WYLDE Moonboard April 2023

This time of year is all about blue skies and blossoms and this month I’ve been inspired to spring-clean the energy around me so I too can bloom alongside Mother Nature.

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My Beloved Crystal Bowls

I know sound baths aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok. I completely appreciate the scepticism as at first it can seem a bit odd, but playing the sound bowls is something I have completely fallen in love with. From the Sage smoke cleansing of the bowls to the inhalation of aromatherapy oils, the vibrations that ripple through your body as you absorb the sound, leave you feeling calm and renewed. It’s honestly a little slice of heaven and something I do when I have a ‘me’ moment. Have you been to a sound bath before or is it something you want to try?

The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer

Someone gave me this book to read last week saying I would love it and I can’t wait to get stuck into it during the school holidays. I know some of you recommended this for the WYLDE Library which is inspiring so many of my and your current reads. Keep your recommendations coming through here…they are such a joy to this little WYLDE Community of ours.


I am so proud of Tamzin Outhwaite for launching @wefreewomen, an organization that provides well-being retreats and experiences for deserving women who can’t afford to treat themselves. A huge advocate of mental health, natural therapies and carving out restorative space and time, @glamzin was inspired to give others the opportunity to reset and restore. After an overwhelming response to her social media posts, @glamzin put together a group of likeminded women who volunteered their time and services to launch the first fully funded retreat. This is an incredibly humbling example of women supporting women.

A friend said something similar to this to me this week and it made me feel all nostalgic.

Energetical Cleansing

The urge to spring clean is most definitely a thing, and whether you’re pulling out the kitchen cupboards or jet-washing the patio, there’s an innate need to prepare for a new chapter when the seasons change, that so reminds me of the nesting I did during all three of my pregnancies! Whilst physical cleaning is key, it’s also important for me to home spring clean the energy in the house. I like to burn Sage or Palo Santo to energetically cleanse the vibrations around me. Wave the smoke around the room and over your crystals to enhance the energy in the room.

The Beauty of a Woman

I love a vintage musing Instagram page and wanted to share these wise words to live by from the icon that was Audrey Hepburn – courtesy of @vintage.dreamings.

Have you tried a Tommy’s Margarita?

You’ve all had The Classic – but have you tried a Tommy’s Margarita yet?  It’s my favourite ever cocktail so, given how much you loved my Mother’s Day Gin Cocktail, I thought I’d share how I make it.  Originating from Tommy’s Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, it replaces the orange liqueur in a Classic Margarita with Agave Syrup to create the smoothest of tipples. Given that this natural sweetener comes from the same plant as Tequila, I think it’s a match made in heaven! Let me know if you agree. You’re welcome! 

Blue Skies & Blossoms

Whilst March was a miserable wash-out, dare I jinx it by saying April is looking promising! My phone is full of Cherry Blossom and Magnolia photos I’ve snapped whilst on a Bailey walk. Their beauty never fails to make me smile inside – particularly against a clear blue backdrop.

5-a-Day Beauty

My kitchen fruit bowl makes me feel happy and healthy just by looking at it! I actually bought this bowl back from a holiday and whilst Dan thought I was bonkers carrying it all the way home, there’s a not a day that goes past that it doesn’t make me smile – and hey if it makes me reach for an apple a day, it was worth it!

Pearlescent Skies

If you haven’t come across the @earthpix Instagram account before make sure you’ve got a few hours spare to lose yourself into it. It has some unbelievable footage. I can only dream that one day I’ll get to gaze up to a pearlescent sky full of Polar Stratospheric Clouds.

(borrowed from) The Wild…All Year Round…

One of my favourite things about our (borrowed from) The Wild scent is that it seems to suit every season. Its complex layering of fragrance notes means that different layers come to the fore at different times. It reminds me actually of when we launched our candles and diffusers at a lunch and had them burning all around the room, one of the industry experts said how rare it was to find a fragrance detract from the food, which was high praise indeed!

Spring-time Bailey

Someone’s feeling rather chuffed with the lighter evening walks, who could say no to that face?

Clodagh’s @Broadspear Eggs!

love eggs – scrambled, boiled or poached – they’re often my go to meal when I get back from work so when my dear friend @Clodagh_McKenna brought me in a dozen she’d collected that morning from her @broadspear hens, I was totally made up! I really couldn’t think of a more egg-ceptional gift (egg-cuse the pun!)

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