Yep, menopause can change your skin. Here’s how to treat it

22 Dec, 2022 | WYLDE Beauty

Words by Ateh Jewel

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Growing up, no one discussed the symptoms of menopause or perimenopause symptoms, let alone how it affects the skin.

I’m so excited and proud that there is a growing conversation and menopause movement to remove the shame and misogyny around understanding what in Chinese medicine they call Women’s Second Spring. As we age and get older (which is a complete privilege, not all of us make it), hormones and imbalances with drops in oestrogen and progesterone can result in fine lines, wrinkles, a lack of radiance, dryness and sagging skin as well as brain fog, anxiety, joint pain and insomnia.

Through centuries of negative cultural noise about perimenopause and menopause, so many of us have come to dread this period of our lives. I think with the right mindset, reframe, great products and techniques to support the skin, mind and body this can be an empowered age in any woman’s life.

I think self-care and skincare go hand in hand and it’s so important to carve out time to relax, sleep and meditate. Here are some incredible products to help support this next exciting phase of your life.

9 incredibly helpful products for menopausal skin…

1. This gorgeous balm cleanser

I think when it comes to supporting menopausal skin, cleansing is really important. I love Neal’s Yard Remedies, Wild Rose Beauty Balm, £35.70. I love the ritualised way and form of meditation massaging the buttery balm into the skin feels. Rose helps to calm frazzled nerves, while organic Jojoba, Rosehip Oil and Borage Oil all help to keep skin feeling soft and supple.

2. Legendary Retinol

Developed by skincare expert and all-round legend Caroline Hirons, this baby steps Skin Rocks, Retinoid 1, £65 is great for beginners new to Retinol. Retinol is amazing for helping with fine lines, wrinkles and a more even looking skin tone and texture. Remember to use an SPF during the day when using Retinol products as skin can become more sensitive to UV rays.

3. Or this Retinol alternative for sensitive skin

Help supercharge your skin with this plant-based Retinol alternative – By Sarah London, Bakuchiol Daily Recovery Booster, £19. This is a great product if your skin is sensitive and can’t tolerate Retinol. Apply nightly to help stimulate collagen without dryness or irritation.

4. A sleep-inducing oil

I love to rub a few drops of Anatome, German Chamomile Essential Oil/Uninterrupted Sleep, £38 into my pulse points before bed to help support my sleep.

This essential oil blend of 22 calming oils like Roman and Blue Chamomile, Cornish Lavender and Somali Frankincense feel magical as they help to ground you so you can get a good night’s sleep.

5. A real soother for dry lips

Don’t forget your lips when it comes to pumping up the hydration. This multi-use Sculpted by Aimee, Beauty Balm Lip, £11, is deeply nourishing with Sativa Bran Oil and helps dry chapped lips feel soothed and loved.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF30
Sculpted by Aimee
Beauty Balm Lip

6. A nourishing and hydrating face balm

This well-loved and cult Ren Mini Evercalm™ Overnight Recovery Balm 15ml, £20 is great for thirsty, dehydrated or sensitive skin. Borage, linseed and sunflower seed oils all melt into the skin. It makes for a marvellous overnight treatment, as the rich texture helps skin feel nourished and soothed.

7. A superfood supplement

This Wild Nutrition, Botanical Menopause Complex, £30, supplement is specially blended to help support you during the menopause. It is packed full of Turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant rich Green Tea.

8. A targeted spot-zapping treatment

Hormone imbalances can mean the return of breakouts not seen since your teens. I love these Zitsticka, Killa, £27, spot patches, which won’t give you 80s flashbacks where on the spot treatments sucked the life out of your skin with harsh alcohols.

This patch has micro darts to help quickly zap spots before they emerge. The patch is laced with Niacinamide, Sodium Hydroxide, Salicylic Acid to help calm the skin.

9. This guide for a supportive diet

I love Amelia Freer as she is all about nourishing, comforting and delicious food to help heal your body. Grab a copy of Amelia’s new book, The Organised Cook, £20, which is packed full of recipes to help you feel energised and full of inspiring ways to eat a rainbow diet, which is crucial for your skin and general health during menopause.

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