How orange-scented oils and waxes can help reduce stress and anxiety

5 Dec, 2022 | Healing

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Words by WYLDE MOON staff writer

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Oranges with cloves and christmas lights

Scents are powerful things. The benefits of different fragrances cannot be underestimated (it’s called aroma – therapy for a reason…) and the power of a potent perfume can conjure a vivid memory of a person, a place, a specific moment in time, and be incredibly beneficial for mental health – particularly in reducing stress and anxiety.

Lavender has long been touted as the Queen Of Relaxing Scents, but there’s a lot of promising research that shows the smell of oranges can do a lot to reduce stress and anxiety. Our Christmas-scented wax melts smell heavily of oranges, cloves and cinnamon, which must be why people are finding them so soothing.

A Brazilian study had participants spend five minutes inhaling one of three different fragrances, and then complete a stressful test. The participants who had smelled the orange oil were shown to be less anxious throughout the text, and even once the test was over. 

Another study in 2015 showed that women in labour reported feeling less anxiety after inhaling an orange scent, compared to women who hadn’t. If this scent can calm someone as they are literally birthing new human life, imagine what it could do when you’re annoyed at some burnt roasties.

Sliced oranges close up
“The scent of a fresh fruit can do amazing things,” says Barbara Thomley, lead coordinator for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic. “From what we’ve seen with our patients, even a quick smell can make a major difference.”

As we associate the smells of citrus with cleanliness, a fragrance with top notes of citrus scent will hop straight up our sinuses and make us feel calmer and more in control. Even peeling an orange can be a moment of calm, as our hands are busy so we can’t be scrolling at the same time, and the strong smell of the orange will soothe any nipping anxiety. Vitamin C has been shown to ease the procession of cortisol (the hormone our bodies release when we’re stressed), so there’s nothing but goodness that can come from a little citrus moment!

christmas scented wax melts

For a smell that lasts longer than peeling an orange, though, why not try WYLDE MOON’s Christmas-scented wax melts. The top notes of orange peel, mandarin and cinnamon truly are soothing – like a big hug from your favourite person in a Christmas jumper. The heart notes of clove really do create that gorgeous festive feeling (and the smell of cloves has been shown to have aphrodisiac properties… just putting that out there), and the melts have such a generous throw that you’ll only need to burn one to fill the room with love and calmness.

Try out our Christmas wax melts, here, and let us know what you think of the fragrance over on our Instagram page.

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