Cosmic Alert: This rare astrological event could change your luck!

9 May, 2023 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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Jupiter moves into Taurus (for the first time in 12 years) on May 16th 2023…and it simply bestows good tidings across the board. Here’s what it means for you.

Jupiter is the ultimate good news planet. Jupiter is ‘luck’, so wherever he lays his cap, cape, hat or trilby, he gives positivity, optimism and of course luck. You’ve gotta love Jupiter. In a time in life where we are asked to believe everything is going wrong even though around us are beautiful souls who can’t wait to assist us in times of hardship or stress, Jupiter is a breath of fresh air. He is literally hollering from the rooftops, ‘screw dystopia, let’s party hard!’

Jupiter in Taurus is a year long gig, so the below ‘scriptures’ are worth returning to for the next 12 months as that is how long Jupiter is gonna be chillin’ out in Taurus. Get ready.


Jupiter in the second house…hmmm…that’s kinda tasty. Jupiter in this house is about how you make money and how to stabilise your life. Jupiter equates to luck. So if you wanna roll the dice in terms of how you make money Jupiter in the second house is gagging to assist and encourage you to go for it. There is always the karma caveat, you have to have done right by others or at least change your tune for life to play ball.

If something seems too good to be true – it probably is. But if you are a saintly Aries and you’ve been eager to change things up in terms of how you earn a fast buck May 16th could be time to think again! Bear in mind, also, that we live in the age of Aquarius and that is all about innovation and technology, so any enterprises that involves those could bode well.


Ooooh, ain’t you clothed in clover, for an entire year no less. Jupiter in the first house, it’s all about you TAURUS…this is your time. Your ‘time’ only ever comes round once every 12 years in the world of Jupiter, so, if you have already decided to take time out, curl up on a comfy sofa and munch your way through a vat of cherry ice cream for the next 12 months, you’ve unequivocally just made one of the most calamitous decisions of your entire lifetime.

This is spotlight time, this is lights, cameras, action. This is THE opportunity to dance a 12 month fandango displaying every last gift and talent at your disposal. Luck is such a rare commodity, it’s precious and it so often silently passes us by – not this time though, Taurus.


The 12th house of dark secrets Gemini…ooooh, spooky then? Not really Gemini, the 12th house is primarily about endings, the final instalment of projects or indeed the closure of anything. It may be finally confessing a long-held secret, but it is more likely that Jupiter is encouraging you to finally end a phase of your life.

Remember, Jupiter is a positive planet, so even if what is being asked of you is tricky, scary, gut wrenching even…it truly needn’t be. Jupiter, is a planet of luck and optimism and the 12th house is often portrayed in a doomladen fashion, but not when Jupiter rolls into town. The 12th house also rules intuition, so instead of thinking about 412 things simultaneously (sound familiar Geminis?) allow intuition to seep into the fray and dictate affairs. This is a potentially exciting and uplifting 12th house placement.

You Geminis never switch off and tend to overthink everything. Well, end that right now. Intuition is as powerful as insights get. Embrace ‘it’, the 12th house and Jupiter.


Jupiter in the 11th house….yeah…that works. It is all about people, groups, socialising, friends,letting loose, opening your mind, being inventive and original, stepping back, taking it easy, foot off the pedal. Hey Cancer, stop worrying! Just run with it,including change and sudden upheavals, which is what Uranus is all about and Uranus rules the 11th house.

Change and upheaval with an almighty dollop of Jupiterian luck, optimism and joy sounds like a potential ball to me. The 11th house and Jupiter really is about you hanging out with and embracing your best friends. In fact, Jupiter demands this. Have a right rollicking good laugh with them. Jupiter is an easy planet, the 11th house is an easy house. If ever life was asking you to take time out, drop a gazillion chill pills, step back and simply ENJOY life, Jupiter nestling in for 12 months is one monumental hint you should be doing precisely that.

Financially, tread warily, money and secrets tend to be muddied waters so things could go awry. Put very simply, lock the safe and hide the key for the next three weeks.


Jupiter planet of luck in the house of career for a day, a week, a month? Nooooo Leo. For 12 months starting May 16th 2023! What are you waiting for? If you’re sitting pretty, swathed in financial clover, sit tight, it should only get better. If, on the other hand, it is not going to plan despite the greatest of endeavours, you Leo, can think about changing up, thinking big, being positive, having faith, believing in yourself, looking directly into a grossly oversized mirror and roaring like the true Lioness/Lion you are.

Enough is enough, Leo, and lucky, positive, joyous Jupiter motoring merrily into your career zone for 12 months is the kind of backdrop that has overseen many a rag-to-riches story.

Tap into your natural talents, gifts, skills and frickin’ hammer it, Leo.


Jupiter in the ninth house of higher learning, well, if that isn’t right up your alley Virgo I ain’t entirely sure what is. Virgo’s love to learn, to be enlightened. You Virgos, have the kind of diligent, patient approach that is forever required to reach the higher echelons of wisdom, enlightenment and higher learning.

