Leap years and numerology: 29th February’s powerful energy explained

8 Feb, 2024 | Notes from the Universe

Words by Katy Moon

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We only get a Leap Day every four years, and with one on its way, writer Katy Moon delves into how to make the most of it by calling on numerology.

Curious, quirky and rare, the concept of Leap Days can’t help but capture the imagination – and we will welcome one on 29th February 2024. Due to their scarcity some say this extra day in the calendar is a time to take chances and be bold, others might just see it as another date on the calendar.

The reason there are 366 days in a leap year, rather than the standard 365 is essential to keep us aligned with the seasons. This calendar construct was introduced due to the fact the Earth does not precisely orbit the Sun in 365 days, so all those spare moments are gathered into an extra day.

While leap days have mathematical rather than mystical roots, here at WYLDE MOON, we believe there’s something magical about having an extra day in the year, it’s a time to step out of the ordinary.

If we look to numerology we can gain greater insight on the elusive 29th February. In a nutshell, numerology is the study of how numbers can have a mystical significance in your life and can be used as a tool for self-help.

Leap Day Message

Here astrologer and numerology expert Francesca Oddie sheds some light on the vibration of 29th February and how we can work with its energy.

‘The 29th of February is rare – and we love rare things,’ she says. ‘While every single day has mystical properties, our daily numerological fluxes are something to know about and tune into.

“The number 29 has a mystical quality because it contains the master number 11 (2+9= 11), one that encourages us to connect with Spirit – but also to other people. Instead of keeping what you want to manifest to yourself, do something out of the box, talk to someone about it and see how you can work together. In the same way that by tradition women propose to men on Leap Day, why not do it every day? It’s about putting your money where your mouth is.’

“Our daily numerological fluxes are something to know about and tune into”

According to numerology, universal vibrations change every 24 hours, therefore each day has its own unique influence.

To calculate a universal day, add up all the digits that make up the date and continue reducing until you get a single digit. So for February 29th 2024 (2+2+9+2+2+4 = 21… 2+1 =3)

‘The 29th of February will be a universal day 3, a day for communicating and expressing ourselves,’ says Francesca. We are in Pisces season so we can be in a dreamscape, therefore if you speak to someone else and verbalise your intuition it will be more empowering. It’s also worth mentioning that 3 is the magic number, a day for joy, socialising and doing deals.’

A Leap Day Ritual for Inspired Action

The 2024 Leap Day moon is in waning gibbous phase, so it’s a good time to revisit goals – and work with the universal number 3.

Step one

Safely light a white candle and place three crystals of your choice around it to represent the universal day 3. Close your eyes and set the intention to connect with your intuition.

Step two

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • What do I need to do today to help me move towards my goal?
  • How can I express myself clearly?
  • Who should I collaborate with?
  • Write down whatever springs to mind without overthinking it.

Step three

Read back your notes and take action on the inner wisdom you’ve received. Blow out the candle and express thanks. Pop the three crystals in your pocket and touch them often to spur you on.

Be bold on Leap Day

This writer will always regard Leap Day as being magical and a time to be bold. On 29th February 2020, I proposed to my now husband at a local comedy club night – with the help of a drag queen compere.

Leap Day felt special due to its rareness and that it’s usually a blank space, plus it fell on a Saturday and just felt right. My husband thought it was brilliant and we had such a lot of love from everyone at the club.

The following month, the world went into lockdown and I treasured the memory of the proposal night. The experience taught me to take those chances.

Did you know?

According to Irish folklore, St. Brigid asked St. Patrick to grant permission for women to propose to their loved one on Leap Day. If the man says no, it’s tradition to give her a gift. While women are free to propose to their partners at any time of the year, this was not the case in 5th century Ireland.

Do you know a leap day baby?   

There are estimated to be 5 million people born on the 29th February, Leap Day babies are nicknamed ‘leapers’ or’ leaplings’ or ‘leapsters’.

‘Those born on 29th February are said to have a quality of mystic within them, are naturally kind,’ says Francesca. ‘They have a compassionate and intuitive approach to life containing both qualities of both the personable and responsive number 2 and the wise and knowing number 9. The number 29 is an 11 that finds the divine via their interactions with others.’

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