WYLDE Moonboard October 2021

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Halloween is almost here.

“I love this cacao brand and regularly make Keith’s recipe on the back. The lovely Angela Scanlon introduced me to the magic of a cacao ceremony during lockdown, when she invited me and a friend to join her whilst Natasha Vavasour performed an online ceremony for us. I love anything that makes you stop and look inwards, but sharing that moment with friends makes it even more powerful.” – Holly

These gorgeous autumnal colours show mother nature in all her glory.

The Duchess shines at London’s Bond Premiere.

The factory line-up of our (borrowed from) The Wild candle.

“A new season is a reminder that nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes and there’s always a chance to renew and refresh.” – Holly

“I always love it when the seasons change. I know a lot of people hate it when the nights draw in and get darker, but there’s something I just love about it.” – Holly

“I’m loving the new Grenson colours this season.” – Holly

“My favourite read of the month is by October’s By the Light of the Moon podcast guest, Stanley Tucci. I think I’ve found someone who thinks about food more than I do and this book was so delicious I nearly ate it!” – Holly

Nature’s way of introducing a new season.

Adele is back and she is divine.

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