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2 Mar, 2023 | Notes from the Universe

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Words by WYLDE MOON staff writer

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A row of matches on fire to symbolise burnout

Can you really think something and make it happen? WYLDE MOON explores the power of your mind.

“You manifest from your subconscious beliefs about what you deserve. This means that you can only manifest what you truly believe you are worth of attracting into your life,” so says Roxie Nafousi, often described as the Queen of Manifesting.

She is not the only believer – celebrities like Oprah, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are said to have used the tool to help them achieve their goals.

In some circles, the word ‘manifesting’ sends eyes rolling, due to the belief it’s a completely woo-woo practice. However, manifesting is more logical than you might think!

Put simply, manifesting is turning an idea into your reality – through thoughts, words, actions and belief! The biggest misconception is the assumption that manifesting involves you wishing you had something only for it to materialise as if by magic. There is a middle step which involves hard work before ideas become reality. It is a journey towards achieving goals in your life through changing your mindset and approach – it is not about changing other people or stuff that has happened in the past.

People manifest in many different ways. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, here are the basic steps to get started…


Step 1: Be crystal clear about what you want

You can’t reach a destination without knowing where it is you want to end up, and this is a metaphor for life. You need to be clear about what you want. So clear that if you close your eyes, you can picture it. What does ultimate happiness, confidence and success look and feel like for you?

Step 2: Create a vision board

This doesn’t have to be a physical scrapbook. You can create a vision board using platforms like Pinterest or Word, taking inspiration from wherever you find it. 

Think of your empty board as a blank slate for where you find yourself in life right now. It can be helpful to add a timeline at this point – say splitting it out into what you want in the next 6 months, the next year, in 5 years’ time etc. Then fill those segments with images, feelings, figures, quotes that best represent the vision of what you want to achieve.

A row of matches on fire to symbolise burnout

Step 3: Adjust your mindset

This step is perhaps the most challenging. We Brits tend to be on the self-deprecating side. We’re not known for patting ourselves on the back, let alone believing we’re worthy of such praise, and this negative mindset can hold us back. By feeding your subconscious with negativity, the energy you project can be negative. You have to learn to have confidence in yourself. Even if that self-belief is a bit ‘fake it ‘til you make it. Your brain will eventually accept it as fact and start putting out positive energy.

Next time you have a negative thought, imagine a red traffic light and stop that thought. When the light turns amber, think of a positive alternative. When the light turns green, set that new positive thought loose. Let it run through your mind, say it out loud, and live it as your reality. You’ll be amazed at how much can shift from a simple change in perspective.

Remember – this isn’t easy. It will take time to alter a life-time of negative belief. You may find yourself creeping back to old habits of thinking ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’ll never get that’ but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Just hit pause, pick yourself back up and get back on that positive track. Try it for at least a week and see if that alone helps you see if you have a more positive outlook.

Changing the way we think can also stem from the language we use with others and ourselves. Turn sentiments like “I can’t…” or “I won’t be able to…” into “when I…” and “I’ll do my best to…”. Change the phrase “if I…” to “when I…” and give yourself compliments and accept them!

Step 4: Practice gratitude

This step is so important – although not always easy. Gratitude is extremely powerful. Switching your mindset from “I have to” to “I get to” can reshape the way you look at things, and can flood your brain with uplifting, positive energy to channel into your life.

Simply put, we attract what we feel. True gratitude can instantly make your life feel fuller. Try thinking of three things you are grateful for today, and see whether it instantly lifts your mood. It’s important to make your brain seek and highlight the positive things in life, rather than the negatives. Dreaming of more in life isn’t a negative. Not stopping to appreciate where you are and what you have, is. The sweet spot in life exists between appreciation and desire. Even if you think manifesting is complete poppycock, practicing gratitude daily can help increase your happiness.

A row of matches on fire to symbolise burnout

Step 5: Live your life

Change your behaviour to reflect what you want. Adjust your thoughts and feelings (putting in that work) and you will start to see changes occur. Some fast, some slow, but all for the better, and that’s all manifesting is. It’s about changing your mindset to better your life.

If you give this a go, let us know what you think. We can’t guarantee that you’ll win the lottery by the end of the week but by bringing more positivity into your mindset, you may start to see your life in a whole new light. What have you got to lose?

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