How to use the elements to cleanse your aura

11 Sep, 2023 | WYLDE Crystals

Words by Emma Lucy Knowles

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When we need to cleanse our aura and self, we should look to the elements to help us.

I delve deep into each of the following concepts in my video, but here are the basics for cleansing ourselves and our surrounding environments.

Using the 4 Elements

Fire and smoke lift and clear unwanted energy away from us.

Water washes away negative energy.

Air carries fresh energy into the body.

Earth connects us to the ground and stabilises us.

6 tools we can use to cleanse;

1. Fire & Air

Fire, or lighting a flame is used to invoke the intention of shifting and changing. We then use the smoke to correct and lift away the energy. I always open a window to create a channel for the air to carry negative energy away.

Different things you can use for the flame element are;

  • Palo Santo – Palo Santo is my go-to, gentle, everyday cleanser.
  • White Sage – I find Sage a very strong, intense cleanser, and whilst I do use it, I certainly don’t use it every time.

2. Water

Immersing yourself in a shower or bath will cleanse your energy.

  • Shower – In a shower, unwanted energy is quite literally washed away. It’s important to keep in mind the intention and visualisation of any negativity running down your body and away down the plug hole.
  • Bath – Bathing is a way of soaking the energy off and works best when salts are used within the bath as they absorb bad energy, whilst the water helps to calm and balance you.

3. Crystals

Crystals can be used in a similar fashion to smoke. Selenite is one of my all-time favourite energy cleansers as it smooths the aura field of the body. Specific crystals can be used to cleanse specific areas of the body. For example, I like to use green crystals for cleansing the heart, and lighter colour crystals for more general full body and mind cleansing.

4. Music/Sound

Singing bowls create vibrations and a frequency to cleanse the space around you. Whether you’re using an actual sound bowl or playing one via and app, the sound, quite literally lifts unwanted energy up and away.

5. Earth/Grounding

If you are interested in finding out more about how to ground your body and mind, you might find this video helpful. But put simply, you can stabilise your energy by standing barefoot and using your body to connect with the earth.

6. Ourselves

Stimulate our inner Chi – If you watch my video, I show you how to stimulate the chi into our hands, and use them in the same way we use smoke or crystals to smooth the energy around the body. Remember to stimulate your energy go clockwise and to calm your energy (before bed) go anticlockwise.

Enjoy x

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Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach

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