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27 Aug, 2022 | Astrology

Words by Hagan Fox

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I’m very excited to be joining WYLDE MOON and looking at the skies the timing could not be better. A most beneficial New Moon in Leo enters all our lives on the 28th of July at 19.54, so I think it’s appropriate we start our journey together here.

Excuse the jargon but this New moon is trine Jupiter (a TRINE is ALWAYS positive.) It simply hollers new beginnings and is swathed in a good deal of good fortune. Uranus and Mercury will add a smidgen of anxiety but don’t let that stall proceedings. Let’s call it adrenaline instead and think positively.

A monthly reading should be for everyone and by focusing on Western and Chinese astrology I offer insight on two levels. Find your Western astrology sign here and your Chinese birth year and astrology sign here.

Each month I’ll write a piece highlighting which signs are ‘in play’ and as importantly which ones aren’t. When I say ‘in-play’ I mean when life and luck are on your side, you can play your trump cards. If your signs aren’t ‘in play’ don’t go making life-changing calls when you don’t have an ounce of good fortune on your side.

In the astrological universe the day you were born is effectively a celestial imprint, a unique personal document that signifies the start of the crazy ole journey called life! It is your personal journey, although part of the joy is that you share it with others. Everyone born on the same day as you, shares a remarkably similar blueprint in terms of time-lines and good fortune. Your characters too will possess many similar traits but they will manifest in wildly different ways according to backgrounds, cultures, upbringing, parents and siblings (good, bad, ‘normal’, wonderfully alternative or otherwise.) This is where the importance of you appreciating you as an individual is vital.

The monthly Chinese astrological cycle starts between the 4th and 8th of each month and is ruled by one of 12 animals. In August, the start date is 7th August. I’ve been an astrologer for 40 years and I know that for most people to read
‘Mercury is in the 2nd house opposite Jupiter in the 8th ’means nothing. It is just an astrological ego-trip. I’ll share my knowledge with you in a layman-like-fashion, so we can ALL enjoy the wondrous insights at our disposal.

I will tell you if luck is nestled in your back pocket this month, I’ll suggest you don’t dither. I’ll also tell you frankly if now is really not your moment. If both your signs are trending towards good fortune make the most of it but if one only one of them is ‘in play’ you need to bring balance and care into your decisions without missing out on the opportunities that will also be there for you.

So, whose luck is peaking right now?

Congratulations Capricorn’s, Pisces, Aries this is your moment, from today right the way through until September 22nd. The same is true if you were born in the year of the Snake, Dragon, Horse or Hare. You, my friends, are ‘in-play’ big time, through until September 7th. (If you hit a combination of the above sextet, get out there and let rip! Whatever you try and whatever you initiate just might come off because this is as lucky as this year gets!)

The first three weeks of August are also on the up for Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. As we reach the final days of August Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer hit the fast lane.

Looking at the Chinese signs (as well as the four already alluded to above) Goats and Pigs are in clover the first week of August.  From 7th Aug – September 7th Rats and Monkeys are in play. Warnings go out to Oxen, Tigers, Roosters and Dogs – this is not your month. You need to bide your time. But hey, don’t fret, Oxen, Roosters and Tigers should get ready for September and for you patient Dogs, October is your time, as the Dog rules October

Jennifer Lopez with a tight ponytail, square silver earrings and a red sparkling top

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The best is yet to come…

Each month I’ll be taking a look at a celebrity’s astro signs to see what is in store for them. Let’s start with the indominable J-Lo, born on 24th July 1969. She is a Leo Earth Rooster.

There are 720 different female character profiles in my system of combined eastern and western signs and the strongest, most resilient, powerful, forthright, determined, ambitious, driven and charming of all…is the Leo Earth Rooster. It’s no surprise J-Lo is one of these. Leo de mands recognition, success and money…the Rooster also insists on recognition for its endeavours and achievements. The Earth element of Chinese astrology gives Jennifer charm and charisma to boot.

Newlyweds J Lo and Ben Affleck…Compatible or Catastrophic?

Jennifer is a Leo Earth Rooster and Ben Affleck is a Leo Water Rat…

To give a little perspective to my system there are 1440 characters and over 2 million (2,072,600 to be precise) different one-to-one dynamics. In other words, somewhere in those 2 million plus people is your 100% compatible soulmate. It confirms what we know already…finding your soulmate can be one hell of a journey and many of us live with partners who may not be 100% perfect in every way but they still make us happy for a large part of the time.

In Chinese astrology you have to avoid your nemeses and that is precisely what Ben and Jen have done. Jen’s nemeses are the Hare and the Dog, and Ben needs to avoid the Horse and Goat. But as a couple they are still going to have to be careful. Their compatibility is still only 40% and that is the optimal amount of time they should spend together. If they start ‘hanging out’ too much, those two Leo egos will start to collide. Living-apart-together will be the key to their longevity. Now they are married, I don’t doubt they’ll live together if they haven’t been doing so already. But, that 40% compatibility rating is suggesting, most subtlety…’hey guys, hang onto your private gaffs too, you might just need the space on occasion!’

Who’s the boss? J-Lo by a monumental margin. However, Ben’s Leo Water Rat is an innate pacifist and easy-going, which is arguably the reason these two get along as well as they do. There can only ever be one boss in this relationship and I’d suggest Ben knows it!

Image @jlobeauty

J Lo and the Future…

In numerology 2022 is a year one for Jen and no. 1 represents New Beginnings. That means her recent engagement was bang on. But life is about to get even better. 2024 is set to be her potential blockbuster. It is a wondrous time for the Earth Rooster (Jen) she will also be in her personal numerical 3 year and the 3 year is the luckiest year by far. We all experience these lucky years according to our date of birth. Big things will happen for her. If she ends up as President of the United States come the end of 2024…don’t be entirely surprised!

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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