Uranus is going retrograde meaning a mega wake-up call for all of us

29 Aug, 2023 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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Now is the time to embrace change. Uranus is in retrograde for five powerful months from August 29th 2023 – January 27th 2024 . WYLDE MOON astrologer, Hagan Fox, explains what it could mean for all our star signs.

Are you a creature of habit or someone who feels stuck in rut? Well change is coming so hold on to your trilbys for a great re-set.

Let us first understand what Uranus represents. Well, Uranus represents humanitarianism, innovation and technology on a grand scale. Uranus represents change, this planet loves changing it up, constantly, for the good of all. Change can be unsettling, and boy do we as a species resist it, meanwhile Uranus is hollering at the very top of his voice ‘Change is joyous!’

So, what does it mean when this monolithic planet goes retrograde? The answer is instead of Uranus waking up thinking, ‘how can I derail those bewildered humans today?’ a retrograde Uranus asks us to change instead. Uranus is asking if you are able to change an inflexible mindset that may have previously denied you?


Hey Aries, have you, for some subconscious, illogical reason subjected yourself to a kinda weird, self-imposed social lockdown? What are you thinking? That is the question Uranus is posing. Aries, this could be the time to get the glad-rags on and hit the damn town, tear it up as if it’s your last day on planet earth, oh, and do it for the next 5 months, minimum. Then feel free to continue.

It is not every day a planet as powerful as Uranus gives you carte blanche to unfurl your glorious locks and dance the fanciest fandango down Hollywood Boulevard. The message from Uranus is this – be you 80 or 18 – stare decadent recklessness straight between the eyes and wallow in it!


The ultimate play-it-safe kids, you Taureans are about to be asked the most difficult question of your lives; would you sacrifice security for what it is you truly desire in terms of work and career? Money equates to security in the eyes of Taurus and you Taureans will sacrifice virtually everything, including job satisfaction, to stick a bundle of hard-earned bucks on the kitchen table at the end of the week. That is until now Taurus. This upcoming five-month period could be the most glorious, transparent, opportunity you will ever encounter throughout your life. Do you change and take a risk, that is the question?  It is over to you Taurus.


What question is Uranus posing exactly? Well if you are happy, content and wildly in love, dreaming about the moment you bounce through the door to discover your betrothed has left a trail of posies leading to a tunnel of unadulterated lust, then feel free to leave this page. If, on the other hand, you are lying in a bed strewn with an array of recently devoured tubs of ice cream it could be time to change, Gemini.

Love, soulmate, the kind of innate chemistry you thought impossible is at your behest. Open your eyes Gemini, the supermarket, the bus, the train, at work a special someone could be close. Let it happen, just pay attention, love beckons courtesy of your pal, Uranus.


This 5-month Uranus transit is a magical mystery tour for you, anything could happen and it could be truly magical. Be absolutely certain, you will not see it coming. It could be other people’s money or the kind of lust-fuelled love affair that even past scriptures couldn’t foretell. The key here is not to be fearful of the unknown, just run with it and embrace it. These periods come around so rarely, you are obligated to allow yourself to be drawn in.

Mystery can terrify, it can also enthral and change our lives forever. Sometimes life simply knocks us sideways and Uranus is inclined to do just that but, it just so happens on this occasion it is awash with mystery and intrigue. Sounds cool, right?


Hey Leo, ever fantasised about traversing the universe and not even glancing back for a nano second? No? Hmmmm…life, aka Uranus, might just have decided that it’s time to awaken, hop on a plane to nowhere and discover where nowhere is! This retrograde phase really is asking you if the time is right to finally take the lifelong trek you’ve always kept hidden in your back pocket.

Reach into the back pocket, unfurl that tatty piece of paper with a scrawled dream and make it a reality. Leo, there may be no better time in your life to fulfil those faraway desires – and who knows where they may lead. Whether you feel you’ve earned it or not Leo, Uranus is saying you most certainly have.


