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Reader review:
“This book is energy on a page, it’s not only stunning to look at – the words speak to you. I love crystals and this has brought clarity to my collection, and I feel in control of all of my choices now. Beautifully written, I felt so uplifted and empowered by it. I highly recommend for any collector of crystals or those exploring their spirituality, as it delves further than the gemstones. Highly recommended.”

Reader review: “Things have to change in this world. We seem to choose bad over good. This book helps to see how to change yourselves and what’s around you. I felt inspired, loved and thankful.”

Reader review:
“If you want to know about Angels and how they fit into every culture from time immemorial, then this is the best book.”

The Power of Crystal Healing book by Emma Lucy Knowles

Reader review:
“Beautiful book, an inspiring read, and written like you were talking to a friend. Very informative and beautifully designed.”

Reader review:
“Emma has written the most beautiful book, thought provoking, sincere and interesting. I enjoyed every page! Thank you.”

Reader review:
“A beautiful book for a lost soul. Trust yourself and read this.”

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