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The WYLDE MOON team asked children in their lives for their best book recommendations. Here’s what they said…

The Lonely Lion Club book cover
“This book is so, so beautiful. When I first read it, I couldn’t stop crying. I just didn’t expect it hitting me on this level, but I honestly don’t remember ever crying over a book like this. My little boy is now 18 months, and it just brought me back to those very first months when he was so little and always needed comfort. Weeks turned into months, and here we are. It made me remind myself of why I chose gentle parenting and bedsharing in the first place and any sacrifices made along the way are now but a mere shadow of a memory. A very special book.”
Jacqueline Wilson Hetty Feather book cover

They love how it’s written like a diary and they feel empathy for the character.

Toto The Ninja Cat book cover Dermot O<br />

“Fun and silly.”

David Walliams Mega Monster book cover

They loved how it was a bit supernatural and very imaginitive, and how the character wasn’t perfect and was a bit naughty.

The Lonely Lion Club book cover

“The first series that made me love reading. So many books to choose from.”

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