How to manifest positivity and determination

20 Oct, 2022 | Mind, WYLDE Crystals

Words by Emma Lucy Knowles

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Looking to boost your sense of wellbeing and strength?

Try these techniques from our crystal expert Emma Lucy.

This time of year, when the rain is pouring or the sun is hiding, can have a negative effect on our mood. Knowing how to use Mother Nature’s gems – crystals – to boost your inner energy can really change how you approach the darker days of autumn. So how do we do that?

1. Crystal Bathing

Rain and water are refreshing. Just as they cleanse and refresh the earth, they can do the same for us. Using crystals with water is in short, powerful. Water amplifies the vibrational healing energy of crystals. I suggest using raw Rose Quartz, Amethyst (a cluster or whatever you have to hand) and Yellow Calcite in a purifying salt bath (Epsom or Himalayan salts.) Choose whatever water temperature feels good to you. The Rose Quartz will soothe the body, the Amethyst opens the mind to the upbeat and the Yellow Calcite adds light to your inner flame.

By sinking yourself into these energies – allow yourself a good 20 minutes in this mix – you will feel the difference. If full body bathing isn’t for you, a foot bath with the same mix will do the trick, as our feet map the whole body. Use this same power crystal set of three in your days ahead. Carry or sleep with them under your pillow as the ignition key to your energy. You can dive back into the bath for a reset, or whenever the mind is feeling heavy.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystals

2. Mantra Moments

Positive thoughts, like a powerful song, can lift our moods. There is strength in your chosen words. So, I have selected some magical mantras to help keep your mind up, your thoughts focused and your heart in alignment with the beauty of you and the world around you. Obviously, there are things that happen that we have no control over, but these can help you manage your dark times and thoughts.

  • I cleanse my mind, I keep it healthy.
  • It is powerful to be me.
  • I run my mind, my mind does not run me.
  • I am and I can.
  • I create all that I see and know I can create what’s best for me.
  • I am divine light, divine power and I allow that to shine.
  • I am exactly as and where I need to be.

So how do we use them? I would always say we recite a mantra a minimum of three times. Tune into which is calling you – read each one aloud and listen to which resonates most easily, which feels empowering as it falls off the tongue.

I don’t believe you can over use a mantra. When a grey thought or a blue mood comes along, bring the mantra in, recite it and bring the attention and awareness to the body. Go back to your centre, your stabilising self at any moment, in any situation of the day. Let the words re-focus your vibration, putting you in your driving seat, rather than allowing the mind to take you on a false journey.

3. Candle Gazing

Sometimes we just need a break. Please remember that it is so important to fix times to do nothing. Don’t feel guilty about reading a book, watching a film, having a massage, treating yourself or ordering a takeaway. You know how to treat yourself best. If you have forgotten how to, then try candle gazing.

Light your candle. Sit with it before you, in a position that is comfortable to look at. Take into account your neck, for example. If you are sat on the floor and you place it before you, does it feel good? Do you need to place it on a table and sit on a chair. Comfort is key!

Set a timer for a minimum of 5 minutes. This may feel an eternity at the start but within a few goes you’ll be playing with adding more time.

Come to the breath and take three cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then effortlessly look at the candle flame. Watch its movement, sink in to its dance, how it flickers, how it expands, how it shrinks – watch it and move with it.

When the mind chatters, be mindful not to kick yourself. Gently say to yourself ‘I return all focus to the power of the flame’.

When the timer rings, take a long breath in – say out loud or in your mind ‘I’ve allowed the flame to clear my mind and now it shows me the way’.

Listen to your body. Does it want to sit longer? Trust yourself – you have more than got this.

When you practice any of these techniques tell your family or flat-mates that you are taking time out so nothing inadvertently interrupts your flow. Set your phone to silent to take space from the world.

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Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach

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