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20 Apr, 2023 | WYLDE Beauty

Words by Ateh Jewel

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how much beauty product to use

We’re not just talking moisturiser. Do you scrimp on posh serum to make it last longer or lather on too much cleanser? And what difference is it making to your skin? Ateh Jewel finds out.

When it comes to skincare, size really does matter! The amount of product you put on your face matters almost as much as what you actually buy. You may dismiss a product thinking it doesn’t agree with your skin when in fact you are just using too much or too little.

The order in which you put your skincare on is also important. How you layer it, whether you apply AM or PM can have an effect on your skin and the efficacy of your skincare regime.

For example, using Vitamin C during the day is really great as it works as an antioxidant. If you use retinol at night then you should always use an SPF during the day to protect the skin, as it can become more sensitised. It’s a good idea to give your skincare at least 4 weeks to see real results. Read on to find out how to get your skincare just right!

How much gel cleanser to use: a 5p coin sized amount

During the day I love to use a gel wash-off cleanser. This is really great for cleaning the skin but avoid things with super foaming sulphates, which strip the skin. Check the ingredients list. Ditch the idea of squeaky clean skin, because you don’t want to lose the skin’s natural oil barrier.

I love Dermalogica, Special Cleansing Gel, £39, in the morning as I’m super busy and want something quick. It’s very soothing and really helps balance my combination, dehydrated skin without over stripping it. It uses naturally-foaming Quillaja Saponaria to gently rinse away toxins as well as calming balm mint and lavender extracts to soothe the skin.

The Body Shop, Seaweed Cleansing Gel Wash, £10. This vegan facial wash is laced with Seaweed to help refresh and balance oilier skin types. It’s great for helping to balance out oily T-zones, blemishes and dry patches all at the same time.

How much balm cleanser to use: a 10p coin sized amount

I love using cleansing balms at night when I have more time for my skincare. You can massage the skin with it and do box breathing exercises at the same time. Think in for four breaths, hold for four breaths and out for four. Think of your skincare as self-care, it is really important to take extra time with a cleansing balm to remove make up, SPF and pollution.

ELEMIS, Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm, £46. This iconic balm from Elemis has had an update. Rose and Mimosa waxes – infused with Elderberry, Starflower and Optimega™ oils help to nourishes the skin’s lipid barrier, soothing it with hydration, leaving the skin feeling smooth and super soft. Remember to take off the balm using a soft flannel for a bit of gentle exfoliation.

Evolve Beauty, Gentle Cleansing Melt, from £10. I love this brand for their commitment to sustainability. Organic Baobab oil helps to nourish, soothe and hydrate, whilst effectively cleansing skin and melting away makeup. Natural sugar extracts, gently combine with water to turn it into a creamy milk that rinses away clean and calm.

How much serum to use: a pea sized amount

Serums are like a smoothie for the skin, a packed shot of active ingredients to help tackle skin concerns. They are great to drop into your skincare regime. You can use them AM and PM on cleansed skin after using a toner or facial mist before your moisturiser. But you don’t need loads.

**NEW** No. 7, Future Renew™️ Serum, £42.95. With a waiting list of 95,000 and lines around the block when it launched on 12th April this is set to be another smash hit for No. 7. Fifteen years in the making this serum is packed full of a super Peptide blend to signal to your skin to make more Collagen to help tackle most signs of skin damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and firmness.

Q+A Hyaluronic Facial Serum, £6.50. Hyaluronic Acid and Biosaccharide gum help thirsty skin feel juicy and rejuvenated. This serum is non sticky and great at plumping dehydrated fine lines.

How much moisturiser to use: …well, it depends

This is dependent on the formula and your skin type.

One good rule is to make sure you use enough moisturiser so your skin feels supple and evenly coated and enough to give your skin a light massage without feeling you have too much product sitting on it that hasn’t been absorbed. Don’t scrimp on your expensive creams and use too thin a layer as you won’t see the true efficacy of the cream working and protecting your skin.

Dr. PAWPAW, Your Gorgeous Skin Day Cream, £18. This new ultra lightweight moisturiser is packed full of PAPAYALURONIC™ complex, made up of papaya and eight molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to deeply nourish the skin. Soothing Vitamin E also helps protect the skin and give it a glow.

**HOT OFF THE PRESS** Aromatherapy Associates, Hydra Pump Gel Cream, £55. I love discovering new, exciting products and this brilliant moisturiser from Aromatherapy Associates launching later this week isn’t cheap, but is super lightweight, helping to balance dehydrated skin. I’ve been using this moisturiser and love the fact it’s hydrating but not too heavy for my combination skin. Plant Stem Cell technology derived from Alpine Rose helps to protect the quality of the skin barrier giving you hydrated and plump skin. The collection is available to buy from the 28th April so keep an eye out for it.

How much eye cream to use: a grain of rice sized amount for each eye

Using too much eye cream or serum, or putting it in the wrong place, can be the main culprits for making us ditch products. Make sure to apply in a magic C shape around the eye (think top of the cheek bone). The heat of your skin helps the product migrate closer to your undereye area.

Avène, Soothing Eye Contour Cream for Very Sensitive Skin, £12.75. This soothing cream is great for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive skin as it features an anti-irritating active while Bisabolol works to protect delicate under-eye skin.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Supercharged Gel Eye Cream, £52. I love the texture of this gel cream as it’s great for tackling dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, dryness and loss of radiance without being too rich in texture. The fast-absorbing formula is infused with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. The gel cream also helps with the effects of blue light from your phone and electronic devices on skin’s appearance, as well as other environmental aggressors like pollution.

How much SPF to use: a dessert-spoon sized amount, or enough to cover two fingers

Using a daily SPF even on cloudy overcast grey UK days is a must for helping to protect our skin from both UVA and UVB damage.

**BEST BUY** Avon, Face & Body Moisturiser Sun Cream SPF50, £5.25. This great value, high protection SPF can be used on face and body. Remember to reapply as needed when in the sun to remain sun safe and apply 15-30 mins before sun exposure.

Caudalie, Vinosun Very High Protection Lightweight Cream SPF50, £19. I love how this feels like luxurious skincare and is whisper light. It also looks great on all skin tones and doesn’t have a weird blue or white tinge on my deeper skin tone. This is great for all skin types and won’t make you break you out in blemishes if you have an oilier skin type.

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