How to use numerology to discover your lucky number for 2024

19 Dec, 2023 | Notes from the Universe

Words by Hagan Fox

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We all want an idea of what’s coming next, so we asked Hagan Fox to explain how numbers can be the key to the universe and our futures. Hold on to your hats!

If you are yearning for a more personal prediction than horoscopes (which puts you into one of 12 star signs) numerology could be the answer.

Numerology is based on your unique date of birth –  the day, the month and the year. And, it is easy to understand.

Whether we like it or not maths ultimately makes everything work. From programmes on our phones to the science of the universe, the stars, the moon and life on earth.

King of astrology, Hagan Fox, puts numerical systems at the heart of all his predictions.

He explains, ‘The essence of mathematics is not to complicate the simple, but to simplify the complicated. Applying simplicity to everything allows us to saunter gracefully through life. The moment we over-complicate things, life often goes horribly awry.’

So, how do you know what YOUR personal number is?

We’ll use an example birthday of the 10th April 1983

First of all turn the month into a number

April is the 4th month

So we have 10/4/1983

Now we drop the year

So we now have 10/4

We now break this figure down to single digits:

1+0+4 = 5

So that birthday’s personal numerical number is 5

Numerological caveat: At all times in numerology every number greater than 9 needs to be broken down to a single digit, which can be done by adding the digits together.

Now, we need to establish what year this birthday will enter on Jan 1st 2024

Each and every numerical year runs from Jan 1st to December 31st

As always all numbers over 9 to be broken down to a single digit.

So 2+0+2+4 = 8

So, 2024 is an 8 year in numerology

Now to establish what year our birthday will enter on Jan 1st 2024

We add the birthday’s personal number (5) to the year (2024)  which is 8

5+8 = 13

Break 13 down to a single digit 

So 1+3 = 4

And there are your answers

So this personal number is a 4

We can only ever be in one of 9 numerical years and each year is ruled or overseen by a particular planet and this defines the kind of year that is upcoming for YOU personally. 

It is also possible to determine your luckiest month and day in every year. But let’s start your numerological journey with the Year…

1 year

This year is ruled by the Sun.

 It primarily represents new beginnings and You.

It represents the commencement of a cycle of life, a project, anything you wish it to be. If there is ever a year to start afresh, a 1 year is tailor made for it. 

It is a great year to start a business (albeit not with your money), get married or just plain initiate. Go initiate-crazy across the board, sow seeds maniacally, they won’t all flower but the ones that do, oooo they could be pretty sweet in the longer term. 

Is it a year to gamble or take risks and speculate ? Nope, absolutely not.

Is it a year to invest and consolidate? Absolutely, yes.

The point here is initiating something can be costly, but it needn’t be and it most certainly shouldn’t be in a 1 year. 

Be savvy, be strategic.

Being proactive pays off, just keep YOUR bucks in your back pocket. 

2 year

This year is ruled by the Moon.

The Moon suggests you nurture what is most precious to you and that is most certainly the case in a 2 year and you’ll be quietly rewarded for taking the time out to care for all that is important in your life. 

So, is 2 a straightforward year then?

Nah, not really,  the Moon can be illusory at times so trust is the key word in a 2 year. Who can you trust, who can’t you trust? This applies to all walks of life, all areas. You need to step back before making big calls, double check and clarify everything.

This really is a year of diplomacy and patience which will pay off in the long run, however frustrating it may feel or appear at the time. 

Luck is in short supply this year, so don’t make big decisions with a blase approach or with  little to zero prior research.Do that and you can expect your butt to be summarily spanked (fiscally speaking). 

Everything appears to go slowly in a 2 year. Life just seems to chug along at a snail’s pace so use the extra time for due diligence.

There are reasons why we enter particular years at certain periods of our lives.

If you enter a 2 year, it really is life saying slow down, step back, cogitate, open your frinkin’ eyes!

3 year

This year is ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter is the luckiest and most benefic,or favourable, of all planets. 

Does that then decree that a 3 year is the luckiest year of the 9 year cycle?

It sure as hell does. But, if when it comes around you decide to retire to a desert island for 12 months you’ve just made the worst decision of your entire lifetime. 

This is the year of opportunities, your luck is potentially loaded to the gills.

You should be attending every event you’re invited to, despite it appearing to be thumpingly dull, you’ll likely meet someone who might just change your life forever. 

