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Crescent moon magic at Christmas…

My mum is Mrs Christmas – but my sister Kelly certainly gives her a run for her money in the Santa’s Grotto stakes! I’ve been slowly putting decorations up after work the last couple of weeks but I’m going for it this weekend!

Dolly Parton’s Smokey Mountain Christmas Carol A stage musical where Dolly does Christmas! I couldn’t think of anything more fabulous for a December treat with the girls! Who’s going?

I came across @donnaashworthwords and absolutely love her heartfelt, relatable writing. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to express our feelings, but somehow she manages to capture the emotions we feel so perfectly.

Donna’s also written WYLDE MOON a poem…thank you Donna…your beautiful words describe exactly how we feel about Mama Moon.


The moon has seen it all my friend
each journey from the start
she’s brightened every darkened night
and nourished weary heart

She’s honed the wind and water tides
and carried the sea to shore
she’s held the secrets of this life
yet still she searches more

Humans, we are made of moon
and moon is made of we
just compounds, cells and magic
shaped uniquely as can be.

Donna Ashworth 

Now here’s a little December ‘perfect just as you are’ inspiration from @isabelladavis6…before everyone starts dreading the January ‘new me, new body, new diet! Thanks Bella!

I don’t think anyone watches this without wanting to escape to Paris with a suitcase full of couture outfits and live chic! This show is so heart-warming, it will definitely be on my Christmas watch list this year!

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS The twinkling lights against the night sky really do bring the magic this time of year and light up my inner child.

‘Stealing the Moon’ @cris_froese_pics
I couldn’t not share this incredible series of lunar images from Polish photographer Cris Froese where he appears to bundle the moon into the back of his car and drive away with it. They’re just so cool.

Can you imagine anything more magical than this? A real-life fairy tale as Santa takes to the skies over Lake Geneva in Switzerland. This wonderful footage was taken from a Christmas market in Montreux. See ya…I’m off…with or without the kids!

I couldn’t let December go by without sharing this amazing version of ‘Fairytale of New York’ by the gorgeous Imelda May & Glen Hansard. Whilst it’s everyone’s favourite Christmas song, I love that Imelda’s replaced the lyric we all feel hideously uncomfortable with, with the word sausage! Oh to have been present to hear this version as it just looks like a great night! I actually want to record it so I can replace the original with this version because it’s so bloody brilliant…have a listen!

I love reading all of Jeremy & Ian’s messages. From thought-provoking to funny, heart-warming to tear-jerking, this little book is full of anecdotes from the board that stay with you all day.

The long-awaited Avatar sequel is out on 16th December. I can remember going to see the original at the cinema in 2009 and being utterly blown away by the special effects. Has it really been 13 years!

This sums up one of my favourite moments if the week…sitting down with a nice cuppa to write my weekly Monday night newsletter to you all.

I love this memory of a New Year’s Eve past. So much has happened and changed since that night. If only we knew then, what we know now. The time between Christmas and New Year is often my most reflective time – a mixture of gratitude and contemplation, but also hope and
positivity for all that is to come.

You know by now that I’m obsessed with a whodunnit crime caper and I’ve all but set a countdown for the Netflix release of The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. I absolutely loved the first film and I’ll be snuggled up on the sofa with a Bailey’s for this one for sure!

We are a family of Bugsy Malone fanatics and try and go whenever there’s a theatre production of it. This fabulous show is currently on a UK tour so try and catch it if you can. Set in the prohibition era, in New York, a city full of mobsters, show girls and dreamers, it’s a pleasure from start to finish!

Some sneaky behind the scenes shots from our latest WYLDE MOON shoot where I got to do Christmas in September for our (borrowed from) Christmas 1985 fragrance imagery!!! Heaven!

And not just Christmas…I got my disco on for a bit of new year’s sparkle…complete with glitter ball…accompanied, of course, by my handbag size (borrowed from) The Wild perfume…I never leave the house without it!

Thanks @discosallyvintage for reminding us of this superb image of Donna Summer on the moon!

The WYLDE Boutique is full of divine smelling goodies to fill your home this Christmas. I’m addicted to our (borrowed from) Christmas 1985 wax melts. They are the essence of Christmas past, wrapped up in a potent little crescent moon shape, with notes of orange, cinnamon, clove, jasmine and vanilla.

Naming our Christmas fragrance was the easiest one of all. I wanted to develop a scent that would immediately catapult me back to the Christmas’s of my childhood and (borrowed from) Christmas 1985 pretty much comes with its own soundtrack with Shaky at Christmas No.1!

CHRISTMAS THROWBACK This popped up on my feed this week. You forget how small they were don’t you? I can’t believe my Bailey has been with us over a year! Happy 2nd Christmas Bailey-Boo x

Oh no it isn’t…oh yes it is…and I’m there with jingle bells on! The great British family Panto is one of my favourite nights of the year and where we all get to be kids again. I’m off to the London Palladium this year of a bit of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ deliciousness. Which one are you off to?

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