This numerology trick forecasts your personal energy for your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond

28 Jun, 2024 | Notes from the Universe

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…plus, if you want to get really specific, you can forecast what’s to come for each individual year…

As we know, Numerology can provide us with much more personal and specific predictions than horoscopes can. As numerology often uses the numbers from your exact date and year of birth, its forecasts can be a lot more localised and focused.

With this in mind, we spoke to numerology expert Inbaal Honigman about using numerology to forecast the energy that’s set to come into our lives during our ‘gateway ages’ – our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

Inbaal is an expert in numerology, tarot, palm readings, crystals, manifestation and witchcraft, and has been working as a full time Tarot reader and teacher for over 23 years. She told us that “numerology is a system rooted in flow – and flow is at the heart of everything that happens in life. Just like night follows day, Capricorn follows Sagittarius, two follows one. Numerology is a consistent system which works on many levels.”

Why should we trust what Numerology tells us?

“Parts of astrology are based on numerology,” says Inbaal, “so even if the numbers seem very basic and dull, they’re the base ingredients that drive all other esoteric systems forward.“If your yearly number for 2023 is 5, next year’s number will be 6 – the numbers illustrate a logical, gentle journey of learning and understanding.” (If you haven’t calculated your lucky number using numerology, the formula for that is over here).

How do I forecast the energy heading my way?

First, determine which ‘gateway age’ you’d like to forecast for. If it’s your 40s, write out the numerical dates of your 40th birthday. If you were born on the 17th of January 1985, for example, you’d write 17/1/2025.

Add these numbers together, so for the example, we’d add 1 + 7 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 5.

This = 18. Add those two numbers together so you get a singular number, so 1 + 8 = 9.

There you have it, the number 9 is representative of the energy coming your way in your 40s.

How do I channel this energy presented to me for my gateway ages?

Each number represents something different, and Inbaal tells us that the meanings are as follows:

1 = new beginnings

If you were presented with the number 1 for your 40s, for example, you could expect things to change in your life. A new home, a new career, a change in your fitness routine. When no changes are coming, this is a fabulous opportunity to be proactive – it’s your lucky year for changes, so make a decision and start a new routine, or resolve to make a big change.

2 = couples

If you were presented with the number 2 for your 30s, for example, you could expect your romantic life to come to the fore. Prioritise your love life and let your relationship take centre stage. Single? Promise yourself to try and find someone. With the luck of the number 2 on your side, it would be easier than ever.

3 = creativity

If you get the number 3 for your 20s, for example, you could anticipate some creative moments to appear. Redecorating your house, or even designing a new one from scratch. Bring creativity in on purpose, by taking an art class or picking up an instrument.

4 = stability

If you get the number 4 for your 50s, for example, you can count on that decade to set you up for security. Whether it’s a big promotion or a lottery win, your 4 decade is the one that establishes you financially. If you feel that you need to give luck a helping hand, favour bricks and mortar as your preferred investment.

5 = communication

If you receive the number 5 for your teens, for example, then this is the decade which will teach you to verbalise your needs, desires and fears. Speaking your truth is a learned skill, and your 5 year is when you learn. If it’s still a struggle, activate your communication skills by joining a choir.

6 = protectiveness

If you get the number 6 for your 40s, for example, this makes it the decade when you establish a savings plan, a will or a legal protection for your family. Opportunities will come to you, but you should also seek them out – is there a plan that makes sense for you and the family?

7 = spirituality

If you get the number 7 for your 30s, for example, you know that this is the right time for you to jump feet first into the esoteric world or even within mainstream religions. You’ll experience an openness and an understanding of the divine, and can book yourself on retreats or courses to explore spirituality further.

8 = power

If you were presented with the number 8 for your 70s for example, then you can be certain that this is the decade which will make you feel secure. You’re able to live comfortably on what you have, and even help others. It’s a time for investing in the future, creating opportunities for the younger members of the family, and starting to share in your good living.

9 = wisdom

If you were presented with the number 9 for your 50s, for example, then you know that now, finally people are listening. In your 9 decade, you’ll want to share from your experience and a lifetime of lessons learned, and others will want to listen to your tales and gain knowledge and wisdom from them.

Is there anything we can do to manifest other energies? Ten years of one energy seems like a long time…

“Each 10 year cycle will have a year of each number, so progress is made inside each decade.

For example when you’re 20, the energy of the year is 2, but when you’re 21, the number is 2+1=3, then at 22, 2+2=4, until we get to 29 which is 2+9=11 1+1=2, so the final year of your 20s is a 2 again, leading to 30, which has the energy of 3,” explains Inbaal.

“So at age 42 for example, the decade is a 4, stability, so your forties are for working hard. But the year itself is 4+2=6, and 6 is about taking care of others, so 6 inside the decade of 4 is taking care of others so that they may also feel stable.”

What if I’m not currently feeling the energy numerology has shown me my current life stage is all about? How can I harness it?

“If you’re not feeling the energy shown to you by numerology, you may be out of alignment,” says Inbaal. “You may be stuck in the past, or projecting yourself too far into the future. First, diagnose what’s wrong – match the energy you feel to the year in the past when it was appropriate.

“For example, if you’re experiencing a lot of work upheaval, which would be a 4 , but you’re actually in a 6 year, think back to two years ago, and what unresolved issues are still impacting you from then.

“Once you’ve diagnosed the problem – take constructive action. If this is a 6 year, you are meant to care for others, so be intentional – volunteer at an animal sanctuary, support a food bank or donate to charity. If this is a 2 year and you can sense that you’re not in the right relationship, go find one on purpose and honour the decade of couples in your life.”

If you’d like more personalised readings, you can get in touch with Inbaal on her website or via her Instagram account.

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