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Reader review: “A great book—both finely particular in its narration of the stories of its three main figures, while at the same time clear and penetrating in its generalizations about the Great Migration.”
Reader review: “I read this book in one sitting. A beautiful and compelling book filled with stories from Minnie’s life exploring the journey she has taken from her childhood to who she is now. As women we put so much pressure on ourselves to hit milestones and chase the next big thing whether that be with regards to relationships, careers, contentment, but Minnie reminds her readers that living in the moment is all we really have. Great read for anybody but as a twenty year old reader I found it to be an encouraging reminder that things will always find a way of working themselves out.”

Reader review:
“I was in a book slump, my son had returned back from Afghanistan safe and well after a shocking and sad tour and I saw this book. We had recently lost our lovely chocolate labrador too so this book was going to be interesting. Treo was a labrador, a bomb disposal dog attached to David. This was a rollercoaster ride of a book for me. I had to have a rest in between chapters at times for a few tears, only because it was ‘very close to home’. This book , Treo is in my heart. He survived and retired with David and there is a statue of him in Congleton, but read this book, it’s amazing!”

Reader review:
“One of the best books I have ever read, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race is essential reading for anyone who cares about social justice, other people, and the state of our society.”

Reader review:
“Interesting facts in history that I did not know. Good book for the book shelf and school projects.”

To The Women by Donna Ashworth

Reader review:
I think every woman should own a copy of this book. You can just open it up and read a beautifully written poem, wether in your bed, in the car, or when you’re having a quiet 5 minutes. It’s inspiring & uplifting.” 

All On The Board book cover
Reader review:
“What an extraordinary book, written by what must be extraordinary people. So uplifting, inspiring and helpful to people, to fight their battles in daily life. What amazing, caring, understanding people Ian and Jeremy must be, to be able to write the way they do.”

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