WYLDE Moonboard – Postcards from the Summer 2023

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We are only week in and the kids summer break already feels like a long time ago! But having a few hours again to myself in the afternoon, it’s lovely to look back and reminisce about the some of the lovely times we had. Here are my picture postcards from the summer.

Holly x

A Whistlestop Weekend in Tuscany

Our 16th wedding anniversary collided with Blur’s 35th anniversary reunion tour, and as life-long fans, Dan and I went to go and see them perform in Lucca, Tuscany. That area of Italy always holds a special place for us as it’s where Dan’s mum, Sandra, was from.

The day after the concert, we hopped on a train to Florence as I’ve never been before. I know everyone says the same thing but we were completely blown away by everything we saw. Michelangelo’s ‘Statue of David’ has an energy around it unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Frozen Cocktails

Frozen cocktails were my go-to this summer whether at home or abroad! There’s something about an adult Slush Puppy that make anywhere feel like summer. Here are some photos of the ones I made. The orange one is unmistakably a frozen Aperol Spritz – and if you want to see how I made the other one (my all-time favourite) you can watch my frozen Tommy’s Margarita video here.

Soaking Up Summer…Home & Away

Whether spending time at home or abroad, the most important thing is to spend it together as a family. Blue skies and sunshine are healing for body and soul, no matter where you’re looking up at them…and eating and drinking under them! My family time is always full of al fresco cooking, making the best of local produce – whether that be picking it ourselves or heading down to the coast to see what delicious treats the sea has to offer! We’re all seafood crazy in this family!

Summertime Bailey & Friends 🐕

Summer is always bursting at the seams with colour – from fruit & flowers, to architecture! How gorgeous are these blue ceramic tiles!

I couldn’t not pass on  a couple of recommendations myself – both BBC podcasts actually! I enjoyed 28ish Days Later & WITCH enormously! Let me know what you think if you get chance to listen.

Can anyone else see the goggly-eyed cat in the poached egg breakfast Harry made me?

I love this photo I sneakily took of my mum nattering away on the phone when we were  having a little ‘walk break’!

Summertime throwback to Kelly and I circa 1986! 👒👒

The Skies Above

I am literally obsessed with the sky…be it staring up at Mama Moon, Stargazing, Sunrises, Sunsets and Clouds! Mother Nature really blew us away this summer with her powerful displays of colour and grandeur. There’s something so mesmerising about looking up. Emma Lucy’s “signs from the universe” article tells us to keep our hearts and minds open…perhaps the skies are trying to tell us something…perhaps these dragon/phoenix/angel wing shaped clouds carry messages for those who take time to notice. There’s something really comforting about that. I believe…do you?

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