The Moon may have more power over our dreams than we realise

27 Jan, 2024 | The Moon

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Words by Katy Moon

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Here’s how the eight lunar phases can affect our dreaming minds

The changing appearance of our celestial companion the Moon is credited with influencing our life in many ways including our moods, our bodies – and our dreams.

On a Full Moon, do you notice your dreams are wilder? Perhaps on a New Moon your dreams have deeper meaning?

The ancient Mesopotamians, whose history dates back 5,000 years, believed goddess Ishtar aka ‘Queen of Heaven’, guided their dreams – and the stories their sleeping minds conjured could be interpreted through lunar energy.

Thanks to modern technology we now have plenty of resources to help us understand our dreams as well as mapping moon phases – from apps to websites and social media. And today, there’s a growing interest in how the moon influences our dreams with this topic often trending on TikTok.

“It’s only natural that we want to understand the nagging messages from our slumbering minds”

Given in a typical lifetime we spend on average six years of our life dreaming, it’s only natural that we want to understand the nagging messages from our slumbering minds – and dream expert Florance Saul believes the eight moon phases can shed light on this.

‘Our life is fully affected by the Moon’s ebbs and flows – and that includes our dreams,’ says Florance. ‘The meanings of our dreams change depending on where we are in the phase of the Moon. ‘I always keep a dream diary. If you plot your dreams noting the moon phase they occur on, it can give you greater insight, rather than if you’re just thinking, ‘I dreamt of teeth, I need to talk to someone’.’

While research has shown we are more likely to have bizarre dreams around a Full Moon, Florance has identified an increase around the Waxing Crescent phase. She suggests on a spiritual level, as the moon begins to grow in size, people are drawn to uncovering the meaning of their dreams.

‘In this lunar phase, moonlight starts to shine on new beginnings so our dreams are more vivid,’ she says.

Florance explains that if we think of each of the eight moon phases as a lens in which to view our dreams, this can help us to navigate challenges and realise goals in our waking life…

Phase 1 -New Moon: Truth seeking and new beginnings

‘New Moons are associated with visions, spiritual awakenings, inner truth seeking and manifesting goals,’ says Florance. ‘It’s an opportune time for reflection, setting intentions and understanding yourself better through dreams.

When we remember our dream on a New Moon there is heightened power to gain key information about ourselves that can help us make decisions.

Common dream symbols associated with New Moons include: keys/doors (unlocking opportunities), water (renewal) stars/planets (guidance from beyond) snakes (rebirth). Whatever dream appears during this phase directly relates back to a new beginning.’

Phase 2 – Waxing Crescent Moon: A deeper understanding of your dreams

‘During this time, the Moon’s energy is most conducive to understanding our dreams,’ says Florance. ‘Knowing the context of the dream can provide insight. If it was a nightmare, understanding why you were feeling fraught could show how an unresolved problem might be impacting your life. If it was pleasant, reflecting on what makes you happy may explain where the joy originates from in the dream.

Let’s say your dream features a full sun (success), flying birds (freedom), and a waterfall (cleansing emotions) – these three symbols usually represent fresh starts. Your dream could be telling you that you’re ready for making positive changes.’

Phase 3 – First Quarter Moon: Signs of commitment

‘Interpreting your dreams from the First Quarter Moon phase can reveal signs of upcoming action, decisions, and commitment,’ says Florance. ‘For example, consider a dream involving a spider, a bike, and a house. The spider may signify new opportunities – something that requires you to take some risk but also offers exciting rewards if successful.

‘A bicycle might represent progress towards reaching goals; although not always easy, you will get there if you keep pushing forward. A house could mean security, which indicates that while things may be uncertain right now they are likely to settle in time – so stay focused on your goals.’

Phase 4 – Waxing Gibbous Moon: Dreams of building success

‘Dreams during this stage often relate to the theme of building success and provide hints about how to get there,’ says Florance. ‘When analysing your dreams through this lens, it is important to understand what each dream symbol may mean in terms of taking further steps towards that larger goal. For example, dreaming about an ocean might imply needing greater space in order for growth and progress. Dreaming of a car could suggest movement forward towards success and achievement. While dreaming of trees could signify feeling grounded, having reached more stable ground on your journey – or having figured out something significant that was previously unclear.’

Phase 5 – Full Moon: A time of transformation

‘The Full Moon is an incredibly powerful time, filled with heightened energies,’ says Florance. ‘It’s a time of transformation, encouraging us to let go of what no longer serves us to make space for new opportunities. During this cycle, our unconscious minds become more active, making it easier to access dreams that may contain messages relevant to our current state or situation.

Analysing dreams on the full moon is about understanding how the dream symbol reflects what needs to be released. For example, if you dream of being back at school as a child, this could mean that you need to release old feelings about your childhood.’

Full moon

Phase 6 – Waning Gibbous Moon: Closure and re-evaluation

‘The Waning Gibbous Moon phase is a time of diminishing energy and completing unfinished tasks,’ says Florance. ‘During this period, our dreams can reflect themes of responsibilities, endings, transitions, re-evaluation, and closure. The symbols in this phase can relate to cutting ties with something or someone that you might not feel ready to release in your waking life.

‘For example, dreaming about a lost dog may signify that you need to let go of an old friendship or someone’s attitude in order to move forward. Likewise, dreaming of tall trees might indicate that you have reached maturity in certain areas of your life and need to now consider what you need to leave behind you.’

Full moon

Phase 7 – Third Quarter Moon: Identifying truths than can help us grow

‘The focus on the Third Quarter Moon phase is about identifying adjustments we need to make and then making them,’ says Florance. ‘In this phase, when we sleep, our subconscious mind can see deep truths about ourselves, which lead us on a path towards healing and growth.

‘This may sometimes be through forgiveness for our own actions or those taken by others around us. When analysing a dream using this moon phase, we must relate any dream symbols back to how we forgive ourselves for mistakes, troubles or how we interact with others.’

Full moon

Phase 8 – Waning Crescent Moon: Unresolved emotions

‘During the Waning Crescent Moon phase, we may experience intense dreams due to unresolved emotions or conflicts that can arise as we seek closure or to gain inner insight,’ says Florance.

‘A good example might be someone dreaming about their partner having an affair out of the blue. This could be interpreted as a fear-based projection about a wrongdoing they have been unable to forgive in their waking life. It’s important to not only identify why these types of dreams might occur at this time, but also look at our internal landscape. Dream symbols on the waning crescent phase can be interpreted through the lens of working towards forgiveness.’

Full moon

Florance Saul’s book “The Moon Dust Dream Dictionary” (Watkins) is out now.   


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