Cosy up your home this Autumn with these 8 beautiful interiors trends

20 Oct, 2022 | Home & Lifestyle

Words by Anna-Lisa De’Ath

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Discover eight of the newest home trends that will make you feel snug and stylish

1. The Cottagecore Trend

In our fast-paced, tech-laden world, many of us long to escape the rat race for a simpler, way of life. The Cottagecore trend, is a modern take on traditional British country cottage style. Choose wallpapers and furnishing fabrics with trailing floral and foliage motifs and pair them with classic comfy sofas and wooden or distressed painted furniture.

Tuck away your tech and tv in a farmhouse-style wooden cabinet, switch your digital clock for an old school analogue one and swap your home phone for a retro Bakelite-style model. Scour junk shops for vintage china, embroidered linens and decorative ornaments to complete the look.

Cosy large sofa in Titan Wool, £1,499
Oxalisa wallpaper in Celery, £35
Swoon Miller coffee table in Brown, £275
Bobbin pedestal side table in Green, £79
William Morris ‘Cotton Prints’ exhibition poster framed print, £250
Country rib table lamp, £150
Roman blind in Cotton Blend Loch Blue, £30 per m
William Morris & John Lewis Strawberry Thief Teal 60×40 cushion, £60
all John Lewis & Partners

2. Modern Monochrome

Forget the harsh black and white of the nineties, this autumn’s modern monochrome trend is softer and warmer. Black and white is mixed with warm neutrals, bold shapes and lots of texture.

Keep your walls pale and your floors dark then layer on the texture with tufted Berber-inspired rugs and cushions. Graphic prints and weaves or tufting and tassels stop it feeling cold. Abstract wall art featuring curves and circles, rather than hard-edged geometric shapes, is a must. Display them on a picture shelf behind the sofa or as a statement gallery wall.

New York box frame A4, £4.99, 4×6 £2.99
Nordic Interlink candle, £3
Black matches in bottle, £4
Cream teddy cushion, £14
Lennon Mono velvet cushion, £12
Aspen throw in mink, £16
Dinner candlestick holder, £4
Eucalyptus black vase, £6
all B&M

3. Sensuous Curves

Taking inspiration from the fluid forms that appear in nature, from the female form to the arcs of rainbows, curves are a huge trend this autumn. Choose curvy armchairs and sofas that embrace you in a warm hug and combine them with striking statement pieces such as curved sideboards or side tables. Look for table lamps, prints and decorative accessories, such as candlesticks or vases, featuring arches, loops and circular forms.

When it comes to colour, this look works well with both a bright colour palette for a bold, playful, invigorating scheme and also with more muted tones for a calm, relaxed vibe. If you’re feeling brave, dig out your paintbrushes and paint an eye-catching curved mural on your walls to complete the look.

Large Mhairi set of three stoneware vases in neutral, £69
Cult Furniture

Ella accent armchair in ivory white bouclé and brass, £279
Cult Furniture

4. Dark Academia

Originally inspired by the studies of Victorian academics, this autumn’s Dark Academia trend reinvents the look to include finishes such as quilted and textured velvet and chenille, which ooze luxury. Combine this with metallic hints of gold and brass.

When it comes to colours, deep inky blues and emerald greens married with warm ochre and mustard tones keep the look dark and opulent without being moody. Create layers of pattern by adding printed fabrics and wallpapers inspired by images from academic reference books, such as butterflies, bugs and botanical illustrations.

Accessories should give a nod to academia too, with curated finds displayed in glass bell jars, stacked piles of beautifully bound second-hand books and vintage-style botanical prints. Finish off the look with plenty of lush green parlour palms and ferns.

5. Calm Harmony

Lower your blood pressure when you come home by embracing this Zen-like trend. Working with a calming, curated palette of ivory, white, blush and sand will help your eye flow seamlessly and effortlessly around the room. It’s a great look for small spaces.

Each element in the room needs to have a soothing quality, so look for sofas in velvet, bouclé or brushed cotton and layer them up with cosy cushions and throws in snuggly ‘teddy bear’ and fluffy chenille fabrics. Maintain a sense of light and space by choosing accessories with soft, rounded lines made from tinted glass and tactile glazed ceramics. Take away the stress of keeping houseplants alive by using dried flowers and billowing pampas grasses to add a natural touch to the scheme.

Large gold circle mirror, £40
Pink pampas in ribbed vase, £5
Deco tealight holder, £2
Donut vase, £6; frosted vase, £8
Eucalyptus in vase, £15
Cream Bouclé cushion, £8
Natural Bouclé cushion, £8
Coco Popcorn cushion, £10
all B&M

6. Fading Forest

This trend embraces all that we love about autumn – the amber glow of a roaring fire, the crunch of gold and russet leaves underfoot, the warming aroma of pumpkin spice and the natural abundance of pumpkins, pine cones and fungi at this time of year. Based on a classic autumnal palette of caramel, paprika, chocolate and ochre, these colours combine with furniture in warm wood tones and golden rattan baskets to create a cosy scheme you’ll want to come home to.

Look for accessories that bring familiar elements of the forest into your home, from ornaments inspired by leaves, pinecones and acorns to cushions featuring foxes, squirrels and hedgehogs. For a personal touch, why not create a mini nature table on a tray or side table, where you can gather and curate your favourite foraged finds from woodland walks.

Acorn tealight holder, £2
Gold stalk pumpkin ornament, £2.50
Pinecone wax candle, £3; green ceramic pumpkin, £4
Check cushion, £7
all Primark

7. Koselig

Move over hygge, Koselig is the new Scandi trend in town. Koselig is a Norwegian way of life which combines nature, companionship and cosiness, promoting personal well-being – making it ideal for cosying up your home ready to hibernate for the winter months ahead. Where Koselig differs from Hygge is that it is even more focused on the social aspect, as well as a connection with nature and the outdoors.

This trend is modern, earthy and all about texture. The key elements of this look are natural materials, such as wood, rattan, bouclé and seagrass in a calm palette full of rich browns and creams. Embrace the social element of this trend by creating cosy touches that make your house guests feel at home, such as dressing your sofa with chunky knitted blankets to snuggle up in on cold winter days and offering hot chocolate in hand thrown mugs, perfect for warming your hands.

Decorative round rattan tray, £23
The Wisteria Tree

8. Scentscaping

Less of a look, more of a feeling, the scentscaping trend is the art of crafting a journey of experience throughout your home. It can help improve both your mood and overall wellbeing. By using a range of fragrances in various areas of your home you can create different ambiences and evoke different emotions, taking you on an aromatic journey. You can choose to use just one fragrance in your room, or you can combine a number of different scents to create a multifaceted aroma.

Rather than burning lots of candles, consider using different mediums to layer up your fragrance. Reed or electronic oil diffusers are ideal for providing a subtle background fragrance in gentle, slow release fashion. Wax melts are perfect for introducing another layer of fragrance into the mix, so choose a fragrance that’s slightly stronger and more distinctive than that of the diffuser. Our signature (borrowed from) The Wild ‘Waxing Moons’ wax melts contain a blend of highest quality, locally sourced, botanical ingredients that are perfect for creating a luxurious, uplifting ambience in your home. Their scent captures the warm, but fresh, familiar feeling of rain settling after a warm summer’s day, with notes of tomato leaf, lemongrass, sandalwood, eucalyptus and rose. They’re perfect for evoking feel good memories of warmer weather on a chilly autumn day.

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