Monthly WYLDE Moon Calendar

If you would like to know more about moon-mapping, or if you’re just wondering when the next WYLDE MOON Edition is coming, this lunar calendar brings you the upcoming dates of the new moon, full moon and all of her glorious phases in between. We should also add that these beautiful moon phases are all taken from a telescope image that Holly captured herself at home!

There are eight phases in a 29.5 day lunar cycle, each representing a different point as the moon orbits the earth. Whether or not you are conscious of these phases having an effect on your mood or your routine, you can’t underestimate their power. As women, we follow a 28 day cycle so there seems to be a synchronicity there, an old magic that we don’t fully understand and yet in some way we are connected. It’s a knowledge that’s passed on through the generations, that we accept without much understanding. How many times have you slept badly around a full moon because of all the extra energy buzzing around your head? One thing we do know, is that the moon controls the ocean tides, and given that us mere mortals are made up of 60% water, it’s only natural that we personally feel her presence as she waxes and wanes in the skies above.

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