5 great tips for sustainable fashion

29 Aug, 2022 | WYLDE Style Fashion

Words by Danielle Whiteman

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It can be hard to know where to start when you want to be fashion-conscious but are aware of the consequences of fast fashion.

Holly’s stylist, Danielle Whiteman, tries to introduce as many sustainable outfits into Holly’s This Morning wardrobe as possible.

Obviously the most sustainable wardrobe is the one we all already own, which sometimes just needs a little refresh with new accessories. But more and more fashion labels have become ethically conscious of overproduction and use recyclable fabrics and dead stocks of vintage fabrics. Here are some of Danielle’s recommendations.

Rave Review does a great job of repurposing old fabrics. Its a premium brand, but with a great message (as seen on Holly) and innovatively transforms home textiles into desirable garments – with all pieces being made in Europe.

A key phrase when talking sustainable fashion is ‘Buy less, buy better‘ – meaning investing in key pieces that you will wear again and again; or pieces made from better quality of fabrics and classic cuts which can be worn again and again. The Colourful Standard have a collection of basics made from sustainable fabrics, using environmentally-friendly dye; employing ethical labour practices, recycled packaging and most importantly with zero-waste. I love this Classic Organic Crew in Polar Blue, £60.

The Colourful Standard Classic Organic Crew in Polar Blue

Look out for shops introducing in-store initiatives to help with recycling old clothing. & Other Stories is one brand which not only stocks sustainable fashion, but also has a great initiative where you can fill a bag with pre-loved garments and textiles, bring in and receive a 10% voucher to spend in-store. What a great way to gain a reward whilst doing something great for the planet! & Other Stories have a great organic denim range, cut similar to a vintage Levi mid-rise straight-leg jean, in a good heavy denim textile. I love this Favourite Cut, Organic Cotton, Mid Blue Jean, £75.

& Other Stories Favourite Cut, Organic Cotton, Mid Blue Jean

The High Street are also championing the sustainable fashion movement with Nobodys Child knocking it out of the park! This brand makes a recurring appearance in Hollys wardrobe, sticking to classic shapes they update every season using pattern and colours. Holly loved this Esme Midi Dress, £49. Throughout 2021, Nobodys Childs mission was to become a more responsible brand and now, 90% of the collection is made from certified sustainable materials. It also partnered with Canopy on the PACK4Good initiative, with FSC certified tags and all packaging made from 100% recycled plastic.

Nobody's Child Red and White Checked Esme Midi Dress

With wedding season showing no sign of ending put an end to splurging on that outfit youre invariably only going to wear once, and rent one! Repeat this for every event in your social calendar, and the savings will soon start to mount up! Rental fashion is becoming the go to for all your occasion needs. They not only supply the frock, but you can also rent the heels and bag to match, for a fraction of the purchase price. One place I often frequent for both Holly and myself is hurr.com, with a collection of not only designer, but also High Street items. Its a great way to have some fun with your wardrobe thats kind to your wallet and the environment!

Happy renting!

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