Does it mean you can hit the casino on Jan 1st and just play? Nope!


Two reasons primarily:

1: In every year, including the luckiest year, there are lucky months and lucky days, and unlucky months and days.

2: Karma is an invisible, all-powerful force that is watching every last one of us and the principle of Karma is simple. Give more than you take. If you do, when you enter a 3 year, Karma will just smile and wish you well. If you take more than you give, even in your luckiest year, you’ll arguably find yourself slogging away as per the norm.

Karma is unforgiving but ultimately a force for good. You want Jupiter’s luck (and it only comes round once every 9 years)  so wake each day and think, ’what can I do for the universe today, before I focus on ME?’ There is nothing wrong with focussing on you. Simply change the order of play and watch Jupiter sway in your favour. 

4 year

This year is ruled by Uranus.

Uranus is a maverick, a changeable maverick. You’ll never really know where you stand in a 4 year. You’ll certainly not feel in any degree of control for large swathes of it. 

This year is not about planning or strategising because Uranus is sooo changeable. 

Keep an open mind, be flexible, have a ‘let’s see where this leads’ kind of approach. 

Uranus does love hard graft and definitely rewards it too. Renovation is encouraged, just don’t apply any timelines to the project, just go with the flow.

Uranus encourages innovation and all things technology, so if you are thinking of involving yourself in said areas, Uranus will duly assist. 

As with most mavericks, they care. Uranus which rules Aquarius (the natural humanitarians of astrology) means 4’s care deeply for the welfare of others, so anything to do with wellbeing and humanitarianism is also encouraged in a 4 year. 

If you work your cotton socks to the core, have an open mind, get innovative and develop a humanitarian spirit in a 4 year, it could be a complete game-changer.

Conversely, if you decide to invest in a cargo-sized shipment of doughnuts just for you, and a gazillion boxsets in a 4 year, then prepare for the worst.

5 year

This year is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is a benefic, or favourable, planet. 

Does that mean luck is onside, it’s karma dependent as always, but yup, a 5 year kinda rocks.

Mercury is all about communication so keep all avenues of communication open 24/7, listen to all proposals, even the implausibly insane ones and give them due consideration. 

Mercury is famous for going retrograde three times a year on average and so surprises aplenty are potentially lying in wait. As it is a benefic year per se, they shouldn’t be in any way devastating. But, you are ruled by Mercury this year, so best not to toy with the retrograde cycles, save your big decisions and potential upheaval for the non-retrograde periods of the year. 

Romance, particularly relationships related to intellectual connections, feature heavily this year. If you meet someone in a 5 year and ‘connect’, take note, they might just be your  soulmate and saviour! 

Whenever you enter a 5 year with a ‘me’ orientated approach to life, you’d do well to change the attitude.

You need to give of yourself, free up your knowledge, share, help and assist. Mercury encourages all forms of teaching and learning and if we can help others by utilising our hard earned knowledge, here is a year to get charitable. The 5 year rewards knowledge related philanthropy.

6 year

This year is ruled by Venus.

Venus is a benefic, or favourable, planet, it is also a money planet. 

Venus is quite the hunky dory planet, there ain’t nothin’ negative about Venus in all truthfulness. 

In our youth we have the highest hopes for everything that life has to offer, we fully expect everything to come together seamlessly. Shortly thereafter, we make a series of catastrophic, youth-fuelled decisions and realise life is not quite so easy.

That knuckle duster reality check takes a while to recover from, but then along comes a 6 year and you think…hmmm…maybe…

You know those unexpected years when everything comes together. It could be marriage, relationships, career, friendships or money. You could sit down at the end of year and go, ‘wow, loved that year!’

A 6 year does have the potential to fulfil many a dream, but, there is a big but. Boring it may be but if you are karmically in debt, as in, you are slavishly self-orientated, wholly unaware of anything or anyone other than yourself and clueless as to the impact you have on others and your immediate surroundings, a 6 year will pass you by and won’t even proffer a cursory glance. If however, you are one of life’s saints, a complete sweetheart who will do anything for anyone, well this is your kinda year. A 6 year rewards ‘good people’. It’s not too late to change our game, our entire mindset and the day prior to a 6 year would be one hell of a good  time to make the call. 

7 year

This year is ruled by Neptune.

Well, you cannot expect a year that follows the potentially joyous Venus year to be the proverbial stroll in,say, Central Park.

