Holly Willoughby – Founder of WYLDE MOON – on her visions and hopes for the brand

24 Aug, 2022 | Holly's Journal

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Holly Willoughby in blue jeans and a white tshirt with long hair

Holly Willoughby

What makes a WYLDE Woman?

Struggling to juggle a million things? It is why Holly created WYLDE MOON, so we can try to be more in the moment and make time for ourselves.

We asked her to explain more…

  What was your insight for WYLDE MOON?

“I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. On holiday, I spend more time on the sun lounger at night than during the day. The moon is very feminine. I want WYLDE MOON to be a place where we can share the things we love, the lessons we’ve learnt and celebrate other people. I’ve reached a stage in my life where I still don’t fully know who I am. I’ve changed a lot in the last few years.”

  Did something make you start to think differently?

“When I went to Australia in 2018 to do ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’, I suddenly had three weeks without my children and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Australia is the land of alternative therapies. I really started to unlock pieces of myself and when I came back to England, I knew that I didn’t want to stop. Now I have things like meditation and sound baths, that really work for me. It’s all about finding what works for you, whether that’s going for a run, talking to a friend, or drowning yourself in a bottle of wine. But you have to work out what you’re masking and how you’re processing stuff.”

Holly Willoughby

  What if lack of confidence is stopping you making changes?

“You need to ask yourself where fear or doubt is coming from. If you’re living by someone else’s rules? We’ve all got to spend time with ourselves and get those foundations sorted. It doesn’t mean you just breeze through life without listening to anyone, but it’s about learning to pick and choose what influence is inspirational and will help you grow, and what is damaging and will hold you back.

There are so many ways in which we are controlled by social boundaries and I think that we could all do with being a bit more wild and seeing what our parameters and boundaries are on our own terms – not on anyone else’s.”

“it’s about learning to pick and choose what influence is inspirational and will help you grow”

  What is the essence of being a WYLDE Woman?

“To me, the ultimate WYLDE Woman is somebody who looks in the mirror and knows that they are enough and truly believes it. I’m not sitting here saying that I’m that WYLDE Woman, because I’m not. I would I love to be…that’s my goal. The most important pillars of WYLDE MOON are having a true sense of self, igniting your intuition, knowing your self-worth, nourishing your body and soul.”

Holly Willoughby

  Is it just for women?

“No, the themes of learning how to carve out time for yourself and appreciating the smaller things in life are important, generic themes that affect everyone, regardless of gender. It’s really important for a man to understand how a woman thinks and vice versa. I think we are so multi-layered and multi-functioning. I love being female. I love that there’s a knowingness between two women when they meet, that they are in the same fight.”

“My hope is that eventually we dont have to empower anyone, but that all genders are empowered. Wouldnt that be lovely?”

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