These 4 simple steps will help your makeup last so much longer

11 May, 2023 | WYLDE Style Makeup

Words by Patsy O’Neill

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Holly Willoughby makeup look

I don’t know about you but I’m so ready to dive into the summer months and enjoy some much-needed warmth…

…but heat is just one of the things that can wreak havoc with our makeup. Whether it’s for a big event, a holiday or the good old nine-to-five, we all want our makeup look as fresh as it did when it was first applied, so I’ve put together my personal picks of the best primers, powders, fixing and setting sprays around, to help your face stay put!

Step 1: Prime

Prep your skin correctly to ensure maximum makeup hold. Primers are the main base structure before foundation is applied. They can feed the skin with lots of hydration and prepare it for a longer lasting foundation base. They can also blur lines and pores, allowing for easier application of foundation or concealer, in turn helping cover and disguise imperfections.

Two of the best primers:

The Ordinary, High-Adherence Silicone Primer, £6

This primer is on a mission to hydrate, mattify and smooth the skin for optimum makeup application. The non-greasy formula works to blur the look of imperfections including fine lines and pores. Free from alcohol and oil, it leaves your complexion looking fresh & shine-free. All in all, this product ticks so many boxes being vegan and cruelty-free at an excellent price point.

Top tip: This is a great product for men, as it takes away the shine and leaves a blurred effect. And, it’s a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to wear foundation.

Hourglass, No.28 Primer Serum, £24 for 10ml or £64 for 30ml

A firm makeup artist favourite, this primer from Hourglass is also a serum, infused with 28 beneficial ingredients to nourish your skin for a flawless makeup base. This silky, lightweight oil blends into your skin and absorbs to prime the skin and hydrates the complexion. It’s the perfect primer for dehydrated skin that in need of moisture.

Top tip: Apply this primer a good 15 minutes prior to foundation application.

Highr collective nude chateau

No.28 Primer Serum
£24 for 10ml
£64 for 30ml

Step 2: Powder

Due to scientific advances, powders have been on a hugely transformational journey since the millennium…gone are the days of chalky, grabbing powders! Powder is a great way to set your foundation and stop shine automatically. Whether your powder is compact or loose, these days they have been milled so finely, they scatter more sparingly than years ago and can really aid the longevity of your makeup base.

Top tip: To avoid a cakey/dry skin look, use a mid-sized, soft makeup brush to apply sparingly to the forehead, nose, chin and wherever else you require the skin to stay matte.

Four of the best makeup powders:

Hourglass, Veil Translucent Setting Powder, £45

Another makeup artist favourite! Even though its costs more than your average High Street setting powder, it really does last a long time, so in my opinion, it’s worth the investment. This ultra-refined, loose powder settles onto the skin with minimal colour pigment to disguise imperfections and ensure that foundation and concealer are set to perfection. You only need a small amount for maximum effect and it also allows your skin be luminescent. It can be used on all skin types and tones for an invisible, natural finish and is 100% talc-free.

Charlotte Tilbury, Airbrush Flawless Finish Compact, £38

This micro-powder provides a flawless, even skin tone. Easy to apply with a soft-focus result, this compact is slim enough for your handbag and does an excellent job of setting your foundation in place.

Top tip: If you’re as pale as I am in the winter months, opt for colour No. 1 as it’s perfect! Be aware that colour No.2 is a much bigger step up in terms of warmth.

Inika, Baked Organic Baked Mineral Foundation, £34

This silky, mess-free foundation blends the flawless coverage and skin-loving benefits of mineral makeup with the convenience of a compact powder. Due to my inability to sit still for too long, it’s become a staple in my personal make up bag! Being busy, I often dont have enough time to do a full makeup base on myself, so Inika have saved the day for me.

The key ingredients of Magnolia Bark extract & Squalane help to retain skin hydration and reduce the appearance of redness. Its sheer, veil-like coverage gradually builds, so you can layer up if need be. I always find that I get great coverage using Inika, but I can also still see my skin, which is a winning combination!

Barry M, Prime & Set Powder, £5.99

With anti-shine, oil absorbing ingredients, the finely milled Barry M powder works to mattify the skin, creating a flawless, lightweight finish. The compact features a sponge and mirror, perfect for your handbag or a quick application on the go. They have two shades available in translucent or banana, and its the best value for money in my list. 

Step 3: Lock it in!

Setting and fixing sprays give your hard work real staying power, be it for everyday use or for a special occasion. Lots of brands now do handbag size sprays which are brilliant to to hydrate and set your skin when you’re out, rather than you keep needing to add more makeup, risking a ‘cakey ‘look. These days you can find every finish you could wish for from matte, to containing SPF, to giving you a glow.

Top tip: I would advise anyone with open pores or oily skin to try the matte options and always apply at least 6-10cm away from the face.

Four of the best setting sprays:

Kryolan, Fixing Spray, £10

This spray has been especially designed to create an invisible protective film over makeup and it’s become a very popular choice for makeup artists because its durability is second to none. Its formula is resistant to water and smudge proof, delaying the removal of makeup caused by sweating. 

Top tip: It’s a very handy product for fixing face painting for dressing up, kids parties and Halloween as it works well with wet makeup formulas. 

Note… This fixing Spray does contain alcohol and should not be applied near the eyes, the can should be shaken well and applied at a distance of around 20 – 30 cm away from the application.

Barry M, Fresh Face Setting Spray, £5.99

Barry Ms setting spray is infused with skin-loving ingredients and is also great value for money! Choose from 3 different formulations to get your required finsh.

Dewy: Cucumber Extract and Snow Mushroom for a hydrating dewy finish.

Matte: Sugar Kelp Extract and Niacinamide for a mattifying finish.

Fixation: Aronia Berry and Vitamin C locks makeup in all night long.

Benefit, Porefessional Super Setter, £27.50

This microfine mist promises to fix and set makeup for 16 hours. Porefessional is excellent for blurring pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed & hydrated. This water-based formula includes pore-blurring powders that visibly reduce shine. The fine mist applicator makes using this product a dream and it’s alcohol free!

Kate Summerville, Uncomplikated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray, £28-£35

This super fine mist delivers even coverage for hydration and protection from sun exposure, and the bonus is it sets make up instantly, reduces shine and provides a matte finish. This setting spray with SPF is an essential in both my professional makeup kit bag and my own personal holiday bag. Its spray application is so brilliant for on-the-go use, making it the perfect product for busy people.

Step 4: Touch up on the go…

Soft blotting papers are having a come back. They were an essential for makeup artists I the days when makeup powders could become heavy after repeated application. All you have to do is press them on the area of the skin that you wish to soak up any excess shine or oil. Super absorbant and perfectly sized for the face, they are lightweight to keep in your bag and use throughout the day should you need to.

Two of the best blotting papers:

Tatcha, ABURATORIGAMI Japanese Blotting Papers, £12 for 40 sheets

These blotting papers are made of natural Abaca Leaf and have Gold flakes to absorb excess oil without disturbing your makeup. They are also compact enough to keep in your bag or clutch without taking up too much space. 

Rare Beauty, Blot and Glow Blotting Sheets, £5 for 100 sheets

These are brilliant value blotting papers because you get 100 sheets in one pack. Amazing! 

Now go get your fix! x

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Patsy O’Neill

Makeup Artist and Beauty Consultant

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