5 step New Moon ritual 

10 Dec, 2023 | The Moon

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Words by WYLDE MOON staff writer

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Here’s how to make the most of the upcoming New Moon.

Want to  make the most of the New Moon when it graces us with its presence? This five-step New Moon Ritual is just the thing.

Every month we are gifted a new start by the Moon. The arrival of the New Moon brings in a fresh wave of energy, creating a moment to reset and embark on a new journey. It’s a time to contemplate the previous cycle, release what no longer benefits us, engage in a thorough cleansing of our being and set intentions for the new lunar cycle.

1. Set your intentions

Manifestation is at the heart of every New Moon so take the time to set your intentions, however big or small, to begin your New Moon Ritual. Make sure you are very specific about what you want to achieve or bring into your life, by giving as much detail as you can. This way, you are sure to make it clear to both yourself and the universe what you are after, and stay focused throughout the next lunar cycle. A great way to do this is to write your intentions down… even better if it’s somewhere you will see them every day!

2. Cleanse yourself and your space

It is just as important and powerful to cleanse on a New Moon as it is on a Full Moon. Cleansing can occur in many forms, from burning sage to candles, or simply opening the windows in your home. Getting rid of those metaphorical cobwebs and starting with a clean slate is always a good thing.

To find out more about all the different ways you can cleanse not only yourself but the space around you, watch this video from our WYLDE Energy guru, Emma Lucy Knowles. It includes an aura viewing and guided cleansing meditation.

3. Bring in the light

Light candles in your home to welcome the light into your life as a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive its illuminating presence. Let it be your guiding beacon, leading you towards all the rewards you want to reap.

Candles can also be used to strengthen your intentions. Think about everything you feel happy and grateful for, then as you light the candle, speak your intentions out into the world and let the flame carry them out into the universe.

4. Take the time to reconnect with yourself

The phrase reconnect with yourself can be overused but a New Moon is the time to do just that. Take at least 10 minutes of time to check in with yourself, however that may look for you. Do a grounding yoga flow, meditate, or journal to check in with yourself before embarking on the next cycle.

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5. Don’t be afraid to start something new

New Moons are the perfect time to introduce something or someone new into your life. Ever thought about diving into a new hobby, signing up for that intriguing class you’ve been mulling over, chasing your dream job, or finally saying hello to someone you’ve been wanting to connect with? The New Moon brings the perfect opportunity to do just that.

What NOT to do during the New Moon

Don’t surround yourself with people who drain your energy.
Don’t say ‘no’ to new opportunities, new friends or new experiences that come your way.
Don’t dwell on the past and what it holds.

Try to stay positive and grateful always, and may this new lunar cycle bring to you everything you wish for.

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