Big change is coming! Venus is about to retrograde, shaking everything up

18 Jul, 2023 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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Hold on to your hats – for a month from July 22nd we are in for a rollercoaster of a time. WYLDE MOON astrologer Hagan Fox gives us the lowdown.

Venus is going retrograde and this complex beast is going to be joyous, fraught, wondrous, exasperating and maddening. It is going to position itself in Leo, so will have an impact on all aspects of love in our lives – not just lustful and romantic, but family and friendships will be affected. Venus also has a huge influence on money and wealth.

So, get ready. The structure of our lives may go a little awry causing angst, anxiety and confusion making us feel like we are suddenly pinned to the windscreen of life. However, being a perennial optimist, I’d like you to look at it this way;

One, you know it’s coming – 22nd July to be precise and lasting 4 weeks. Knowledge is and always will be powerful, so that’s a plus. Secondarily, change is good, you simply have to embrace it and it can be wildly exciting. What happens in the celestial skies is so much more powerful that our miniscule existence down here. So, do we fight powerful energies that we simply cannot control or do we calmly utilise said energy? It’s over to you.

Every star sign will be affected differently by Venus Retrograde. Discover what it means for you…


So Venus has decided to station in your 6th house of work and hard graft. It is time to remember not to let any bullying despot undermine you and your self-worth. Love is as external as it is internal. If your boss kicks off, analyse your response and your feelings. Can you take it and stay strong and stoic? If, so, feel joyous and ignore them, if conversely, you feel crushed use this moment to take stock, look in the mirror and stay there. Tell yourself over and over and over again I…LOVE…MYSELF. This is Venus’s message to you this month. Self adoration equates to future happiness.


This month Venus nestles happily in your 5th house of joy, decadence and, dare I say it, recklessness. But it’s retrograde so it’s kinda dangerous or wildly exciting.This is Venus saying to you Taureans, have your worn the same beleaguered, hapless gown for the last three weeks, has love been so absent that the local nunnery has been quietly whispering in your inner lobe? If so, come hither my dear. To hell with that Taurus. Haul that slinky number outta the wardrobe,dig out the heels, unfurl the locks and blaze out that front door with the greatest of intent and holler: ‘who the hell wants to party?’ The point being, you Taureans can be so sensible and practical that your sensual bad girl vanishes.Unleash her.


Venus has stopped at the front door of the family…love and family…jeez…that’s as complex as life gets. Venus is asking you to take a look at the family as a whole. Who needs some extra love? What aspect of the family needs fixing? In essence it is family ‘fix it time’, step back, take stock and take action.It could be that your partner needs re-assuring, maybe it is time to reconnect with Mum, junior may need Mum more than you realise? Just stop Gemini, quieten the mind, open your eyes.Someone needs your love, someone close. So, determine who it is, and just bombard them with a little Gemini love.


Retrograde love and the house of communication does kinda scream partnerships. If your closest relationships have been under the gun, if the ship has begun to sail, if the atmosphere has the feel of a boxing ring with two protagonists swinging wildly with their emotions, listen to this retrograde Venus. It is saying whoa, whoa ,whoa, down the gloves,sit down and TALK!!! Love and communication can be beautiful, it can resolve, it can bring calm and order to emotional chaos.You Cancerians are ruled by the Moon so the emotions are an ever present. Venus is saying, box off the emotions and go cerebral because that is 100% where the resolution lies.


Venus is in your star sign Leo, in the 2nd house. You’re going to feel this retrograde Venus more than the rest of us as it’s about to saunter in through your front door. The 2nd house is about what you own, your material world, your wealth, love and possessions. Wealth is the key here. Venus is not only the planet of love, it’s a financial planet and an influential one at that. So, for me, this Venus knocking on your front door is asking you to stop and take stock of everything in your life that relates to wealth. Is everything in order? Is there something lurking in the attic waiting to be unearthed? Whatever it is, this Venus is asking you to stop and assess your material world.


