10 ways to be less stressed and more spiritual in a busy world

18 Sep, 2023 | Mind

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Words by Katy Moon

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Want to feel more zen? These simple daily tips could help get you there…

Picture this scene: you’re surrounded by twinkly crystals, feeling mellow after a long meditation session, and you’ve done so much journaling work you need yet another new notebook.

But the reality is how often do you get to do half of that? It’s often a challenge to carve out a minute in our schedules to switch off and listen to our inner wisdom.

There are many benefits to living a life open to possibilities and the joy of the world around us.

Best-selling author and healer, Rebecca Campbell, has helped thousands of people boost their wellbeing.

Here are some simple daily tips to help you become more spiritual and less stressed:

1. Morning journaling ritual

Journalling can help you start the day in the right way.

‘Ask yourself, ‘What does my heart want me to know today?’’ says Rebecca. ‘Then give yourself five minutes to write about all the things that are in your head. It doesn’t have to be ‘spiritual’ – you may just want to vent. Journaling will help you connect with the deeper part of you and you will receive guidance. It’s a great one to do if you’re commuting – and no one will know what you’re doing.’

2. Just breathe

We can’t exist without breathing, and yet sometimes we forget that a few deep breaths can be deeply restorative.

‘If you’re feeling stressed out or frustrated, breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts and breathe out for four counts,’ advises Rebecca. ‘Even if you do it just three times, you will feel so much better.’

3. The value of pausing

We live in a world where we are encouraged to keep on going, but if we press pause, magic can happen.

‘Anything you can do to get into the present moment is priceless,’ says Rebecca. ‘If we’re in overdrive, we can over complicate things. Whereas, if we take a moment to pause and be in the present, our intuition can kick in.

What comes up might not make sense and it might not be on your to-do list. For example, you may get an urge to call someone. Act on your instincts, and you may find stopping to pause has saved you a lot of time.’

4. Connect with the earth

When life is busy, we can get caught up in our thoughts and feel spaced out – what’s needed is some grounding.

‘I was going through a period when I was burned out and I developed a meditation to connect with the earth,’ says Rebecca. ‘I began laying with the back of my heart on the earth. I imagined the planet having a rhythm and a pulse and my own heart was beating with that pulse.

If you aren’t able to lie down, find a tree and place your hands on it instead.’

5. Healing power of water

The work of scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, demonstrated that the structure of water can be changed by thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it’s a powerful element for rituals.

‘Meditate with a cup of water for a minute or two, hold it on the centre of your heart and say your wishes,’ says Rebecca. ‘Then offer the water to a water source such as a river, lake, ocean or even the drain. I lead this ritual for groups of people all over the world. We make wishes for the world – or for ourselves – and imagine the waters mixing together.’

6. Energy check

Feeling nervous before a job interview, big presentation or important event? Here’s how to center yourself and gain composure.

‘I’d get so nervous before doing presentations at work, so I developed a way to check my energy,’ shares Rebecca, who previously worked in advertising. ‘I’d sneak off to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and see if I had a tendency to lean too far forward or backwards. If we lean forward, we are often trying to make something happen or enforce our will. If we lean backwards, we could be hesitating or uninterested. Take a moment to check where your energy is and bring yourself back to center.’

7. Honour the Moon’s cycles

The ebbs and flows of the great silver orb in the sky can help us release what no longer serves us and harness what we need to flourish.

‘On the full moon, journal about what you want to let go of or write it down on a piece of paper and safely burn it.
The new moon is about what you want to call in. You could plant a seed to represent your wish, otherwise just imagine it.’

8. Evolve with the seasons

Use nature’s cycles as a mirror for self-reflection.

‘I live in Glastonbury, an amazing town that really celebrates the seasons – and it’s taught me a lot about paying attention to nature,’ says Rebecca.

‘When you see the leaves are falling, connect with a tree and ask yourself: ‘What wants to change within me?’

As you notice nature is resting and still, ask yourself: ‘How can I replenish my body, mind and spirit?’

Look at the buds that are so full of hope and ask yourself: ‘What new things am I being called to do?’

Notice nature in full bloom and ask yourself: ‘How can I embrace the greatness of life?’

9. Call on energy protection

If you’re feeling vulnerable, visualisation can help bring you a sense of inner strength.

‘Imagine yourself in a cloak of light or even a sphere of light,’ recommends Rebecca. ‘If you’re alone, you could even ‘draw’ it around yourself with your finger.

Whatever you believe in, whether it’s angels, or guides, or your grandma who has passed, say (out loud or in your head), ‘Protect me. Protect me. Protect me. I am protected.’

10. Evening gratitude ritual

Ending the night on a positive note will help set you up for the following day.

‘I know what it’s like, sometimes you are so exhausted by bedtime, even a 10 minute practice is too much,’ says Rebecca. ‘A really simple one is to write down three things you are grateful for in your day. If we go to bed in a negative state, it’s easier to wake up that way. Whereas, if we are in a state of gratitude, it’s more likely that you’ll wake up feeling good.’

Rebecca Campbell’s latest oracle deck is available now at rebeccacampbell.me.

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