It isn’t. 

Neptune is illusion, make-believe, mystical, ethereal. This is the kind of year, when you awaken on Jan 1st in a 7 year and say to yourself,  “why am I here, who am I, what’s it all about?”

A 7 year really does encourage you to go within yourself, discover the true you, to wrestle the inner demons and to attain inner peace, tranquillity and equilibrium. And, it tends not to let go. 

Like I have already stated, we tend to enter years at a time in our lives relevant to the profferings of the planet that rules the year. 

Neptune, will ask you lots of questions, she’ll keep prodding, nudging and encouraging you to down tools, and ask you to ask yourself this very pertinent question, ‘do you truly love yourself?’ 

A 7 year comes along to prepare you for an 8 year which is ruled by Saturn, the one planet that can break the sturdiest set of steel balls with no more than an unwavering glance.

What 7 and Neptune are saying is: Are you strong enough to withstand anything that life can throw at you? If you are, that is great. You can cruise through a 7 year, explore all forms of relaxation and wellbeing. Neptune encourages spiritual awakenings. You can face down Saturn with strength and determination. If, however, your self-love is flagging wildly this is just the year you needed. On December 31st in a 7 year you need to be able look in the mirror and holler at the top of your voice ‘I LOVE ME AND ALL MY IMPERFECTIONS.  And then say, if you don’t, no problem because I’m at peace. thanks to Neptune and number 7.   

Crucially though you need to believe it. 

8 year

This year is ruled by Saturn.

Let us cut to the undeniable chase, Saturn is truly unforgiving. Is he a dictator? Yup. A control freak? Yup. Does he demand hard graft every day for 12 months? Yup.Is he the boss? Yup. A good boss? Nope. 

Ok, let’s word this another way, does Saturn reward anything or anyone? 



Who and what?

If you are honest, full of integrity, having worked your butt off for the previous 8 years and believe you get out of life what you put in, Saturn will supply you with a cosy blanket, a warm cup of milk, stroke your weary brow and say with absolute clarity, well done. Then he’ll say,now get back on it. If you have managed to  survive the slog of Saturn’s 8 year, you’ll be summarily rewarded. Usually this is money-wise.

Western, Chinese, Vedic Astrologers will tell you that Saturn represents Karma. A Saturn year is the payoff OR often the payback for dues not rendered. 

An 8 year is a personal lesson, it will highlight where you are coming up short and you’ll be expected to have addressed those shortcomings by the next time a Saturn 8 year comes back round. You better not let him down! 

The Chinese believe 8 to be the luckiest number. You want Saturn to be your best buddy, particularly in an 8 year, grind your knuckles elbow deep into the sodden earth and keep on smiling.

9 year

This year is ruled by Mars.

Mars is a straightforward, volatile character with oodles of energy at its disposal. So you have to utilise said energy to benefit from a 9 year. 

A 9 year represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Primarily though, it represents the end of a cycle, whatever that might be, relationships, work or friendships. The black and white nature of Mars tends to bring things to an abrupt conclusion on occasion but, in a 9 year it tends to be the right call.

Let’s be honest, it is no bad thing. The human nature to cling on till-death-us-do-part isn’t the greatest, or most endearing trait.

Mars and the 9 year is screaming at you to MOVE ON, cut your losses, say your piece and get outta wherever it is you find yourself. 

If you are proactive in a Mars driven 9 year, you’ll be rewarded, often fiscally, so it is by no means a bad year at all. If you get realistic, make decisions, stay energised and act decisively a 9 year can work quite gloriously in your favour. 

If however, you procrastinate, you’ll pay, across the board, often fiscally too. Faffing around, being indecisive, fretting, stressing out and doing precisely nothing will hurt you in a 9 year. You need to be strong, stoic, wholly decisive and don’t look back. Mars looks forth, what is done is done. ‘What’s next?’ is the Mars mindset.

Mars is a volatile planet and it’ll be easy to lose it in a 9 year. This will not be in your interests, utilise the Mars energy savvily and strategically. Ranting and raving at life’s injustices will leave you breathless, tired, knackered and frustrated as hell. 

A 9 year is really quite straightforward in terms of what is required.

Cut your losses, move on and NEVER look back. You’ll need to be strong but Mars rewards such a mindset.

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Hagan Fox

Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal – yet unique – system, which is designed to understand human dynamics. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences.


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