Could knowing your energy type affect how you make key decisions?

21 Jan, 2024 | Mind

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Words by Katy Moon

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Writer Katy Moon explores the trend of Human Design, which claims to give greater insight into your behaviour.

Even if you’re not into astrology, most people know their sun sign, but do you know your Energy Type? If someone posed that question to this Taurean writer, my reply would usually be ‘Tired Mum of Two’, but I now know I’m a Generator. Apparently, I’m here to create good energy in the world, do what ‘lights me up’, and I have issues with saying no.

According to the concept of Human Design everyone has a unique ‘blueprint’ that can help you understand how your energy flows so you can make the most of your life, work and relationships.

You may be thinking, do we really need yet another system to help us define who we are and how to behave?

Many people who use Human Design say it’s given them a lightbulb moment and helped them make better choices. While others say it is too complicated and confusing with no scientific proof. However, every year 7 million people download their Human Design chart from leading expert Jenna Zoe’s website.

She says: ‘People are drawn to Human Design because it’s very practical, almost like a manual of how you can run your life. It’s not predictive like astrology, so it won’t tell you how many kids you might have. It’s more like, this is how your energy works, and if you work with it, rather than against it, you are going to get better results.’

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system developed in 1987 by a Canadian named Ra Uru Hu (born Alan Robert Krakower) following a mystical experience. It combines aspects of astrology, the I Ching (ancient Chinese book of divination), the chakra system, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Decades later, apps, websites and podcasts have made it more accessible. 
‘I noticed a jump in interest around lockdown,’ says Jenna. ‘It was a wake-up call for a lot of people who were asking, ‘Who am I? What do I want in life? What is important to me? How do I get there?’

How does Human Design work?

Much like astrology, you need your full date of birth, time you were born and place you were born to look up your Human Design chart online or ask a certified practitioner for a reading.

‘Even a couple of minutes can make a difference so that’s why we need an exact time,’ says Jenna.

The starting point of each Human Design chart is knowing your Energy Type, which is a bit like your sun sign in astrology. There are five energy types; Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. 

‘Your Energy Type describes the unique way you’re meant to operate in this world,’ says Jenna.

Understanding the five Energy Types 

Each Energy Type has a;

Role: what you were born to do.

Signature: how you feel when you use your energy correctly.
Not-self: how you operate when you don’t use your energy correctly.

Strategy: the best way for you to make something happen.

Illustration of woman struggling with mental health

Are you a manifestor?

Manifestors are wild, strong, playful creatures. You like to get the ball rolling, so that others can either join in or follow on. Your energy is big and intense and you’re here to impact other people. Throughout your life you may have been told to dial down your nature, which is why many Manifestors are prone to self-doubt, overly apologising and people-pleasing. 

Role: to create movement
Signature: peace
Not-self: anger
Strategy: to inform

Are you a generator?

Generators have a sparkly energy that draws other people towards them and are here to create good energy in the world. You have issues with saying no because you’re worried if you’re not busy, good things won’t come to you. But by doing more things that light you up and saying no to the things that don’t, you’ll swerve feelings of frustration and find satisfaction. 

Role: if you want to live your purpose, do what lights you up
Signature: satisfaction
Not-self: frustration
Strategy: to respond

Illustration of woman struggling with mental health

Are you a manifesting generator?

Manifesting Generators are multi-passionate and meant to do varied things in one lifetime.  Like Generators, you need to do what lights you up, but also have the spontaneous, playful nature of the Manifestor, meaning you can pivot in new directions out of nowhere.

Role: to chart previously unseen life paths
Signature: satisfaction
Not-self: frustration/anger
Strategy: to respond

Are you a projector?

Projectors have the gift of seeing things in a way that others can’t and are built so efficiently they can get things done – and fast. You’re here to show, present, teach, consult or guide others towards a new or better way. You need to accept that your work looks different to the rest of the world’s work. Only share insights with those who want to receive them, or you’ll risk depleting your energy.

Role: to help us work and function better
Signature: success
Not-self: bitterness
Strategy: to be invited (know people want your input)

Illustration of woman struggling with mental health

Are you a reflector?

Reflectors are rare creatures – only one percent of the population are this energy type. You are radically receptive to the world around you and its energies. Reflectors are deeply connected to the ebbs and flows of the moon’s cycle. In order to thrive, embrace your chameleon-like nature. 

Role: a mirror who can show the rest of us who we really are
Signature: surprise
Not-self: disappointment
Strategy: being carried (go with the flow and wait for the right time)

How do you make decisions?

According to Human Design there are seven different types of Authority which help people make decisions. 

Emotional Authority: your intuition speaks to you. Your emotions act like a guiding force.
Sacral Authority: your intuition speaks to you through your gut. The gut is about desire – it gives a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Splenic Authority: your intuition speaks to you through your instincts, or sixth sense. Instinct is the inner voice that pops up out of nowhere to give you guidance.

Ego Authority: your intuition speaks to you through your wants. Pay attention to the things you feel a genuine heart and soul craving for as these are most likely to bring the best outcomes.

G Center Authority: your intuition comes to you when you put pen to paper or talk about it.

Mental Authority: your intuition gives you the feeling of, ‘it just makes sense to me.’

Lunar Authority: you don’t have to come up with the right answer internally, life will reveal the right choices to you.

Jenna Zoe’s book “Human Design” is out now (Hay House) –

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