Alison Hammond explains the importance of an education in Black history

14 Oct, 2022 | WYLDE Women

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Alison Hammond – Image; © Nicky Johnston

To mark Black History Month we asked the fabulous Alison Hammond about the inspiration behind her children’s book, ‘Black in Time: the most awesome black Britons from yesterday to today!’

The importance of education about black history is a subject Alison spoke to Holly about earlier in the year on our By the Light of the Moon podcast whilst she was doing her book research.

She said “Wouldn’t it have been nice to have all these black heroes in a book, all these lovely black historical characters from the past?” “I would have loved to have had a book like this as a kid.” She admitted it would have given her more confidence and laughed saying: “It would have changed everything. I would probably have been Prime Minister!”

In the introduction to the book, Alison explains: “Following the tragic death of George Floyd in 2000, suddenly conversations about racism were happening more openly and honestly than before with people wanting to see real change. Personally, I found myself deeply affected, and the terrible things that were happening made me think about my own son and my own family.”

“Then, my thoughts turned towards education and history and who I’d learned about at school. Who were the positive Black role models I could look up to? I knew some names but the people who came to mind were American, Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. Did I know much about our own Black history right here in Britain?”

Some of the Heroes included in “Black in Time“.

“If you only learn about a few individuals then you can’t really understand or appreciate how Black people fit into the story of Britain as a whole. If we only focus on the same people it‘s difficult to recognise Black people as a part of something bigger and it makes it hard to understand how much they contributed to our British society as a whole – which is a lot!” “Although you might not have heard of the people I am going to tell you about they should be really famous because they have done amazing things.” We love everything about this book – and everything about Alison Hammond!

Thank you, Alison, for talking with us.

You can get your copy of ‘Black in Time’ here.

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