How to use the Spring Equinox to reset your energy

15 Mar, 2023 | WYLDE Crystals

Words by Emma Lucy Knowles

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2024’s Spring Equinox in the UK falls on the 20th March. The turning of the tides is upon us; it’s the day of awakening, and the energetic transformation portal is open! Sounds lush right? But there’s more to it than just sounding delicious…. so, let’s explore what the Spring Equinox is and discover how can you ride this wave of magic so that it serves you, your magic and your power!


Now, I’m no Dr. Brian Cox, but I can tell you that the Spring Equinox comes to light (excuse the pun) at the time when the sun passes the plane of the Earth’s equator, and rather than being north or south of the equator the sun now appears directly above it. The Spring Equinox sees the sun travel towards the Northern Hemisphere from the Southern, and vice versa for the Autumn Equinox (in September).

The name ‘equinox’ is derived from the Latin ‘aequinoctium’ – which means ‘equal night’. As its name suggests, this perfect passing point makes the day equal length to night, ie; there is an equal amount of daylight to darkness across the entirety of the Earth…balance for all!

Spiritually and energetically

From this day forward the sun starts to grow towards his peak (June’s Summer Solstice) – so I am happy to report that energetically, spiritually and literally, the dark months are over! AMEN! As the sun grows and brightens, so do we.

Now is a time of rebirth, fertility and creativity – but with a heavy emphasis on expansive growth and BALANCE. It’s not a time to take lightly and not one that will pass you by either! You will feel the effects of it, even if you are not a ritual maker. Astrologically, this also marks the start of the zodiac calendar year – moving us into the times of Aries, a time and zodiac of confidence, passion and high energy.

How to soak up all these good vibes

For the crystal obsessed amongst us, you should totally be cleansing and bathing your crystals (yes all of them) under the sun’s gaze. And then, for extra channeled equinox energy, reach for one of these crystals:

The Energiser / The Forward Driver

Green Opal
The Enhancer of New Beginnings
The Force of Endless Suns

After they have bathed day and night in the sun’s power – attune your crystals to all that potent energy and align them with the force. You can do this for all of them, but I would recommend, using one of the super-aligned crystals I mentioned earlier, alongside your other beauties, for maximum energy effects.

Bathing crystals in the morning sun through to the night, is like passing them through a flame, though on an extreme setting!!! This can be simply done by taking them to hand and repeating the following mantra 3 times:

As the alignment of the sun from this equinox blesses and balances my crystals with the alchemy of fire, may they to do the same for me

You can repeat this mantra as often as you like right up to the June Summer Solstice, and each time you squeeze your crystal or recite the words, the energy from that balanced point will be draw into you – here’s some more information about charging crystals in the sun.

For you

We are no different to the crystals. We will soak up that energy, just by being there so, don’t worry if you blink and the day has gone. Just know that the vibes are doing their thing and balancing us all! To further enhance the effects, take a step outside and walk in the balanced energies of the morning and the evening. Take a moment to write two lists. The first should be a list of things that are out of balance in your life and that you would like to heal. And the second is a list of things you would like to have more of, or focus more creative attention on…anything goes!

Keep these lists safe. Let them grow and heal as the sun expands and when the Summer Solstice is upon us, we will bring you back to this with a ritual to amplify, burn bright your goals at the suns peak and burn out the remaining ashes of what you have set to pass this Spring Equinox.

Love & light x

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Emma Lucy Knowles

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