Pluto is finally moving into Aquarius, and it’s a big deal for everybody

16 Jan, 2024 | Astrology

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The horoscope wheel with Zodiac signs and constellations of the zodiac. 3D illustration.

In January 2024, Pluto will transition into Aquarius and with its move, bring huge transformations for everybody – so buckle up, but don’t be scared.

WYLDE MOON spoke to astrologer Letao Wang, who explained that the significant planetary movement will bring about big changes, which might be difficult, but that will ultimately improve our lives and leave us all very satisfied with the big changes.

Due to the slow movements of Pluto – which is often in retrograde thanks to its ‘three steps forwards, one step back’ style of movement, we already had a little taste of this energy in 2023 – do you remember what you were doing for the two weeks from the 23rd March?

From January 20th 2024, Pluto will enter Aquarius properly for a solid ten months, before being firmly placed in Aquarius for twenty years from 2025.

What energy shift happens with Pluto moves into Aquarius?

“This is a big deal for all of us, and to truly understand this energy shift, we need to know what Pluto is all about,” explains Letao.

“The name Pluto comes from Roman mythology, where Pluto’s counterpart was Hades – the God of the Underworld. Hades rules transformation, death, rebirth, and all those kinds of things.

“If you read the mythology, you’ll know that Hades had a three-headed dog guarding the entrance to the Underworld, and that only two mortals managed to get in; Orpheus and Hercules. Hades might have been scary, but he’s not a bad guy.

“This is the same energy we’ll feel with Pluto’s transition; the entry to the doorway can be scary, but we’ll eventually go through and get to our rebirth and transformation. Whenever Pluto enters a new sign, there’s some very intense transformation happening.”

But the cosmic shuffle could have much more far-reaching implications on a societal level, too. As Letao explains, Aquarius, the sign of innovation and collective consciousness, will face intense scrutiny. Our social structures, networks, and very definition of humanitarianism will be provoked under Pluto. Letao suggests we could see breakthroughs in technology, scientific discoveries, and a collective yearning for progress as Aquarius forces us to ask what humanitariaism truly means. Phew!

The horoscope wheel with Zodiac signs and constellations of the zodiac. 3D illustration.

Aquarius, the water-bearer

What does Pluto in Aquarius mean for us personally, on a daily basis?

While the societal potential is large and overwhelming, this energy shift will certainly be felt in each of us on a much more granular level, too. Letao’s main prediction is that our relationships with groups – whether they be friends, colleagues, or any other group we surround ourselves with, will change.

“On a personal level, of course everyone has their individual charts. So, depending on the date and specific time you were born, this Pluto transit and also the sun transit into Aquarius conjuncting Pluto will have different effects on us,” says Letao.

“Aquarius, generally speaking, is about friendships. and the sense of belonging that we feel. Aquarius is opposing Leo on the astrological wheel. If Leo is about the individual, the ‘me’, then Aquarius is about the group.

“We could experience a change of circles, a change of friendship. We might realise that we don’t belong to a certain group that we always thought that we were part of.”

The change will be slow and gradual, not sudden and shocking

Pluto moves slowly, so these realisations won’t strike you in the middle of the night or be a sudden wake-up call, but will more likely start as a seedling of thought – which you may already have after the taster session in March 2023 – that gradually grows in size until you feel like you really need to act upon it.

“It’s a long process,” says Letao. “There will be a time when you make that decision to take action to do something, but usually when you reach that point, you are already very prepared because it’s already required a lot of consideration.

“For me, when I’m looking at how Pluto and Saturn work for me, I do a lot of journaling for myself. So, for example, when I’m looking at the Pluto transit back in, let’s say, maybe 2008, I’ll look at what significant event happened in my life, and ask, what did I learn about that? If you look back, you will notice there have been signs telling you that something is coming.

“I always encourage my clients to journal, especially if they feel stuck or just at the edge of the change they really want to see happening. Personally, I find journaling a very therapeutic process for us to discover our path and to become more clear, because it’s a very good reflective practice. We can all feel lazy and like we don’t want to write, but it really does help us so much.”

Change is never easy, but these transformations will be worth it

These potential transformations aren’t exactly light and easy, and, to be direct, could be painful and uncomfortable while they’re taking place. If there are clashing egos at play then these changes could be very challenging, but ultimately, Letao says, our hard work and perseverance will pay off.

“Pluto has something to do with power struggle, because Pluto was very controlling as a God,” Letao explains. “He kidnapped Persephone into the underworld. He didn’t use a nice method to get married. He just grabbed Persephone and took her to the underworld. So sometimes Pluto’s energy could also be a little bit forceful. But what I like about the Pluto transit is that once we successfully go through this transit, we will be very happy that it happened.

“At the end of the day, you know, everyone has to descend into the underworld for their transformation, and that’s just a natural process we have to go through. They could be quite big or quite dramatic realisations that will lead us towards change. It might be hard to go through this change, but actually it’s all change for the better. As an astrologer, I’m really looking forward to 2024.”

Letao’s book The Oracle of Mythic Heroes is out now, and you can follow him on Instagram here.

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