4 ways to refresh your makeup look for spring

17 Feb, 2023 | WYLDE Style Makeup

Words by Patsy O’Neill

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Holly Willoughby in long lasting red lipstick

While makeup should be about exploration and creating a narrative that supports us as individuals, it’s so easy to get stuck in the same makeup routine!

Most of us stay loyal to the makeup habits we developed when we were teenagers because they’re familiar and comfortable. As we move out of winter and step into spring, I’m here with an idea or two, to refresh and uplift your makeup regime and maybe even help you fall back in love with the more playful side of makeup.

A change in the seasons and the arrival of warmer weather immediately makes us want to pair back heavy winter makeup. Here are 4 tips and tricks for how to achieve that all-important refresh and some products combinations that promise to work double hard for you – saving you money and time! Yes, please to that!

1. Use a tinted moisturiser with SPF

This is a great option for brightening up your base and keeping you protected from the sun at this time of year. Most tinted moisturisers are easy to apply and they tend to have lots of hydrating ingredients that keep your skin hydrated and plump throughout the day – meaning no dry or flaky makeup patches.

Here are two of my current favourites. These are also easy to apply with fingers alone, so no need for brushes and faff!


Morphe, Glowstunner Hydrating Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 30, £18

I found this product gives a good mid-range coverage – not too matte and not too dewy – so suitable for most people. The Lactic Acid ingredient helps brighten the skin whilst Hyaluronic Acid keeps it hydrated. The pump packaging makes for fuss-free, on the go application.

Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 30, £36

This product has a gorgeous, light dewy coverage with Macadamia and Kukui Seed oils that help to increase the skin’s moisture levels, long-term. This tinted moisturiser is a staple for many people and I can see why. It’s a product you can rely on and I do believe it’s worth the extra spend. I also love the fact that the shade range is vast and has everyone covered!

2. Use concealer instead of full foundation

Instead of a wearing a full coverage foundation all over the face, invest in a creamy, quality concealer to cover up blemishes and dark circles. A small amount of product will give you a fresher look than a completely covered canvas – just make sure you blend in well for coverage where you need it.

To achieve this look…

…make sure your skin is well-moisturised, then dab a small amount of concealer around the nose and chin and under the eyes, and blend with a small brush or your index finger. You can then set with a light dusting of powder if you wish. Concealers are also great for when we need a touch up the day or before heading out for the evening – and size wise, they tend to be handbag-friendly too!

Rose Inc., Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer, £24

This hydrating, long-wearing concealer has a creamy texture which has nourishing Vitamin E to help condition and protect the skin. This concealer gives medium coverage and has a great doe-foot applicator for precision application. It’s a new addition to my on-the-go make up bag and I love the wide range of colours it comes in!

Revolution Beauty, Makeup Revolution IRL Filter Finish Concealer, £6.99

Revolution always come in with a great product at an affordable price. This new concealer gives instant full coverage and a breathable matte finish.

Trinny London, Just A Touch, £28

Trinny’s pots are the perfect product to change up your habits! It provides what it promises – a touch of cover – so you can apply it just where you need it, or layer up for more overall coverage. This is a great product for dark, under-eye circles and the shade range is vast. If you’re like me and flip between shades, you can invest in two and they stack together to make life easier.

3. Try multi-tasking lip crayons and pots

I love crayon and pot products. I think it’s because the simplicity of the packaging makes me feel like I can be artistic and creative. With this in mind, I’ve chosen the following products because they are playful, multi-taskers that take you from lips to eyes and cheeks without a moment’s fuss. It’s great to have fewer products that do more work, so have a play!

Monika Blunder, Beauty Kissen Lush Lipstick Crayons, £28

These crayons from Monika Blunder are a lipstick-come-lip-balm hybrid. They nourish dry, chapped lips while dispensing the perfect amount of sheer colour. I am obsessed and have an array in my own hand bag and personal makeup kit. The ingredients are all focused on hydrating your lips, while adding colour and with such perfect shades on offer, I think these are a great buy. Most have a swivel action top which means no faffing with a sharpener either! Win, win!

Trinny London, Lip 2 Cheek Pots, £26

These pots are another super, double-job product! They are an amazing lip product but with the added bonus of being a cream blush. The formulation is buildable and has brilliant staying power. The best way I’ve found to apply these, is with a warm index finger, so no brushes necessary. My favourite shade is Phoebe which is the perfect raspberry shade for a bitten lip look, but they have a variety to choose from.

Axiology, Lip-to-Lid Balmies Trio Lip, Eye and Cheek Balm Set, £38

This trio set of lip crayons have sold out on Asos but can be found on other sites.

They are 3-in-1, multi-use products for eyes, lips, and cheeks. The set comes in 3 wonderful shades, including a berry tone, an earthy tone and a shimmer, making it a great product for experimenting and moving out of your comfort zone. The formulation is full of oils, butters and antioxidants such as Elderberry, Hemp, and Plum oil to hydrate the skin and they also have 100% zero waste policy, which means they’re tube and cap free!

4. Have fun with eye crayons

Your eyes can be the most ‘daring’ part of your makeup to change as they feel the most personal, so my advice would be to try and come away from what you normally use and mix it up. Please don’t be scared to try something that you haven’t before…trying new stuff isn’t just for the experts you know. Go on – you can do it.

Eyeshadows and brushes can be a mine field but crayons make application less overwhelming, you just have to play around with them. They are easy to transport and make changing your look for the evening, fuss free. They tend to be creamier in texture so therefore can be drawn all on the socket and then blended in with an index finger for a smokey eye look, or smudged along the lid line for a chunky liner effect. Applying under the eye will also enhance a stronger look, just make sure you’re not to heavy handed – practice makes perfect.

Try some of these…


e.l.f., No Budge Shadow Stick, £6

Elf once again ticks all the boxes offering us a well-priced, fun and cruelty free product with a great colour range. These are easy to apply and smudge into a smokey eye or line. I love the brighter shades for those wanting to experiment with a bit of colour and paired with a black eyeliner, can really make the bright shades pop.

Vieve, Eye Wand, £21

I adore these eye wands from Vieve. The shades do not budge and they are creamy texture with a matte finish, a great combination for a strong look. The shade Mahogany is one of my kit staples, due to its depth of red and purple pigment – a great alternative to regular black eyeliner if you’re switching it up. Sometimes Vieve do a multi set offer and this is worth investing in as you get 6 shades to play with!

Byredo, Colour Stick, £28

Byredo are mainly known for their gorgeous fragrances, but now also have a great collection of makeup products. The Byredo, Colour Sticks can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks so are totally versatile – we love a multi-use product! They come in an easy-to-apply, creamy stick, that gives a lightweight, buildable coverage in a selection of shades with dewy, matte or creamy finishes for you to choose from. I also love that the formulation is vegan.

So, my challenge for you is to try something new this week. Switch something in or out of your normal routine and see how you get on. Remember makeup is all about having fun, there are no rules! Have fun and say hello to a refreshed you!

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