Saturn is finally coming out of retrograde and things are about to get better

21 Oct, 2022 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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The bad boy of astrology has finished playing dirty and will be bringing calm, at last.

Saturn is often called the bad boy of Astrology. He’s the task master, a disciplinarian, a bully, an assessor, an all-in-one judge and jury and Karma’s gatekeeper.

In other words, if and when he decides to create mayhem as he has done in recent months (he oversees the financial markets!) he can merely unleash a smidgen of negative electromagnetism and we minions on planet earth are paralysed, immobilised and sent into a maddening disarray of confusion and bewilderment. Sound familiar?

But the good news is he is also responsible for discipline, structure and stability…none of which are currently anywhere to be seen, I hear you say. The world right now appears to be a perennial daze of dystopia…how come? Because Saturn is retrograde and has been since June.

‘Retrograde’ is when everything appears to move backwards whilst actually remaining static. It is like when we’re on a train and we ‘sense’ we’re moving but in fact it is the train next to us that is. It is a planetary version of that!

Basically, when Saturn isn’t functioning nor is planet Earth! So, for the love of God, you may ask when the hell will Saturn return to work and go ‘direct’ once more.

Don’t panic, I’m not going to say 2033, before we all lunge at the drinks cabinet and pour ourselves a double vodka. No, Saturn will start to stabilise our worrisome, fretful, fraught world now, on the border of the 22nd/23rd of October 2022…

All Hail Saturn…for once!

What this month’s new moon means for you.

Financial smartness and fabulous friendships are accentuated by October’s New Moon.

It is fundamentally all about Healing and Friendship. Remember those friends you’ve not been in touch with? If you haven’t touched base with those you love and cherish, those friends whose connection is deep and meaningful, seek them out. Even if it’s just a random holler of ‘thinking about you’, it’ll be gleefully received.

On a more practical level, this Scorpionic New Moon also rewards Financial acuity and astuteness. Sounds like something we all need right now.

WYLDE MOON’s Good Luck League Table;
October 23rd – November 22nd 2022

Introducing our lucky astrological league table. Discover how lucky your star sign will be over the coming month. For the next 30 days make the most of it top of the table Scorpio – you are ruling the roost . Meanwhile don’t panic Taurus, good times are on their way.

1. Scorpio

This is your month, you have the power in everything you do. Enjoy being top dog.

2. Pisces

Happy days – everything is looking good across the board.

3. Cancer

What do you want to make happen this month, Cancer? It could soon be a reality.

4. Aries

Not in the top 3 but these should be happy days for you.

5. Gemini

Lots of opportunities out there for you, Gemini.

6. Virgo

Not the best month, but you’ll experience more good than bad.

7. Capricorn

Much more than OK, but not 100% brilliant. Average times for Capricorn.

8. Sagittarian

Neither good, nor bad – a middling month.

9. Libra

This month is neither black nor white, it is grey all the way. Nothing to write home about, Libra.

10. Aquarius

Watchout! There will be frustrations and obstacles aplenty. My advice? Stay calm and in control.

11. Leo

Don’t lose your head this month when faced with many trials and tribulations. They will pass.

12. Taurus

Rooted to the bottom of the table when it comes to good fortune this month, Taurus. But don’t panic, fight for what you need and stay smart.

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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