that you wanna connect with EVERYONE!


30 degrees apart, is called a semi sextile and it is not as powerful as the other aspects. But, it’s positive and we love a positive. Where are the positives for you this season, Virgo? They are in the 12th house of the subconscious, of hidden talents and gifts, of mystery and the unknown. Blimey, so what does that really mean for you? Well, if the Sun was in your opposite sign of Pisces, it would mean locking the door for a month! But it’s not, so relax.

Indeed, if you have been considering re-visiting a long-lost talent, gift or skill there ain’t no better time to dig out the ole trombone, dust down the double bass or dig out that feathered quill. On the other hand, you could just let the month play out to see what mysterious things come to the surface. They will likely be somewhat pleasant.


This is your time, Libra…it’s all about you. You rule, you are the overlords and ladies of the month. Step out and be your most glamorous, stylish exquisite selves. This ain’t the time to hide. If you’ve been feeling down, exhausted, exasperated, drained, floored, battered and just plain frustrated by life you literally need to scream, to hell with this existence and get out there. Party, get decadent, go a tad wild, unfurl those oft dark curls and dance the lightest of Fandangos.

We, as human beings, will never survive without a thing called ‘joy’ and you’re in the 1st house, the house of self, of ego, you are wholly entitled to simply tear it up without a semblance of shame. Ready, steady, GO!


Ok, we’ve noted the retrograde Pluto, so you must of course be considerate of that cycle, however, you find yourself a semi-sextile (30 degrees) away from Libra in the second house of money!! Ooooh, a nice angle/house combo. So, Pluto is a financial planet, that does make this month a tad complex. It has the potential to be successful or unsuccessful.

You really need to do serious due diligence where all things financial are concerned. It could really pay off but you could also get clattered. Karma comes into play here. If you are a character who does right by others, who gives way more than they take, the potential of this month is most certainly present. However, be true to yourself. If you are borderline giving more than you take, be cautious, things that look bright and sparkly may be out of reach. Be honest with yourself this month, Scorpio.


Libra is always quite a sweet month for Sagi’s but you have got a retrograde Neptune to contend with so you really must bear that in mind. The 3rd house is the communication hub of astrology. You need to play it relatively carefully, Sagi’s. Quadruple check forms, contractual agreements, every form of communication online or otherwise. Don’t go getting complacent. The energy is fundamentally positive, you just can’t have a carefree approach.

Diligence is your keyword this month. If you are due to sign some heavyweight contracts and can defer until after Dec 6th, that wouldn’t be the worst strategy. That aside, there could be a number of positive outcomes this month, just pay attention.


You always sit nestled in the house of family at Libra time, which has the potential to cause a little family friction. You sit 90 degrees square of Libra and that can be a little gnarly. The best course of action is definitely to take a breather where all things family are concerned. Going head-to-head without a considered approach this month may not be the answer. You need to get savvy, wily, strategic, and remain calm in the face of potential conflict.

The energy this month is definitely heightened but the square energy can be truly positive. It just has to be managed in the right way. Hence, the need for a savvy mindset. Safe to say, if you simply place a giant pair of boxing gloves on your mitts, without a remotely considered approach, life could easily go awry. Easy does it, Capricorn.


Well, you need to head Uranus’s retrograde cycle, no question about it. However, Libran season is ordinarily joyous for you Aquarians, so it definitely has potential, even more so when you consider you’re staying in the 5th house of ‘play’, joy, decadence and dare I say recklessness. You are being asked to chill out whilst giving the retrograde Uranus cycle the respect it demands. So, maybe cut the recklessness but certainly, lift your head, look around, smile, dig out the gin, invite your most cherished playmates round to your gaff and have a blast.

Yeah, life can be an exhaustingly serious affair but not when you arrive at house number 5. House number 5 is the coolest club in town. Don the gladrags, Aquarius, carefree works this month, within retrograde reason.


You are in Quincunx, 150 glorious degrees away from Libra and that means positive energy – no question about it – but there are two caveats. One is the retrograde Jupiter and secondarily, you’ll find yourself in the 6th house of work and hard graft. However, as it is a positive angle, it’s a very simple message. Work pays dividends so it’s up to you, Pisces – do you choose the sofa and ice cream or hard graft. Well, the 6th house doesn’t do ice cream, if you get my drift.

Unequivocally, there are times when you can work your cotton socks to infinity and scream at the Moon four weeks later when your rewards are no more a pair of battered cotton socks, but not so this month. Even with a retrograde Jupiter, hardcore output has a high likelihood of paying off. There are never any guarantees but, surely it is worth a shot.

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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