Are you sat twiddling your elegant thumbs and thinking, surely my time must be close? Surely, that moment when I am finally anointed, or at worst promoted, to the post I have coveted for decades is imminent. How do I put this Virgo? Yes…I’ll repeat, hell YES.

This is it Virgo, this 5 month period unequivocally demands that you push as hard as hell for every last career dream. You can touch it Virgo, smell it, caress it. If ever you had the opportunity to fulfil every last damned career dream, it is this period. Do not be distracted by life, push on. This is your time, your gig, your moment. Up and at em’ Virgo.


It is all about friends, Libra -the longest of long lost friends, close friends and your dearest most valued of friends. This is about reconnecting with those you cherish. The groups and clans you’ve missed. Stop, Libra, take stock of what and who you’ve been missing (non-sexually). Those relationships that you valued so highly that have for some crazy unfathomable reason, diminished. Uranus is asking you most assertively to revisit them, embrace them, wallow in them and you will arguably be somewhat surprised at the response.

The energy of this inverted retrograde cycle is helpful and proactive.  Understanding friends are the most uncomplicated aspect of our lives, Libra. Get on it!


This five month period is asking you to trust your intuition. It’s full of mystery and secrets and will quite possibly pose innumerate questions, but you have gotta lean on the aforementioned intuition, Scorpio. It will stand you in good stead and what won’t assist you is over thinking – it could ruin everything, and you Scorpios seriously like to think!

Let the secrets and mysterious out and let intuition be your guide. It’ll be quite the ride, but always bear in mind that if we embrace change and mystery, Uranus is inclined to assist us. The 12th house journey is rarely straightforward, and with Uranus in tow absolutely anything goes.


This is all about YOU Sagittarius – a new look, new style, a wild haircut, a complete overhaul, the kind of transformation that will have your very best friend sauntering straight past without realising it’s you. Uranus really is saying, screaming, hollering that change is in order and it’s not simply external it is as much, if not more, internal. A complete change of mindset.

You need to stop,  stand in the mirror and ask yourself this: Am I happy with how I appear, how I present myself, how I muse, cogitate? Am I deluded, blinkered, closed off, narrow minded? If ever there was a time to expand your entire entity, it is on every last level, during this five month period.


This, dear Capricorn, will be music to your dainty earlobes…

Money! Money could be in the offing and these five months while Uranus transits retrograde is the time to take full advantage. It may be your time to embrace Uranus’s need for a change of approach as to how you furnish yourself with bucks aplenty. If you carry on as you are it is unlikely much will change, but change could potentially deliver. Be savvy – any financial matters that look too good to be true usually are, but it may be time to take sound financial advice and see if there are other opportunities out there that could work for you.


Well, Uranus is going retrograde and Uranus rules you Aquarians… so, if anyone has the potential to have a slightly bumpy ride ‘tis you. Is there a simple answer? Why yes there is. Give over to your imperious ruler. Let him guide you, he rules you, he is, in essence, your protector. So, the message is clear, don’t fight change. Uranus your ruler knows what he’s doing, so however rollercoaster-esque this upcoming period may feel just ride it out.

How exciting is a roller coaster ride? It’s wild, but once you are strapped in, you have to trust all will be well. This is the same scenario. Trust your ruler, your protector and absolutely don’t overthink. See if you can make change a force for good.


For you Pisces, this time is about family and change, which does kind of suggest a relocation of sorts. Uranus will unequivocally be forcing your hand in that department. However, anything to do with change and family should be embraced. Don’t fret, it is always difficult when the family is ‘apparently’ destabilised but this isn’t the case. Uranus is a force for good where change is concerned, so run with it, get the family onside, indeed treat any family related decisions as a potential adventure for that is literally what Uranus would love it to be. Don’t fight or resist the change though, when Uranus demands we are best advised to acquiesce.

We all love a family adventure, well, this could be the biggest one yet.

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Hagan Fox

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In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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