How to recognise ‘signs from the Universe’ that were meant for you

6 Jul, 2023 | Notes from the Universe

Words by Emma Lucy Knowles

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The universe, angels, spirit, Mother Earth, Gaia – however you refer to them, they’re always talking to us. We do tend to assume that we’re going to receive their messages as loud and clear as if they’d come through via Whatsapp, only to feel downhearted and disconnected when we don’t. But honestly, how dull would it be if everything was that mapped out and obvious. If our individual journeys were completely set in stone, we’d all just race to the finish line, instead of taking the time to explore with child-like wonder and awe. Life is about turning every stone and delving deep into the magic, rather than tentatively dipping your toes into the safety of the known, of the shallows.

The truth is, they are always talking. They use a language akin to us all, it’s just that we’ve forgotten or perhaps unlearnt how to tune into the frequency of their radio station and download what they are trying to tell or show us. The great news is that it only takes a little patience and practice to tune back in and dial the volume up! In this age of social interaction, we seek and receive constant feedback from the world around us – and our heaven-sent team are no different! The messages might not be as obvious the ones coming in via your mobile, but they’re much more fun! It’s not just one-way communication either; it functions like a two-way radio. All we have to do is work on our connection and intuition by setting signs to unravel the mysteries of life – just like an MI5 agent leaves, receives and patiently solves clues to reach their conclusion.

So how do I know when I am being sent a sign? And how do I trust it?

When we communicate, we use the language of our origin. Just as where we are born governs our mother tongue, the universe spirit uses all earthly language to work hand in hand with Mother Earth, her energies, all her inhabitants and their creations – man, mammal, bird, even technology, and everything between – to align your messages as divine, heaven sent love notes to the soul.

These signs are a kind of spiritual satnav to keep us on track as we travel along the motorway of life. Think of them as little indicators that show us when to continue, when to turn and even when to turn back and recalibrate. To hear and see this guidance before the ego dismisses it, we need to turn up the spiritual volume and to trust. We need learn to how to trust that feeling we get in our gut; that sugar rush in your heart when something catches the eye more than once – something that’s just for us to notice – and accept it as our own personal sign.

“when we see something that sparks in our gut, we need to lean in”

When they are first trying to garner our attention, it comes in the form of repetition. It could be sign from an animal that touches your heart like a recurring robin that appears on the window sill. Lately, for me, just as news of my new book is coming, it has been repetitious letters on car number plates.

Sometimes the repetition can feel like a giant bat signal recurring in the most unexplainable spaces; like the numbers on the clock on your phone catching your eye in double digits every time you glance at it…11:11, 22:22 anyone? If this kind of repetitive were a text message delivered to your phone it would be saying ‘THIS RIGHT HERE…IT’S US…WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU…WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM US.’ But being human, instead of gathering the data, we tend to pull it apart before it has chance to expand and show us the full picture. 

Instead of mentally tracking from that’s cool to how strange, when we see something that sparks in our gut, we need to lean in and consider what it’s trying to tell us. There are ways to sharpen up and open our minds to finding answers and that’s what we’re going to set about doing here at WYLDE MOON.

This month we have 3 steps of preparation:

Step 1; Open your mind

First, we have to awaken our innate radar, our spirit guage – purely through intention – by setting the focus of our mind to ‘go’ or ‘ready to receive…over’. I invite you to gather the signs you are already seeing from the time of reading this article until I bring you part two of this column.

Daily Mantra

To help direct your focus and assist with the gathering process, try adding this mantra to your morning routine. As you open your eyes, state:

“Today I align myself to see, all that spirit is communicating to me.”

Step 2; Write everything down

Next, make a note of each sign (including the time and date) – either on your phone or in your journal. No matter how slight or weird the sign feels, don’t let the ego dismiss it and ignore it. Your gut drew you to notice it, and it’s asking you to take note.

Nightly mantra

At nighttime, when you ready for deep rest, send gratitude to up the amplification if what you seek into the days ahead. As you close your eyes, state:

“I am in constant appreciation of the ways in which life and spirit are communicating with me, and I see and hear it more clearly each and every day.”

Step 3; Ask yourself what you need guidance with right now?

Lastly, take the time to fine tune any questions you would like to send out to spirit for you to receive signs that show that you are on the right track. Anything goes, but if you can, try to keep your asks to no more than 3 for now. Take your time, patience is always key in strengthening the connective muscles.

Whilst tuning into your ask you can use a mantra to direct your hearts desire and invoke confidence in what you are asking – tuning into our inner leader, our inner knowing, our inner guru. State out loud and write three times above your list:

“I trust, I know, I feel in what to ask – releasing guilt, releasing fear, allowing my hearts desires to become clear.”

Enjoy this practice and chew on it, for next month, I will be delving into how to open your side of the 2-way radio channel, so that you can communicate any queries you have about the signs you see. I will bring you a guided session to develop a traffic light system to help you understand if these repetitious signs you are receiving are telling you to start, stop, pause or more. It is possible to work with spirit to AGREE a signal that will always help you find direction in the questions or challenges at heart.

So, go and play. You will see that just by reading this, you are starting to align to your channel. Enjoy the gathering for now it. It truly is the most brilliant of processes when you flow with it, rather than stunting it with a need for immediate understanding. 

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