Who is the goddess of the moon and why is she so important?

15 Feb, 2023 | The Moon

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Words by WYLDE MOON staff writer

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Greek Mythology tells stories as old as time about the gods and goddesses who controlled elements of the universe – the sea (Poseidon), the sky (Zeus); love (Aphrodite) and so on.

According to mythology, the Goddess of the Moon is Selene – the Greek word for Moon. Represented in ancient imagery as a woman with a moon – more often than not, a crescent moon over her head, driving a horse-driven chariot. She was seen to be driving the moon across the sky to give light to those who would otherwise be in darkness, and was worshipped on both new and full moons. Selene was often referred to as the ‘all seeing eye on the night’, due to the fact that the moon is always visible throughout the night in the sky. Her brother was Helios, the god of the sun, and her sister was Eos, the goddess of the dawn

The beautiful tales from Greek Mythology also claim that Selene was able to give mortals on earth the power of a restorative sleep, both by providing darkness in times of a needed slumber, and by allowing mortals to dream. In dreams, it was said that Selene would visit the dreamers and help to answer questions they may be asking in their lives. Dream study is still huge today, and this origin story is gorgeous.

Selene, Goddess of the Moon

While most Greek Goddesses have temples that could (and sometimes – albeit they’re in ruins – still can) be visited so that the Goddess can be worshipped, Selene had no such thing. As Selene was always in the sky, she could be seen from anywhere and worshipped from wherever was comfortable and under the moon’s light.

At WYLDE MOON, we love the sentiment that the moon is always there, overseeing, lighting your way and keeping you company through the darkest of nights. There’s something so comforting about the constancy of the moon – she’s always there, looking on with a watchful eye. There’s nothing she hasn’t lived through and seen play out. Mama moon knows all. She doesn’t judge, she gently comforts and guides us through the dark. Tomorrow is a new day…and she’ll be there for you then too.

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