(borrowed from) The Wild

Exclusively available in our boutique

WYLDE MOON is proud to introduce its first home fragrance collection, (borrowed from) The Wild.

The scent is available as a natural wax single wick candle (which comes with our stunning, hand-cast, crescent moon lid), a larger three wick candle and reed diffuser. Crafted to energise and invigorate, from high-quality, sustainable, botanical ingredients, with notes of tomato leaf, geranium, sandalwood, mint and rose.

“Life is better when you light a candle. There’s something so relaxing about looking into a flame; the glow of the candle as it fills the room; the shadows it throws up against the wall. And then, when you combine that experience with something that smells utterly delicious, all of your senses become heightened, and you’ve got something pretty special going on.”
“I’ve been searching for the perfect scent for a long time and what I love about (borrowed from) The Wild is that it works absolutely everywhere, at any time. It’s the smell of your garden when it’s just sprung into life and it rains and you’re hit with that freshness.”
“The aromatic blend of flowers and herbs uplifts and clears the mind: it’s impossible to not be drawn to. The porcelain vessels that house the products are ornaments in their own right, whether as a centrepiece for your coffee table, or something for your bedside table or bathroom.”
“What’s more, our candles are lovingly made and hand-poured in Britain, using a natural wax of the highest quality. Our dedicated team of specially trained ceramicists, candle makers and perfumers are highly skilled experts in their field, with years of experience and we are lucky to have worked with them.”

“A candle can be so many things and while it seems simple, I believe that they provide a warm glow that you don’t only see, but you feel. I hope that these products bring you as much joy as they do me; that they light your home and light your way.”