How to use crystals to manifest your dreams

19 Aug, 2022 | WYLDE Crystals

Words by Emma Lucy Knowles

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Can you really think something and make it happen?

Spiritual and energy expert, Emma Lucy Knowles, believes you can. She tells us how.

Can you really achieve your career and life goals simply by focusing your thoughts on them? Surely it is too good to be true.

While a lot of the dark and unpleasant stuff happening in the world obviously cannot be transformed by wishful thinking, can having a positive mindset help you make key changes to how you live your life? Oprah, Arianna Grande and Lady Gaga are said to be fans of the increasingly popular practice of manifestation.  Some call it the laws of attraction.

So how do you start trying to turn thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into reality?

WYLDE MOON asked expert Emma Lucy Knowles for four mantras to help start us on our way.

Emma Lucy Knowles explains:

“We’re definitely talking or hearing a lot about manifestation at the moment. Energy is everything. When your energy is aligned, you feel full of life and grounded in the body. You become a magnet. When the body and the emotions are out of alignment, your energy feels off-centre and its hard to believe that you can actually have what you desire.

“So, we need to get you centered with who you really are, and kick out all that you are not, ready to receive all that you have been working so hard to manifest.

“Ive suggested some crystals, but please always use what feels right to you.”

The Plan

1. Have a read of the mantras below and ask yourself which one resonates with you right now.

2. You can make a beautiful ritual from this; cleanse your crystals; light a candle, play music that allows you to relax; sit or lie with your pieces in your hand and with intention, move the mantra into the crystal by reciting it as often as allows you to tune out and in…and let the vibe work for you.

3. OR if you want to grab and go, recite the mantra as you plant your crystal in your pocket or tuck it into your bra – so that the vibration clears you as you move through your day.

4. Most importantly, take the time to write down what you feel, hear, see and feel. These notes will give you the clues you need for your manifestations to bloom.

  To rediscover yourself


“I shine light on that which I have already planted, that I now need to rediscover and let shine.”

Repeat the mantra three times out loud, in your mind or write it down three times to ignite the motion.

Crystal Suggestions

Clear Quartz

Crazy Lace Agate


  To start something new


“I am ready to see what to plant, to create the life that’s right for me.”

Repeat the mantra three times out loud, in your mind, or write it down three times to ignite the motion.

Crystal Suggestions




  To let go of the old


“Strip it back, make it so, what is over shadowed, let it now grow.”

Repeat the mantra three times out loud, in your mind, or write it down three times to ignite the motion.

Crystal Suggestions



  To Flourish and Bloom


“Energy clear, ready to go – I let what’s ready to bloom go, go, go.”

Repeat the mantra three times out loud, in your mind, or write it down three times to ignite the motion.

Crystal Suggestions



Rose Quartz

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Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach

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