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Is there anywhere better to walk than England’s green and pleasant land?

Holly Willoughby's New Year's Resolution for 2022 written in a letter

Is there anywhere better to walk than England’s green and pleasant land?

…let’s carve out little moments for ourselves.

I just found this image on my phone of my nails a few moons ago…seems like the perfect time to revisit. ??

Emma Watson in British Vogue to mark two decades of Harry Potter… how is it 20years! Just adore the old school glamour of this image, taken by Mack Breeden.

In the spirit of taking time for yourself this year, yoga is the saviour for so many…one of the WM team is doing the 30-day MOVE journey on the ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ YouTube channel (it’s totally free) and is really enjoying and feeling the benefits.
Image: @liforme

Quite proud of myself!

Beautiful Bailey ?

Not forgetting Bluebell ?

We’ve got you covered for Valentine’s in the WYLDE Boutique, whether you are gifting to yourself or a loved one.. candles & jewellery always spark joy.

British Vogue celebrating the magic of this new generation of African Supermodels…just wow.
Image: @britishvogue

Anyone else obsessed with Zendaya? The new Superman movie is supposed to be amazing, so it excited to see it and swoon over Zendaya and Tom Holland
Image: @britishvogue

Ahhh, this photo, of makeup mess is probably my favourite image in the book! Taken by Jon Gorrigan when we shot images for ‘Reflections’…

Anyone who knows me well knows I love a mood board (hence the WYLDE MOONboard), I recently discovered an app called Unfold which has amazing design templates, making me feel like an art director.

@Seldasoulspace highlighted a Blessing that I just loved…

I release my partner

from the obligation to complete me.
I release my parents

from the feeling they failed with me.
I release my children

from the need to bring me pride,

so they can write their own paths

to the rhythm of their hearts.

I don’t lack anything.

I cherish my essence,

my way of expressing it,

even if not everyone can understand me.

I learn from all beings,

all the time.

I honor

the divinity

in me

and you.

Happy Birthday to our modern-day icon of beauty and grace, the Duchess of Cambridge.
Portraits by Paolo Roversi.

Some beautiful illustrations by Antonio Soares of pieces from our collaboration with Kirstie Le Marque jewellery… sparkles in nature, dreamy


A classic track to (as the lyrics say) scream from the top of your lungs. 4 Non Blondes ‘What’s Up’… I suggest you open the windows, let the cold air in & the hot air of 2021’s frustrations pour out.

Listen here…

We interviewed Dr Louise Newson on This Morning recently and the reaction we had was huge! The Balance Menopause app means that you can check symptoms and go to the doctor informed of what you need to ask for. It was such a great interview, I will see if we can ask Dr Newson to do a WYLDE Woman interview for us.

Another image from the shoot with Jon Gorrigan for my book, here I really wanted to try a shot with no makeup except a lick of mascara, bold lip & strong brow. The result was exactly that… I love!

Even the leaves are heart-shaped


I watched this film on a plane recently and absolutely loved it, Jennifer Hudson is just incredible playing Aretha Franklin and what a life story it is to tell… be prepared to cry, especially right at the end when the movie has finished and the performance of the real Aretha (at 73yrs old) singing ‘Natural Woman’ to honour President Obama plays… omg, wow, I howled ?

Watch here…

I talk about my ‘toolkit’ a lot in my book, and at the top of my list (as well as walking) is my daily meditation, I took a course with Will Williams, and if you are interested his book ‘The Effortless Mind’ is a great place to start.

I can sniff out a good apothecary within a 1mile radius! Rosemary oil is one of my favourite aromatherapy oils as it works on opening the throat chakra and helping me speak my truth with confidence.

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