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27 Jan, 2023 | WYLDE Beauty

Words by Ateh Jewel

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Beauty products under ten pounds

How to work out your skin type, what it actually means and the most essential product for it.

In my late 20s, I remember wondering why the precise skincare regime I had been using for the past decade just wasn’t working like it used to.

I’d always had a combination skin type but my regular beloved products just weren’t hitting and performing in the same way they used to. That was the moment I realised that your skin could change, meaning your skin type would follow suit! Your skin type isn’t static, but actually rather fluid and can fluctuate from dry to combination, oily to sensitive depending on any number of internal and external factors. Internally, aging and hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause etc can wreak havoc with our skin. Externally, seasonal and environmental and lifestyle changes can also play a huge part. Think about the effect that stress, drinking a bit too much Rosé, eating an unbalance diet and too many late nights can have on your skin, not to mention your general health. On a personal note, I knew I had given myself Type 2 Diabetes and something was up, as my pores were gasping from dehydration. My skin was literally screaming at me for help. With this knowledge, it’s important we take the time to check back in with our skin and its needs, as it will change throughout our lives, but don’t panic – it’s not a bad thing.

You can break skin types down into many micro categories, today I am going to be focusing on the main groups; dehydrated, sensitive, blemish-prone, oily, extra dry and dull/lifeless skin.


Dehydrated skin is thirsty skin – so think water! You can have oily or combination skin and still be dehydrated. Dehydrated doesn’t mean dry. As I slid into my 30s, I realised I had to factor this into my skin care regime. If your skin is looking a little duller, more fine lines around the eyes which seem to appear and disappear after a heavy night and once you’ve rehydrated with water and skin plumping products, you may be dehydrated as well. If this sounds like your skin here are some skin plumping products you will love:

John Masters Organics, Nourishing Facial Oil with Pomegranate, £39

I love adding a few drops of this facial oil after my serums, to help hydrate my skin without it feeling too greasy. Pomegranate is loaded with anti-oxidants and the Lavender Oil, Sunflower and Ylang-Ylang help to settle frazzled nerves.

The Ordinary, 100% Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, £9.70

This golden elixir is packed full of omega fatty acids to help hydrate, brighten and keep your skin feeling supple without being too heavy and breaking you out. Add a few drops into your favourite serum to give it a little custom boost.

Looking for Radiance

Does your skin feel a little ‘meh’? A little ashy, grey and you find it doesn’t bounce and reflect light in the same way it used to? Does your make up not look as juicy as it once did on your skin? A lack of sleep, stress, poor health, nutrition and hyperpigmentation* can all play a part in dulling the radiance from your skin. As we age, our collagen production decreases. Think of collagen as the stuffing in a pillow which makes it full and bouncy. Aging is a privilege, but if you would like to help get more bounce and radiance back into your skin, then Vitamin C and Vitamin A will be your new best friends.

*Always seek professional medical advice if you have any health concerns.

Environ Skin, Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 1, £55

This moisturiser contains an entry level concentration of Vitamin A, combined with Vitamins C and E. It will help with uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles to by adding brightness and bounce back into the skin.

Garnier, SkinActive Vitamin C Brightening Day Cream, £7.50

This velvety-soft cream is packed full of Vitamin C to help brighten sun-damaged skin and plump fine lines. I love to glow, and this budget friendly moisturiser is a winner for me.


If your skin is super reactive; prone to blushing, breaking out in hives, rashes, redness, rosacea, or feel swollen and itchy, you may have sensitive skin. If the thought of trying a new untested product makes you freak out, help is at hand! I love a mist to help soothe and calm irritated and reactive skin and these are super.

SkinCeuticals, Phyto Corrective Essence Mist, £55

Circulation boosting rosemary leaf extract and Thyme flower leaf extract are just a few soothing ingredients within this product which help to strengthen the skin’s barrier, whilst calming and reducing visible redness.

Avene, Thermal Spring Water Spray for Sensitive Skin, £5.75

This is one of my favourite mists. I love to stick it in the fridge to get cold and mist over my skin for a cooling and calming effect. The low mineral content, neutral PH and the unique Microflora formula all help to soothe and calm the skin.

Super Dry

Tell-tale signs your skin is super dry is when it appears flaky, rough and itchy. Your skin can be affected by cold temperatures and central heating, and feel rough – possibly with a cracked “dry riverbed” appearance and a sense of feeling tight and uncomfortable. If this is you, your skin needs moisture, moisture and a little more moisture! Super dry skin loves ultra-rich formulas, which cushion and comfort the dry skin, and as always, I’ve got you covered.

Le Roche-Posay, Cicaplast Balm B5 Multi-Purpose Repairing Balm, £8.50

This multi-use balm is getting cult status on TikTok for its soothing balm texture and I can understand why. The gorgeous formula acts as a barrier cream, leaving an invisible protective layer on the skin. This fragrance-free balm can be applied to any super dry patches and can also be used on the face, body and lips. Who doesn’t love a multi-use product, especially at this time of year?

Blemish Prone/Oily

Many women during pregnancy or the menopause, can be surprised to find their skin breaking out with the surge of hormones racing around their body.* Blemishes are still really only marketed as something that affects teens, but in reality, the dreaded spots can appear at any time in your life and on any skin type. Oily skin is characterised by shiny skin, which often breaks out, has less visible lines and wrinkles but enlarged looking pores, and typically has your make up sliding off your face by lunch time!
Whether you have a naturally oily skin type or you are experiencing hormonal breakouts, cleansing is the foundation to helping rebalance the skin.

*If you have any serious medical concerns we would always advise seeking professional, medical advice.

Clinique, Take the Day Off Charcoal Cleansing Balm, £30

Clinique’s iconic Take the Day Off cleanser now comes loaded with decongesting charcoal for a deep clean of the skin. The lightweight balm can be massaged all over dry skin to helps lift impurities, make up, sunscreen and to help keep skin supple and refreshed.

Carbon Theory, Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Gel Cleanser, £9

This gentle foaming gel cleanser helps to gently exfoliate the skin without drying it out with Salicylic Acid and Citric Acid – sounds scary but it isn’t! These ingredients help to increase cell turn over and gently brush away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, cleaner skin.

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