A retrograde Venus in the 1st house screams ‘self love’. Look at yourself Virgo. You and I know you Virgoans are your own worst critics. This placement is suggesting, on quite the grand scale, that you have been way way too hard on yourself. This retrograde Venus is unequivocally saying to you: If you want to be truly happy, to be content, at peace and just plain chilled (rare for you Virgo’s with your super-sensitive nervous system) you have to locate the most glorious, enormous mirror, stand before it and holler I LOVE MYSELF. Say it a 1000 times, but Virgo, here is the key, you must believe it. Stand before that mirror all day if needs be but believe it. This Venus demands it.


This is a subconscious placement, the 12th house penetrates our deepest inner realms, it’s truly intuitive. During the period that commences on the 22nd July you need to stop and investigate further those moments when you are not ‘conscious’. You need to tap into all things to do with love, be it self love or external love. Learn to trust your intuition. It could be intuitive love for yourself, your partner, your family, a new love, a past love, you just need to listen to your inner self, therein lies the answers.


This Venus placement in the 11th house is for all you Scorpios who have been feeling wholly isolated, left out or just plain abandoned by life and society.This is about friends and new groups. When a planet stops and takes a breather, like Venus in retrograde, it is in essence asking us to do the same in different areas of our lives. For you Scorpios, Venus is asking you to jump back in, not quietly, not gently shuffling in though the side door, but boldly striding forth into an arena, a group enterprise that has always quietly enthralled you. State boldly that you’d like to join, learn and embrace and friendships of worth will come from said endeavour.


Love and work?? Hmm. ok, it could be a crazy work-related love affair that leaves you breathless and overwhelmed with ardour and makes you take stock of your life. It is not beyond the realms. It’ll be asking deeper questions that need addressing. Equally it could be related to career and money because as well as being the planet of love and lust, Venus is a financial planet. So, this stationary Venus may well be asking you to reassess your career, indeed, it may well be saying, “dear Sagi, you are worth more than this, time for a change.” Moreover, as it is Venus, life might be saying, if you are feeling unloved and undervalued at work why don’t you stop and take stock on many levels where work is concerned.


Hmm. A retrograde Venus in the 9th house of travel and higher learning,what the hell could that mean? Well, when a planet appears to stop and muse it is asking us to do the same. This is about higher learning, about knowledge and less so about ardour. Think about it, we love people, we love life, we also love learning and this placement is saying to you at whatever age you may be, 18 or 80 what is that one thing you love? What is it that you have always wanted to learn, that has always sat in the recesses of your grey matter? What is the one thing you’ll forever regret if you don’t at least try and expand your knowledge in said area? Venus is seriously tapping into the arena in your life that it is so easy to say ‘another time’ to. This placement is saying, ‘dear Capricoirn, screw that, get your butt into gear and do it!’. Just sayin’.


Ooooh, Aquarius….a retrograde Venus (a planet of love and money) in the house of mystery and other people’s wealth! This four week period could well be a magical mystery tour, God only knows where this one will end. What I will say is jump on board and see where it goes. Venus is stationary, suggesting that this potential wild ride will come to you not vice versa. Be alert where all things love, lust, money and mystery are concerned. Life can disappoint, we all know that so keep your expectations real. Conversely life can be wonderfully leftfield. If ever a placement had the potential to surprise, here she is.


A retrograde stationary Venus in the house of love. That is as clear a message as you’re ever likely to receive. One question: Am you happy in your relationship? It’s Venus, it’s love, it’s stopped, it’s musing, cogitating and asking you to do precisely the same thing. So Pisces, are you in clover, deliriously in love, indeed making love as I scribe no less? If so, your Venus applauds. However, if you are halfway through a bowl of pie and mash, watching your betrothed slobber though it wearing one slipper and half an eye on the TV screen this Venus is arguably saying ‘really, that’s it?’. Well Pisces…is it?

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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