Jupiter sidling into the ninth house suggests that now is the time and that for once (as wisdom is our perennial undervalued cousin) it might well pay off. Jupiter is wondrously positive so when Jupiter enters an area of our lives we are no more than a poor man’s fool if we don’t listen and play ball. Jupiter wants to help, assist, progress and enjoy. The ninth house also rules motivation which is arguably the toughest human train to not only come by but to keep a hold of.

You’ll not feel as motivated by life at any other time as you will for the next 12 months. So, if you have a long held dream sitting in your back pocket, allow it to finally set sail.


Jupiter in the eighth house, well now, that’s a right mad bag o’ bones. But, just a little exciting too. The eighth house is about death, sex, inheritance and personal growth. Now, if you have Saturn in the eighth house. anything could happen and it’s very karma dependent too (always the case with Saturn who is long believed to be the God of karma). However, we’re talking Jupiter, jumping Jack Flash Jupiter who’s really just out to have a perennial ball.

The eighth house rules sex, and Jupiter is a salacious joy seeker. The best sex you’ve ever encountered Libra? Why not? An inheritance flying in through the front door from some long-lost relative? Never say never. Crazy stuff goes down when Jupiter hits the eighth house and most often it can be pretty wild and exciting. No guarantees in life but it’s anything goes time Libra.


Jupiter in the seventh house of love, Scorpio, wow, how are you gonna cope with that Scorpio? By which I mean this, Scorpio women don’t fall in love easily. Scorpio women (like men) need to find a soulmate physically attractive, it’s a prerequisite. Scorpio women also believe in one ‘trait’ more than anything else on planet earth…loyalty. They learn early on that humans fall way, way, way short on that front and therein Scorpio women are often happy to float from one physically driven exotic wild love affair to another. But, not this year. Scorpio.

Jupiter in the seventh house of true love is saying, “I’m gonna find you the sexiest, sweetest, most perfect soulmate you didn’t even know existed”. Open your eyes Scorpio and keep them open.


Hey Sagi’s,Jupiter is in the sixth house meaning health, wellbeing and hard graft. Let us deal with the hard graft. No-one is every truly enthralled when they are greeted by the term hard graft, not least because we never really know beforehand whether it’ll truly pay off. Well, hold on Sag, Jupiter is in play, Jupiter is lucky, Jupiter rewards.

If ever there was a 12 month period where insane endeavour pays off it is when the driver of such periods is good ol’ Jupiter, whispering in your ear to keep trucking and seeing where it goes. Jupiter will always want a happy ending. Likewise you’ll be encouraged to look in the mirror. Jupiter is asking you to take a snapshot of what you don’t like and attack your well-being with the kind of vigour that takes you back to your halcyon days. You’ll be surprised how inspired you’ll feel. It is Jupiter, forever encouraging.


Hey Capricorn, you wanna party for 12 months, no pay back, just undiluted joy, decadence, frivolousness and laughter? Your ruler Saturn will be truly appalled, indeed, he’ll be quietly fuming at the true recklessness of your behaviour. Dearest Saturn…TOUGH!! Jupiter has entered Capricorn’s fifth house of just plain happiness.

Capricorns are the grafters of society thanks to being ruled by Saturn. If anyone deserves a 12 month hiatus of nothing but perennial joy, you could argue in a Capricorn’s favour. But from May 16th, Capricorn, pour yourself a glass of champagne and keep on pouring. That’s the message of Jupiter in the fifth house. Tiny caveat, Saturn your ruler is the king of karma. If you’ve not met his exacting standards or done right by others, you might not carry it off. But if you’re a true blood Cappy grafter, bloody well enjoy it!


If we’re honest Aquarius, one might argue you’re the least family orientated star sign of the lot. It’s arguably down to being ruled by Uranus who simply hates a repetitive life, it loves change and families tend to be a consistent theme. Well, Jupiter is asking you to look to the family this year, to appreciate and value what family represents. Jupiter wants you to be proactive in all things associated with the family.

You might be quietly rewarded as Jupiter is requesting that you help, assist, love and cherish family this year and because Jupiter is front and centre, you’ll be a tad shocked at just how much joy and happiness the family will generate for you personally. Jupiter is asking you to go against the grain to quite some degree but don’t forget, Jupiter is benefic. Take note Aquarius and absolutely wallow in the bosom of the clan.


Jupiter in the third house of communication Pisces. Personal communication, innovative communication, higher learning even. Jupiter is effectively saying, if you put yourself out there on a communicative plane of every description, wondrous things can potentially evolve. The key this year Pisces is not a lockdown solitude mindset, you’ll destroy yourself in minutes. This is about embracing communication, interacting, reaching out, enquiring, talking, involving yourself in others lives and feeling wholly enriched by the process.

Jupiter is the great positive planet, so opening up emotionally as well might just do wonders for you. Why? Because it’s Jupiter and Jupiter loves happy outcomes. Sometimes others can withdraw when you seek answers, other times, they’ll simply pour you a glorious looking vodka and holler from the rooftops, “you feel better now?”, you’ll reply with an unequivocal “yes” and here and now instantly feels like the best place in the world. Solitude and misery or communicative joy, Pisces? It’s an easy call.

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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