The month’s Blue Moon will give us all a second chance to get things right

29 Aug, 2023 | Astrology, The Moon

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Words by Katy Moon

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We only get a Blue Moon once every couple of years – but one is on its way and after a tumultuous 2023 it could signal pretty powerful change, as writer Katy Moon discovers.

The Full Moon appears in her shimmering glory twice this month (August 2023.) She appeared on the 1st and she’ll be back again on the 31st. When a second Full Moon falls within the same calendar month it is known as a Blue Moon, hence the expression, ‘once in a blue moon’ used to describe a rare event. A Blue Moon typically appears every two to three years.

This moon is particularly exciting. August’s Full Moons are also ‘Supermoons’, appearing 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky due to being in closer proximity to the Earth.

Here at WYLDE MOON, we believe the moon’s cycles can have a powerful effect on our lives. So, what can you expect from this August’s Blue Moon and how can you use its energy to empower you?

What does August’s Blue Moon mean? Second chances.   

Astrologer and Moonologer Yasmin Boland works with the moons cycles as a tool for self-development. She regards the Full Moon as a time for releasing the past and forgiveness. According to Yasmin, what the Blue Moon actually offers us is a second chance for a reset. So, think of it as a lunar bonus, if you will.    

Augusts Blue Moon means we have double the chances to detox from any stresses and dramas that have been going on in our lives,she says. We’ve had a really intense first half of 2023, weve seen Pluto change signs, and that only happens every couple of decades. Weve seen Saturn change signs, which happens once every couple of years. Jupiter has also changed signs and weve had some intense eclipses. Now the astrology will be much more soft and gentle. Its a really good time to release any rubbish from the first half of the year. Even if you didnt work with the first Full Moon of the month, work with this second Full Moon.’

A ritual for letting go

While we’re not saying this Blue Moon will offer any quick fixes, being aware of it and working with its energies can help you release negativity – and it can be done with Yasmin’s simple ritual.

‘Imagine walking through life with a big bag of heavy rubbish on your shoulder, if you don’t empty the sack, there will be no space for the good stuff,’ says Yasmin.

‘To help release the rubbish, write your troubles down on paper.

Ask yourself:

  • Who do I need to forgive?’
  • What do I need to forgive myself for?
  • What am I letting go of?
  • What am I releasing?

Safely burn the paper in a fire as you set the intention to release all upset, jealousy and resentment into the flames.’

Understand the energies

Every Full Moon has a different energy depending on the astrology, and August’s coming Blue Supermoon is in dreamy Pisces and offers an opportunity to explore intuitive abilities.

‘It’s a mystic moon, so connect with your inner psychic,’ encourages Yasmin. A good question to ask is: ‘What can I do to make the most of this Blue Moon?’ Some people regard the Blue Moon as being lucky, and the astrology this month nods to good fortune.

‘There’s a harmonious angle to Jupiter, the planet of good luck and the traditional ruler of Pisces,’ Yasmin shares. ‘Jupiter is also about being happy, cheerful and adventurous. Therefore, you can expect positive turnarounds, although this shouldn’t be overstated.’

Should we be wary?

The term Blue Moon is thought to come from the old word for blue ‘belewe’, which means to betray. However, Yasmin says August’s Blue Moon is not one to approach with caution.

‘We’ve had some really intense Full Moons this year, but this is a pleasant one,’ she says. ‘It’s especially good for Taureans, Cancerians, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisceans, but can be a bit challenging for the other signs.’

That said, positive shifts can still happen – and journaling around this time can help. ‘Around the Blue Super Moon, revalue everything, rethink, revisit and revise, says Yasmin. ‘Expect good things, as opportunities may open up.

Every Full Moon is the chance to turn a corner. You have to put the work in – but even if you do it once, it will make a difference.’

Blue Moon facts

  • In case you were wondering, the Blue Moon doesn’t appear blue in the sky, this is just a turn of phrase.
  • Every Full moon has a ‘nickname’ and August’s moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon in Native American tradition. When two Full Moons fall in a month, they go by the same name, therefore, this month there are two Full Sturgeon Moons.
  • The length of the moon’s cycle is 29.5 days, but due to varying calendar months, two Full Moons can sometimes appear. Being a short month with only 28 days, February will never have a Blue Moon.
  • It’s also worth mentioning, being bigger and brighter in the sky, the Super Blue Moon is a powerful time to cleanse and charge crystals by the moonlight. If you forgot earlier this month, this is a second chance.

Yasmin Boland is a Sunday Times bestselling author of books including moonology™.

moonology™ messages by Yasmin Boland and Ali Vermilio is out in September.

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