How WYLDE MOON’s new fragrance evokes feelings of romance, love and trust

27 Jan, 2023 | Holly's Journal

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If you are looking for a treat to make you, and those you love, feel special…

…WYLDE MOON’s newest wax melt fragrance could be the answer.

Sticky honey salmon recipe served with greens and chili

(borrowed from) A Love Story

You know that heavenly smell of fresh flowers given to you by the one you love?
That smell that takes you straight back to where your love story began?
You know that irresistible, sensual giddiness that takes over your senses.

Scents have an astonishing capacity to send signals to the human limbic system, the part of the brain that governs the way we behave and feel. When scent, emotion and a happy memory come together, it can have a powerful effect on our mood.

Certain smells can transport you back to a moment in time and the delicate floral and citrus bouquet of (borrowed from) A Love Story promises to carry you away to somewhere very special indeed.

Fragrance notes of fresh spring flowers and blossoms combined with citrus, musk and amber not only calm and uplift, but evoke feelings of romance, trust and love too.

Sticky honey salmon recipe served with greens and chili

When Holly created WYLDE MOON, she wanted to find a way to use fragrance to help us feel good, inside and out. With WYLDE MOON’s boutique fragrances, the whole focus is on how each one makes you feel. When embarking on a fragrance journey, you create a brief for a perfumer by putting together a recipe of fragrance notes that you think will best conjure up different emotions. Every WYLDE MOON fragrance is unique, with its own character to suit a particular moment or mood…and our fragrance poems encapsulate that feeling beautifully.

Sticky honey salmon recipe served with greens and chili

For (borrowed from) A Love Story we were influenced by ancient floral symbolism, helping us choose fragrance notes that made us feel warm, loved and hopeful.

Cherry Blossom; a beautiful symbol of renewal as it marks the arrival of spring. The explosion of white and pink blossom creates a romantic atmosphere, and its fleeting presence is a reminder to cherish the good times while they bloom.

Freesia; often associated with friendship and trust.

Cyclamen; considered a powerful aphrodisiac in Roman Times.

Lily of the Valley; a precious flower, often used in the bride’s bouquet to symbolise happiness, purity and said to bring luck in love.

Rose; a long-standing symbol of love, whose scent is used by aromatherapists to calm and lift spirits.

Citrus fruits such as lemon; also believed to boost your mood and calm anxiety.

Amber; said to provide luxurious comfort.

Vanilla; has been used to calm and lift your mood.

Musks; often described as sensual – even flirtatious.

Blend them all together, breathe deep and allow them to permeate your own love story.

(borrowed from) A Love Story is the perfect way to tell someone you love them. Treat yourself for some precious me-time, or our new wax melts are perfect for Mother’s Day or to create an ambience for you and someone special on Valentine’s Day.

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