How to create personalised, meaningful daily affirmations that will work for you

15 Jun, 2023 | Mind

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Words by WYLDE MOON staff writer

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Affirmations are positive statements or declarations that are consciously repeated to strengthen a desired belief or outcome.

They are used to help reprogram the subconscious mind and promote self-empowerment and positive thinking. People tailor their affirmations to help them reach their personal goals, address self-esteem, or target areas of self-improvement, which is why they are closely related to any form of writing around manifestation.

Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are something you can practice easily, every day, as a kind of energetical pick me up and a way to let the universe know of our intentions.

If the world of affirmations is new to you, it can be overwhelming and tricky to know where to start. These 6 simple steps to creating your own affirmations will have you mentally soaring in no time. Brace yourself for the abundance of positivity that’s headed your way…

1. Figure out your desired goals…
From that, you are able to choose specific affirmations that align with them giving you the best outcome.

2. Use positive language and phrase your affirmations as if you have already achieved your desired goals…
For example; “I am so grateful for the abundance that keeps flowing into my life.”

3. Repeat your affirmations regularly…
You can do this several times a day; write them down; chant them out loud or repeat them to yourself in your mind.

4. Believe in your affirmations…
Feel the emotions that the outcome of your desires will bring. Connect with the words and see them as your truth and your reality.

5. Keep them up…
Repetition will help to reinforce these new positive beliefs into your subconscious mind.

6. Reflect and adjust…
As you grow, reflect on your chosen affirmations and update them to be in line with your ever-changing goals and desires.

If you’re still struggling with where to begin, try adding one or two suggestions from the list below to your daily routine. See how it makes you feel and go from there. The power is in your hands!

Affirmations for happiness

Today is a gift and I embrace it with overwhelming positivity.

I am radiant, I am confident and I am loved.

I allow endless positive energy to flow through me.

I am worthy and deserving of a lifetime filled with happiness and joy.

Affirmations for success

I am stronger than all the challenges and difficulties that stand in my way.

I am capable of achieving greatness and success.

I am a strong individual who attracts an abundance of success and happiness.

I am worthy of all the good life has to offer and I deserve my own success.

Affirmations for self-love

I am enough just as I am.

I am worthy of love, respect and compassion.

I am grateful for the love given to me and the love I am able to give.

I am deserving of what I desire and I will achieve it.

Affirmations for abundance

I am worthy of creating a beautiful life filled with limitless abundance.

The universe is full of abundance and I connect with it.

I am grateful for everything I have and everything I am set to receive.

All the abundance I desire is already on its way to me.

Remember that affirmation combined with positive action can lead to a amazing changes within your life. You are in control, you have the power, so why not give it a go and let us know how you get on and if you’d like to hear more about the powers of meditation and mantras…

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