Cosmic alert: Is Venus set to boost your finances and love life over the next three weeks?

12 Apr, 2023 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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Venus has entered Gemini and for the next three weeks it is going to have a big impact on the affairs of the heart and the bank balance. WYLDE MOON astrologer Hagan Fox explains what it means for each one of us.


Gemini meanders into your third house, the house of knowledge, communication and intellect. Combine the three of these together and see it reap dividends romantically and financially.

You could overwhelm your cherished one with an array of literary ditties and one-liners and watch your betrothed capitulate in the name of literary ardour. Sounds too much? Well how about leaving uncomplicated notes on the pillow along the lines of :“most every day you don’t have a clue, but man oh man, I love the hell outta you.” Just communicate your love in your own way (here’s some brilliant advice around that). As for money? Simple, use your brain, use your knowledge and savviness in all things financial.


Gemini is in your second house. The second house is money, wealth, and associated with good fortune. For you the love side of Venus is somewhat on the backfoot – this three week period is all about the bucks and making a shedload of em’.

If love comes a-knocking during this period, you might want to consider dismissing or parking it. This period is about dosh and is when money can arrive unexpectedly. You’ve still got to do right by karma (give more than you take). You can also help yourself by grafting and putting a shift in. But the next three weeks have huge potential!


Venus is in the first House so it’s all about you. You will attract love so shine, be happy, be ebullient, carefree and open (but not too much!). You’re a communicative tour de force, so chuck it all out there and see what happens. Financially, it is about you too, your talent, your skill, your ability, so show off. Holler ‘look at this, look at that, look at me…I did it, I’m top drawer and it’s time the universe got word of it.’

If you adopt a lockdown mindset, you’re passing up a period where you could sit on top of the tree. Gemini, what are you waiting for, hurl yourself out the front door now!


Venus is in your 12th house. It is all about secrets, intuition, instincts and the subconscious. Align that with love and it can get kind of exciting. Clandestine love is often a dangerous affair but boy is it thrilling. The key with love is ‘intuition’. Follow it, listen to it, trust it. ‘Feel’ your way through this month.

Financially, tread warily, money and secrets tend to be muddied waters so things could go awry. Put very simply, lock the safe and hide the key for the next three weeks.


You arrive in the 11th house with Venus in tow, Leo. In the name of love you should tap into the realms of originality. Present yourself as original or you’ll attract really quirky characters in the playground that is love. The 11th house is all about innovation and humanity…be receptive Leo. 


Venus is in the 10th house of Virgo which is connected to your career. So, Virgoans we are talking about your work influenced by Venus, a money planet. It could be a new job, more money type of scenario. Love really should be taking a back seat this month. If it is the love of the century, fine, you’re excused, but that aside, you should be declining most politely.

This three week period from the 11th is all about the career. Applying for a pay rise when Venus is in your 10th house of career? Damn right. Asking to be promoted? Nothing to lose. Career advancement requires confidence. Virgo women in particular can be too polite. Screw that Virgo, place the ambitious booties on and start demanding. You want it Virgo then go get it.


Venus is in your 9th house. The 9th house is pretty uncomplicated – travel, foreign countries, higher learning and philosophy. So, if you meet a Sicillian God in the philosophy class on Holiday in Crete you may as well just jump in the sack. I jest of course, but you get the gist! It is a great period for a holiday with love in mind. However, coming at it from a far simpler angle, if someone glances your way and your head swivels 180 degrees and their origins are from afar, you might want to attempt an immediate u-turn and engage with said potential soulmate.

Financially, the same applies. Venus is a money planet and anything connected with foreign lands and investments might well be worth investigating.


This could be a wild three weeks Scorpio! Blimey, the masters of secrecy in the house of secrets, the unknown and all things mysterious. This could be the shortest, wildest, most ravishing, glorious three-week love affair you have or will ever encounter. Tread wearily though Scorpio, the 8th house is awash with so much that we as humans have so little understanding of. Venus being a money planet in the house of other people’s money often signals an inheritance or 12. But don’t forget karma, we all have to do right by others and Karma. Take too much and what was once within reach escapes our grasp at the last minute. Moral behaviour is a perennial ‘must’.


Venus is in the 7th house…the house of LOVE! Boom! You know, it takes soooooo much for a Sagi girl, in particular, to ‘fall in love’. You are complex cookies you Sagi’s, however, you are one star sign that matures with grace and maturity, therein, love often arrives later in life. But, in three week periods like this Sagi, you’ve got to dive headfirst into that wardrobe, drag out your shiniest gladrags and skiddaddle to the nearest ‘hotspot’, Shake, shimmy and bedazzle each and every one of us. Money?? Hell, just marry the first millionaire you fall in love with!


Capricorn, you are the proud owners of the ‘grafter’ moniker. Good, because Venus enters the 6th house, the house of hard graft and work, work being the operative word here. Love in the workplace is a distinct possibility. Is there anyone you secretly adore in the workplace Capricorn? We work to earn money. Venus is a money planet. Are there periods where undiluted, dedicated work pays off? Yup, this upcoming three week period. No guarantees in life of course but Venus can definitely reward endeavour in the 6th house. It’s not the easiest month as you have to initiate everything…well, crack on. 


It’s unequivocally true that we as humans adore periods in our lives when we don’t have to do anything (at all) in order to experience some kind of reward. Venus in the 5th house is one of those wondrous three week periods. Aquarians don’t like to admit it but they can be thumpingly lazy if they don’t adore what they’re asked to do on a daily basis. So, this really is a potentially joyous three week phase of awakening, sitting on the veranda, looking cool, chic and sophisticated with a glass of champagne to hand and simply waiting for love and money to glide effortlessly in your general direction. Now, don’t get too cocky, karma has watched your every move since day one, if you’ve done good by life thus far…enjoy the hell out of your just rewards.


Love is as much to do with family as it is our perennial search for a soulmate. Venus in the 4th house is primarily family love. You want to heal a few family wounds with abundant love? Now’s the time Pisces. Bury the cliched hatchet, show the love and understand that acquiescence is a beautiful trait, a mature approach to life that each and every one of us should embrace. If you have to deal with family money too, now is a pretty positive period to broach said arena. Personal love may well arise courtesy of a family member who might say something along the lines of… ‘hey, remember Jack? Divorced! Oooooooh…’.

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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