Given the unprecedented amount of long Bank Holiday weekends in May…

…this month’s WYLDE Moonboard is all about making the most of some well-earned time out! If you’ve managed to get some extra time off this month, I hope you’re enjoying every precious minute. With the weather improving it’s the perfect time to get your ‘hostess’ on, whether that involves whipping up a meal or enjoying a bottle al fresco with friends. Just don’t forget to build in a little ‘you-time’ too. Sit back for a minute and close your eyes in the sunshine, head out for a walk or fix yourself your favourite drink. Happy May everyone x

Share the moonboard…

Soaking up some much needed
Vitamin D…

Bluebells in May

There’s a Bluebell Wood near where I grew up in Sussex that I love to pop down to at this time of year to stroll through a sea of blue. It never fails to take my breath away.

My Bluebell in May…

…unsure whether she’s a lion or a unicorn!😻

And they call it puppy love…

Hazy moon sightings by the beach…springtime magic in the air…

“Stay Wild, Moon Child”

One of my friends forwarded me this anonymous artwork she found on Pinterest and I love both the image and the sentiment. I think it’s exactly how I feel about the kids…I never want them to change. As far as I can see the words have been taken from this beautiful poem by Riitta Klint.

📸 pinterest

Bluebells, Blossom & Bailey…

Beautiful B’s over the Bank Holidays…

Over the Rainbow

My sister sent me this astonishingly vibrant Sussex rainbow #no filter. Every so often, it occurs to me that Mother Nature sends us a little message to remind of her power and glory. Absolutely breathtaking!

Dolce far niente…the sweetness of doing nothing…

…Ain’t that the truth! I adored the sentiment behind this video when it popped up on my feed. Finding stillness and doing nothing can one of the hardest things to achieve in a busy world…but if you can, the benefits are huge.

Trying to be a Bank Holiday Hostess with the Mostess!

With all these Bank Holidays happening in May I’ve been honing my hosting skills. There is nothing I love more than seeing people I love around my kitchen table eating, drinking and chatting! This month I made @clodagh_mckennna’s Kedgeree recipe – find it in the WYLDE Kitchen. It’s simple to make and a complete crowd pleaser whether you’re having it for brunch, lunch or dinner! It may have been the first time I’ve made a Kedgeree but it definitely won’t be the last!

Finding our souls in the garden…

This was the second of two pictures from Pinterest my friend sent me and the sentiment just feels so WYLDE MOON. Our souls need nurturing, feeding and pruning, just like a garden and with our signature scent being called (borrowed from) The Wild…I just had to share.

📸 pinterest

I love Tulips 💐

I really love a tulip and I must have hit a dutch algorithm that’s bombarded my feed with the most incredible photos of tulip farms. Here are just a couple I loved, but the colours are just insane.

📸 @arden_nl

📸 @nick_skeyes

Our WYLDE MOON Timeline…

If you haven’t already why not take a trip down memory lane with us via our gorgeous timeline page? It’s been crazy looking back over everything that’s happened and seeing how much we have learned and grown. Long may our journey continue.

My Bank Holiday Cocktail Concoction!

Did you see my cocktail over on the @wyldemoon instagram account? Yes, I’m still talking about it – but it was sooo delicious and I honestly think it’s a thing!!! Why not give it a try and let me know what you think. Paddington Bear would approve that’s for sure!

Taking our (borrowed from) The Wild Collection to Brunch

It never ceases to amaze me how this scent brings the outside, in. Whether it comes from a candle on your table or as a perfume on your skin, this fragrance is a love note to nature untamed and is never far from my person. I know candles tend to be used to cosy up a room, but I love the effect of lighting a candle at home in summer. Warm, balmy weather seems to ripen the fragrance even further, as it permeates your home and lingers on the breeze.

Is it the King’s Road, London…or ‘coronation street’

I walked past this rather lovely display this month.

The Mum Ribbon Movement – @annamathur

This really touched my heart when I saw it going around on Instagram. No matter who you are or how confident you are, at times, being a mother can be the hardest job in the world. In moments when you might feel isolated or overwhelmed, attaching a ribbon to your bag, or seeing one on another mum’s bag says:

  • I am open to you offering me some kind words or support
  • I’m here if you need some kind words or support

What an amazing initiative!

Oh, Lovely @dawnrfrench…

Women supporting women is what we’re all about and when I saw this quote from the exquisite Dawn French, I had to share. She’s right..together we can get through anything!

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