How your bathroom can help you beat stress

21 Aug, 2022 | WYLDE Beauty

Words by Ateh Jewel

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Glass of wine on a bath shelf with grapes, a book and grapefruit

Ateh Jewel gives us some soothing bath-time body care to make us all feel better

I was once so disconnected from my body, I powered through aches and pains, ignoring the type 2 diabetes symptoms that I was having from using sugar to get me through hectic days as a beauty journalist and mum of twins.

I learned the hard way to slow down, reconnect and take care of myself. Body positivity to me is not only about loving what you see in the mirror but about valuing yourself enough to honour your body with soothing care.

I take a bath every night and make sure that it’s one that Mariah Carey would be proud of. It’s an essential part of my wind down me-time. I light some candles, close the door on my busy day and unplug. I love restorative bath salts and bath oils, which transform my bathroom into a home spa.

I love to put my hands on my chest and belly and do box breathing, inhaling for 4 counts, holding my breath for 4 counts and exhaling for 4 counts while inhaling therapeutic aromatherapy oils, which leave me feeling balanced and calm.

I use body oils everyday as well. My skin can get very dry and I don’t just save them for a special occasion – I believe that every day is a time to celebrate. I also love the action of slathering myself from head to toe, as it’s really mindful and helps me get out of my head and connect mind, body and soul. Whether you are dashing in and out of the shower, having long decadent baths, anointing yourself with oils or helping to reveal radiant skin with a scrub, just remember you are enough.

See if you can carve out time for yourself to be still, reflective and quiet. I love to bathe in good old fashioned Westlab, Epsom Bath Salts, prices start from £6.99 for 1kg. The Magnesium ingredient is great at helping relaxing muscles, fighting bloat and inflammation and promotes restful sleep – which is key to making you feel more grounded.

I love a bath cocktail”- so to speak – and often add in some Tisserand Aromatherapy, Happy Vibes Bath & Shower Wash, £13, which has Lemon Tea Tree, Bergamot and Nutmeg to promote feelings of positivity.

Whenever Im feeling low and despondent I also sprinkle some Neals Yard, Peppermint Essential Oil, £8. There is something really uplifting and zingy about sprinkling some Peppermint Oil on a tissue or burning in a diffuser for your mood, as it helps with reducing stress and improving mental function.

You are more than enough and your body is a gift. Enjoy!

5 Great Products for your Bathroom

 Neal’s Yard Remedies, Women’s Balance Bath Salts, £15. I love NYR, as they are a modern apothecary full of healing herbs and potions. I love this new mineral-rich sea salt bath soak laced with relaxing Patchouli, uplifting Geranium, nurturing Rose and grounding Frankincense leaving you feeling balanced.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance Bath Salts

  ila, Beyond Organic, Body Oil For Inner Peace, £48. There’s something a bit magical about ILA, as all the products are made with chants being played in the background and symbols of peace and blessings are put in every batch. This body oil is about good vibes only, as it’s laced with the highest quality heady Jasmine and Ylang Ylang which helps with anxiety. It’s also got Rosehip Seed Oil, which is packed full of antioxidants to help with cell regeneration in the skin.

ila, Beyond Organic Body Oil For Inner Peace

 The Body Shop, Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Cream, £6.50. If you love to shower and go, this autumnal hug in a bottle is amazing. This special edition shower cream is so cosy with Vanilla Extract and notes of Almond Milk, Caramel and Maple Syrup. It’s a great way to start your day.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Cream

 ESPA, Soothing Bath Oil, £32. I always reach for this bath oil when I want my skin to feel super soft and my frazzled nerves soothed. I like to rub the oil into my skin and step into my bath, Cleopatra style, to enjoy the aromatic Rose, Geranium, Frankincense, Myrrh and skin nourishing Sweet Almond Oil.

ESPA Soothing Bath Oil - Natural beauty inner calm

 Origins, Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub, £25. Most body scrubs are too scratchy for my sensitive skin but I love this uplifting creamy sugar scrub, which helps to gently buff away dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin. If you work the scrub from your ankles with upwards strokes towards your heart and from your wrists towards your heart, it can help with lymphatic drainage for when you’re feeling puffy and sluggish.

Origins Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub

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Ateh Jewel

Beauty Columnist, Award-winning Journalist and Diversity Advocate

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