The 8 best pet advent calendars for cats and dogs

22 Nov, 2023 | Home & Lifestyle

Words by Issy Bedford-Davies

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‘Tis almost the season to be jolly, and it would seem that it’s not just us humans who are excited about counting down the days to Christmas with an Advent Calendar! Giving your furry friend a pet-themed-pet-safe advent calendar* with hidden treats and toys is a fun way to involve them in the festive season and make them feel special.

1. Lily’s Kitchen, Advent Calendar for Dogs, £14

Let your dog enjoy a daily December treat with a selection of 3 delicious, meaty goodies made with top quality ingredients in this doggy calendar. Just remember, these are day-to-day treats. DO NOT give in to the puppy eyes, no matter how powerful!

2. Lily’s Kitchen, Advent Calendar for Cats, £12.50

Give your cat a daily treat starting 1st December, with 24 deliciously crunchy pillows filled with salmon and chicken.

3. Dog’s Trust, Advent for Your Dog, £4.50

Your pooch will love counting down to Christmas using this fun advent calendar containing a tasty mini treat for each day.

4. Pets at Home, A Meaty Dog Treat Advent Calendar, £5

Now the whole family can enjoy the run-up to the big day, with this meaty advent calendar designed especially for your dog. With one big treat a day behind each door, they can be broken down to the perfect size for your dog and also spread throughout the day, for any time they’ve been very good.

5. Pets at Home, A Meaty Treat Cat Advent Calendar, £5

There’s a meaty salmon and chicken flavoured treat behind every door, and they’re breakable, so you can easily break them down to suit your cat’s size and diet.

6. Rosewood, Yoghurt & Catnip Calendar for Cats, £6

This advent calendar contains 24 delicious treats made from yogurt and catnip, each specifically designed to tantalise your feline’s taste buds and let them share in the festive joy.

7. Good Boy, The Snowman & The Snowdog Crunchies Advent Calendar for Dogs, £5.79

Count down the days to Santa-Paws’ arrival with the Snowman & The Snowdog Crunchies Advent Calendar! Each door hides 30%+ chicken breast crunchies, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, for a tail-waggingly delicious December.

8. Not on the High St., Personalised Dog Advent Calendar Wreath, £29.95

This wreath is covered with festive fabric and 24 yummy bones, with the addition of an ornamental bone to personalise with your dog’s name. Each bone is attached with raffia, so simply snip off a bone a day – just make sure the wreath is hung high enough!

Carry on using this calendar for years to come,  simply by replacing the bones.

*Remember to choose Advent calendars that are safe and appropriate for your specific type of pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or another animal. Additionally, always monitor your pet while they enjoy their daily surprises to ensure they don’t ingest anything harmful.

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