How to connect with the signs from the Universe being sent to you

7 Aug, 2023 | Notes from the Universe

Words by Emma Lucy Knowles

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We hope you have enjoyed gathering and aligning all the signs and signals that were meant for you! If you’re not sure how to recognise signs from the Universe being sent specifically to you (Mother Nature and the Angels are talking to us all the time…) then you’ll want to read Emma Lucy’s guidance, here.

If you’re all swoted up, then the time has come to dive into your connection with the universe, to explore these messages on a deeper level.

Emma Lucy created this guided session for you to connect with spirit and your guides clearly and safely. “Step powerfully into a space where you can understand the signs and signals that have been sent your way. Enjoy the process. Play with it as much as you like,” she says, “but please remember that the mind will always try to keep you, in its terms ‘safe’, so when it chatters, when it tries to distract you, send it love and affirm ‘I AM and I CAN’.”

Whether you label them as the universe, angels, spirit, Mother Earth, or Gaia, these entities consistently communicate with us. Despite our assumptions that their messages will be as clear as a WhatsApp text, we often feel disheartened when this doesn’t happen. But, imagine if life were so predictable – our journeys laid out in advance, lacking the joy of exploration. Life, however, is about delving into the magical unknown, not lingering in the shallows.

The reality is, they are always communicating. They employ a universal language, but we’ve forgotten or unlearned how to tune in and grasp their messages. The good news is that reconnecting merely requires patience and practice. Just as we constantly seek feedback from the world, our celestial guides operate similarly. Their messages might not be as straightforward as those on our phones, but they’re much more thrilling. This isn’t a one-way street; it’s like a two-way radio, requiring us to hone our intuition to decipher life’s mysteries through signs. It’s akin to an MI5 agent piecing together clues for a conclusion, leaving, receiving, and patiently deciphering messages.

We’d love to hear how you get on!

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Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach

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